Work, Travel Insurance, CPF, business account, HDB.. what else?…

just got back from a long work trip, finally taking some personal down time to just sit back relax, kiao kar and zhuo bo time. But i wasnt being idle, took this chance to sort out personal and family administration. work : O&G exploration activities are picking up, albeit sporadic, mostly in the Middle East region. oil prices still hovering +/- $50 for the longest time ever, which is … [Read more...]

Ready, get set, ggooo… 2017

Time flies when you are having fun eh… almost 2 months since the last post, and we are already midway into the second month of 2107… this year’s CNY seems to be extra busy….  “chap goh mey” has just past too.. the market has been running up pretty good, and took the chance to offload some counters  late Jan/early OCBC, valuetronics, hock lian seng… quite happy, with the few Ks of gains… … [Read more...]

Dec review


Peering thru my window and just thinking to myself, wow, another year flew past. it had been pretty challenging and eventful for me and my industry. Thank God that everything work out relatively well, compared to many others; and at the same time, reminding myself to be thankful for every blessings, no matter how small it may be. decided to do the review of 2016, and as i tally up the dividends … [Read more...]

eVIMC course review (BigFatPurse)

currently stuck in the hotel in Bahrain while processing some work documents. was wondering what else to do, other than work, and i remembered i signed up for the eVIMC few weeks back. finally got the chance to complete the course today. coming from an engineering background. i find the course quite refreshing (maybe those with fiance background may think otherwise).. Engineers have a tendency … [Read more...]

Single Resale, or not?.. hmm..

I was thinking about this while on the plane.. hope fellow readers can enlighten me Now that I am eligible for to buy a resale hdb (ok yes, that’s a dead giveaway on my age) And  my budget is around 300k for a 3BR (so comes with 1 master BR + 1 common BR) Maybe some minor reno to touch up, say +10k? 20% downpay = 62k (cash + cpf) Monthly mortgage will be paid by cash, since I have … [Read more...]

Wake me up, when September ends..


Feels like it is  going to be a quiet September, at least for me, since i will be travelling overseas for work tomorrow So what did i do over the long weekend?… went online shopping for a couple of HDD for my Synology NAS from the comfort of my home.  Now i totally understand how our shopaholic counterparts feel;  Don’t need to change out of PJs, don’t need to brush your teeth, sipping coffee … [Read more...]

August updates

wow, just realised what i long time i haven’t actually blogged.  past few months have been quite trying; job wise not so smooth sailing due to the current weakness in oil price, hence  jobs have been far and few. (in fact, only once to the Middle East, but that didn’t turn out too well either) Hope things get better in the 4Q. Otherwise, income will be taking a pretty big hit for 2016 So let me … [Read more...]

vezted; a simple corporate news aggregator


I came across this website (through Derek’s and thought it was worth a mention. Have you always wondered when is the CD, X’D or some particular announcement, for a particular coy, and then have to go SGX website , click this, click that…. I was playing around with this website for a week… and initially, i didn’t have much expectations about it. but the more i used … [Read more...]

Decoupling; Part II


well, there you go.. the ST article on the so-called loophole, though HDB refuses to admit that it was a tactic used by 6000 HDB dwellers every year, since the ABSD rule came into effect in 2012. lets low ball this figure and assume only 1000 dwellers out of the 6000 every year, bought a modest $1m private property. A quick calculation will show that the $210m (7% ABSD) of  ADSB lacking from … [Read more...]

Hedge on ABSD removal?


Signs of cracking in the developers market is slowly, but surely, beginning to show. This has appeared few times in the various papers and media in the past few weeks. And, goes to show how aggressive they are trying to push units out. As I have mentioned in my previous posts here and here. I kinda expected them to come up with ways to increase sales, and  I believe there will be more of such … [Read more...]

Decoupling loophole; plugged.

Chances are, if you know what “decoupling” is, you are  either a property agent or above a certain, ahem, middle age. =) To put it very  simply, married couple (husband + wife) of HDB will have one spouse transfer the co-ownership to the other spouse. The spouse who transferred it, will have the his/her name “cleared”, and eligible to buy a private property under his/her own name. There will be … [Read more...]

foolish chameleon 2016-04-15 14:01:07


Ah, the move that I was finally waiting for. But, reading from the news, it seems like it took some people by surprise though. I did mention it a few weeks ago here, and that i am long on the USD. (*off topic: watching CNBC while typing this, and they are interviewing the famous Mark Mobius, talking about oil prices etc etc.. Been watching this channel since I came back this week, personally, I … [Read more...]

Privatisation, Mergers & Accquistions


Recently, we have seen/heard/felt plenty of privatisation M&A activities. There are a lot of buzz surrounding  quite a few companies. ie Sunningdale , Saizen, Tat Hong, Osim, etc just to name a few. I came across a few tables from an OIR article  which I thought should share to readers below. It shows a pretty good summary of the various companies that MIGHT have corporate action in the … [Read more...]

OSIM: Privatision error


For those holding OSIM, you must be happy that the final price increase by $0.02 to $1.37.However, there is story behind this. What makes the entire saga so interesting (and hilarious) is that the firm doing the privatisation, bought the shares from the open market than the original offer price of $1.37.  SIC stepped in and ordered OSIM to offer $0.02 more.  How much more does this cost? a … [Read more...]



No prizes for guessing what YOLO stands for. Seriously, when i first saw the card, i was like, geez,…UOB credit department must be really desperate to think of a catchy name. And to be frank (no pun intended), i thought the OCBC Frank card was bad enough, but UOB YOLO is taking it to a another level. Design is kinda funky too – the card numbers are on the side, rather than the usual … [Read more...]

oh oh! time of the year (deductibles you may not know about)

“there are only two things in life that are certain – death and taxes”                                                           – unknown Time of the year to file your taxes! I usually just claim the usually stuff, NSman, SRS, blah blah. Then, I came across this article by Ryan Ong:regarding income tax deductibles that you may not know about. I just regurgitate the article below,  in block … [Read more...]

1Q’16 ending; what’s next?


As we come to a close for the 1Q ’16, perhaps it is time to take check and see where we stand. The three months flew past quite quick for me, and it has been quite  a volatile , yet interesting first quarter. I did not buy as much as I would love to due to other priorities and opportunities that came up. I am sure most of the people can still recall in the beginning of the year. At the point of … [Read more...]

ABSD and QC charges (again?)


Updates from the previous post here. What was interesting from the tables below was that the smaller property developers ie Hock Lian Seng (HLS) and KSH are in net cash for their debt-to-equity ratio (HLS was recently came under my watchlist. There was a bit of buzz around it but I will leave that for another post later) Singapore Land (SL) has  two projects – Pollen & Bleu and Mon … [Read more...]

ABF SG BOND ETF (A35) – rock steady?


My portfolio is highly skewed towards equities. As I get older (forming-a-one-pec aka beer belly), I want to slowly shift a percentage to bonds to get that stability in my portfolio … I know it is probably at an opportunity cost of getting higher returns on your capital, but priorities change. Then, I found this ABF bond fund (A35).. so what exactly is this? A35 is a bond ETF, it holds many … [Read more...]

childcare fees – why so ex?


I was reading the ST today, then saw this article about childcare fees. At first glance, the figures didn’t mean much too me, but upon looking at it again, i realised what was wrong (not technically wrong, per se, but just jolted me) Just looking at the graph below, the MONTHLY childcare fee is $1000, average? i was like… what!!!! my mind quickly worked out $12k per year..(ok ok , i know this is … [Read more...]