A Quick Glance: Sembcorp Industries


As we should all have known, the SG market is currently selling at premium prices. However, there will always be gems to be uncovered since different equities move in different directions. I personally find that Sembcorp Industries can possibly be a good call with suffice safety margin. Below is a simple breakdown: 1) Operating Nature: Sembcorp Industries is segmented into four major plays, … [Read more...]

Fortune 500 Rankings: The Top Are Not Necessary the Great

If you stroll through the Fortune Rankings of the world’s companies, you probably see the MNC you are working in at the top 500 list. Or in another instance, your employer may be one of the best or top performers in a particular market or industry which is operating similarly to how the smartphones’ market share is dominated by a few major competitors. The main point here is not that they can be … [Read more...]

Stocks to watch during this Cum-Dividends Period


In my current watch list, 42% of the Singapore stocks are now trading at CD. This also means most of the stocks are "highly" valued while it does not cancel them as possible potentials. I came to notice Straits Trading and added it into my watch list. It is probably old news but this company deals with quite a number of business such as mining, metals, mineral resources, real estate management and … [Read more...]

Should Moonlighting be encouraged?

I have not updated my blog for a few months as there were not much changes in the market (it is still priced at high levels) and also that I was too busy focusing on my work even on weekends. That is what you get working for big companies and when given a laptop to work with.  Never had I heard of any one saying his or her salary is enough. It is likely most people who want more income outside … [Read more...]

This Catalist is selling at its lowest point


Recently, I have made a discovery on a catalist stock, which was one of the top 5 actively traded stocks last Friday- it is both a penny stock and a catalist. I am no speculator but it is interesting observing ,especially when this counter is getting oversold. Having a friend who plays pennies while I am on the contrary a long-term investor, he is a better guide at such trading practice. He … [Read more...]

21/1/17: How are my investments doing?

In December, most investors were away for holiday and we were mostly cautious waiting till Trump to step up as President this morning. STI has been growing slowly over the 3,000 range while Dow Jones Index flirts with the 20,000 mark. There are still many expectations about USA’s protectionism policies along with China’s plan to dominate the world. However, USA and China needs each other as much … [Read more...]

Hits and Misses Of 2016

2016 is my first full year of investing and it has taught me a lot of lessons. I believed the same applies to many others who tried to beat the market. Nevertheless, it was a decent year for me. Before I share my 2016 track record, here are my hits and misses. Hindsight/Highlights of 2016: • Finally graduated from university and found a better paying job with greater prospects. Degree may not … [Read more...]

Singpost and the STI components

Have one ever wondered why Singpost is not in the list of the STI index components while the renowned SingTel, Starhub, Keppel , SGX , SIA , SATS and the 3 financial blue chips are among the constituents. The thought may have come across but a little more research shall clear this mist. Singpost is actually one of them in the reserve list of STI index. Do take a look here to understand why. (No … [Read more...]

The Poor Vs The Rich

If you have viewed all my earlier posts, you will know they are all investments related topics. I shall side track from the topic with regards to how unfair the world is as a living being. This actually concerned me a lot for many years, leading to quarrels with my parents as well as my loved one. We all know things are never fair be it in school, work or in life. There are always people who you … [Read more...]

Stock Picking using SGX’s Stock Facts

The Straits Times Index has been green for 8 consecutive working days and finally came flat on last Friday, 2nd December. Most share prices are getting "expensive" again and probably pricing in more effects of OPEC’s oil production cut and the much anticipated Fed's rate hike. Personally, I feel it is more of a hold or sell period now unless value is found. As reference to Benjamin Graham’s The … [Read more...]

Buying on Value


The past 5 days, we saw the banking stocks worldwide making strong movements with huge expectations of a interest rate hike. While most of the other stocks recovered some losses, they were pretty weak to cover back (such as SGX and SingTel). Weakness is opportunity. Thus, I have uploaded some City Development at $8.40, finding its current valuation cheap and with the potential in growth. Despite … [Read more...]

If there is a rate hike, how will Emerging Markets be affected?

The rate hike has been the talk of the town for a while. The Feds were being blamed for not raising interest rates earlier. Have it come across what is the effect of such interest rate hike on the economy and society? It was studied that rate hikes are meant to control the extent of inflation. The Fed looks out for measures such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) to … [Read more...]

The Study On SG Blue Chips

It has been a long and interesting week working, exercising and getting market updates from the effect of the historical Trump win. Now, a good weekend to take a breathe. On a side note, it is a pouring Saturday while I write this post with some good coffee. After the Trump presidential results, the much opposite have happened as compared to what was shared time and again by the media. Many did … [Read more...]

Are you a Trader or an Investor?

Buy!Sell!Do you hear yourself speaking softly as you read about the price calls made by analysts?The "Buy" and "Sell" are vague terms given in price calls and forecasts, making them subjective voices. For instance, it was reported that Stock A should be sold. Did it specify that it should be sold during its highs (rally) or its lows (drop) and at which price? The second question comes, should one … [Read more...]