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3 Successful Trades: skills or luck?

The market has not been interesting lately and most stocks are trading lower today due to expected rate hike. As blogged earlier, I will be trying some trading here and there. In the month of September, I have made three trades and all within a two days period.  While these are profitable trades, it does not mean it will always be profitable. Nobody is perfect. I ever lost money via trading 1 year ago. Among the 3 three trades, mm2 Asia was traded twice and today was the most successful. This is due to two reasons: 1) the market...

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Investment Portfolio Update-August 2017

Time has passed so quickly and we are now nearing the end of 2017. I realized it is not easy at times being a long-term investor for long due to the existence of temptations such as cryptocurrencies and pennies stocks where people can easily double their returns by gambling or doing chart reading. It takes a much longer period to get the same returns by longing stock while the advantage we have is better risk control since we can easily wait a loss out. I have been contemplating to be a Hybrid investor, which one will long the market...

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Using A Custom Portfolio to your advantage

For the benefits of new learners, a custom portfolio is a list of holdings which one keeps in their brokerage accounts to keep track of their stocks’ performance. In this list, you get to see how much share quantities you are holding, how much stakes ($) you have placed and the amount of paper losses and winnings you have made. Since a custom portfolio is “custom”, there is actually no need to restrict ourselves to the custom portfolio’s main function. Yes, you can twit it to your own liking and needs since it does not really mean anything other...

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Keppel Corporation: Closing at its NAV

Keppel Corporation (BN4) is one of the few best known STI components even to non-investors. Its shares have plunged extensively since its glory days, to price levels last seen in the 2008 recession. Its dividends yield has also dropped to a low 3% this year. This can either signal a great discount or a big warning sign. While Sembcorp’s assets and revenue are mostly focused on Utilities, Keppel Corp’s key earnings and assets came mostly from its Property sector. Nevertheless, both conglomerates are well known of its marine sector, which has performed unpleasantly in recent years. This has led...

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A Comparison between HDB loan and Bank loan for your new BTO

As most of us would know, HDB charges around 2.5% for their loans while we can find a lower rate by taking a bank loan despite the risk of fluctuation in interests. Here is a list of offers we can get from a bank loan. In most of the cases, the difference between both HDB loans and bank loans is about 1%+. Never forget that the extra 1% is paid monthly and it will compound for years. The main difference in terms of payment will be its down payment. You can choose to pay 10% of your HDB value using CPF...

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ComfortDelGro: Below its 3 years low

This week, ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited (C52) is selling below its 3 years low. Fundamentally, it is not entirely a good stock and neither is it poor. Personally, I have bought some. This is the first stock in a long time I placed some doubt in a transaction. This is because averaging down may not be a good idea if the price were to drop even lower. Yesterday, its RSI has hit below the 30 range. Here are some of the characteristics observed of C52: 1.     Despite the recent loss of ride-hailing market share to Grab and Uber, the net income...

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FCL and the Ascending Scallop Pattern – Part 2

In the end, the Ascending Scallop mentioned for FCL did not materialize as per TA may have suggested. This is one example that Technical Analysis along with a hopeful mind can lead us believing the price will go higher. Instead, FCL has dropped to 1.865 before rebounding itself.  Due to my small holding size, I felt that it is a good price to sell and have let it go at 1.895. This translates to about 20% gain from my buying price, not including the dividend received during the holding period. The risk is now passed to the new buyers....

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FCL and the Ascending Scallop Pattern – Part 1

For long-term investing, we usually look at fundamental analysis. It may also be useful to combine FA with technical analysis (TA). A pattern was observed in FCL and the “uptick” or ascending scallop pattern may materialize with an uptrend. Neither am I speculating here nor an expert on TA, my prediction is that it will go even higher like most past scallops. Nevertheless, it might go the other way by falling. This will be further updated in a Part 2 post. Disclaimer: -Any comments made in this blog are solely based on opinions -The writer/author of this blog does...

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Are you Tired of your job and considering a change of industry?

Work life balance, does it still exist here? Singapore is a “global central hub”, which means we are very busy at what we do. Competition is high while human resources are scarce given how vast an environment we lived in. Staffs who work at banks often stay back late, same for many else. Even at government jobs, you cannot deny how slow the services are due to the heavy work load. However, government jobs may have the luxury of taking it slow unlike private sectors. At your current job, you may face the similar heavy tonnage of workload and...

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How I achieved a 16.6% Year-To-Date Returns

XIRR incorporates the date of investments into its calculation and this is the reason why it was not in my calculations. I do not see the need to make things complicated when it can be simplified. So how was the 16.6% (as of 27/05/17) derived? It is just a mere excel calculation consisting of the cumulative positive returns from sold shares, current market paper gain and dividends received (along with transaction costs) since 2017 has started. This YTD date figure will change daily, responding to the daily price movements along with the time-to-time dividends received. I may elaborate more...

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Ying Li International

Ying Li International – This “speculative” counter is an extremely undervalued yet profitable company, which price has been going downtrend (book value of 1.96 vs current price of 0.131). However, its Debt to asset ratio has been increasing and it is a bad sign. Currently, it is oversold with a RSI of 24-28. As compared to Mermaid Maritime, both have similar ratios of increasing Debt to asset ratio along with a nose diving net income. However, Mermaid Maritime is making great losses while its price movement had went up in the last few months before giving its way (rising...

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A Quick Glance: Sembcorp Industries

As we should all have known, the SG market is currently selling at premium prices. However, there will always be gems to be uncovered since different equities move in different directions. I personally find that Sembcorp Industries can possibly be a good call with suffice safety margin. Below is a simple breakdown: 1) Operating Nature: Sembcorp Industries is segmented into four major plays, at least as per its financial statements. -Utilities: Its strongest and most defensive segment -Marine: As compared to FY15 deficit, FY16 was a comeback year which it returns to a flat positive net profit. This may be...

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Fortune 500 Rankings: The Top Are Not Necessary the Great

If you stroll through the Fortune Rankings of the world’s companies, you probably see the MNC you are working in at the top 500 list. Or in another instance, your employer may be one of the best or top performers in a particular market or industry which is operating similarly to how the smartphones’ market share is dominated by a few major competitors. The main point here is not that they can be toppled down on any day since it is always possible to fall when one climbed so high. The point to be made here is that being...

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Stocks to watch during this Cum-Dividends Period

In my current watch list, 42% of the Singapore stocks are now trading at CD. This also means most of the stocks are “highly” valued while it does not cancel them as possible potentials. I came to notice Straits Trading and added it into my watch list. It is probably old news but this company deals with quite a number of business such as mining, metals, mineral resources, real estate management and hospitality. It is also a company with long withstanding history and dividends records. Despite recent price surge, it is currently undervalued with potential upside risks. At the...

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Should Moonlighting be encouraged?

I have not updated my blog for a few months as there were not much changes in the market (it is still priced at high levels) and also that I was too busy focusing on my work even on weekends. That is what you get working for big companies and when given a laptop to work with.  Never had I heard of any one saying his or her salary is enough. It is likely most people who want more income outside their monthly pay check will think of “Moonlighting”. Policies for permanent jobs mostly restricted employees to work for...

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