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Buying on Value

The past 5 days, we saw the banking stocks worldwide making strong movements with huge expectations of a interest rate hike. While most of the other stocks recovered some losses, they were pretty weak to cover back (such as SGX and SingTel). Weakness is opportunity. Thus, I have uploaded some City Development at $8.40, finding its current valuation cheap and with the potential in growth. Despite the drops after getting hold of the shares, I felt that it is already a good bargain and that much negativity has already been priced in. This might not be a long-term investment...

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If there is a rate hike, how will Emerging Markets be affected?

The rate hike has been the talk of the town for a while. The Feds were being blamed for not raising interest rates earlier. Have it come across what is the effect of such interest rate hike on the economy and society? It was studied that rate hikes are meant to control the extent of inflation. The Fed looks out for measures such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) to determine if interest rates should be altered. Scenario 1:¬†Inflation (Healthy Economy) Inflation happens when the economy or consumers’ spending have been growing. In order to...

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The Study On SG Blue Chips

It has been a long and interesting week working, exercising and getting market updates from the effect of the historical Trump win. Now, a good weekend to take a breathe. On a side note, it is a pouring Saturday while I write this post with some good coffee. After the Trump presidential results, the much opposite have happened as compared to what was shared time and again by the media. Many did not expected his win. Even if he does, stocks should tumble and gold should rise but it was not the case. S&P have suffered a longest losing...

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Are you a Trader or an Investor?

Buy!Sell! Do you hear yourself speaking softly as you read about the price calls made by analysts?The “Buy” and “Sell” are vague terms given in price calls and forecasts, making them subjective voices. For instance, it was reported that Stock A should be sold. Did it specify that it should be sold during its highs (rally) or its lows (drop) and at which price? The second question comes, should one sell when it hit its lows and most likely result in a loss? You may also wonder if selling now is the right call as the prices may rally...

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