Perspectives: Finance and Lifestyle


As shared in my previous post, I have tendered resignation. Today marks my last day of my 10 years career life, most probably. It took me 1 whole month to detox the corporate "nonsense" that is so deep inside me, and I am still detoxing in process. I was experiencing withdrawal syndromes. I was panicking about my finance and lost sleep over it. I began to look for jobs for about 2 weeks, before I … [Read more...]

Consolidating My New Chapter of Life


Hello all friends and readers, I am back from a 6-months blog vacation! *Warning, this is going to be a lengthy post.My 2nd child born on 9 March 2017! Now, with my elder daughter, they actually formed a word "好". For the benefit of my non-chinese illiterate friends, it means "good", with the characters of "female" followed by a "son". Obviously, I can't plan for the genders so please don't ask me … [Read more...]

Thank You Very Much!


I seldom write long post. Here is a rather long post, and could be my last post for a very long time as I will be focusing on things that I wanted to excel, which I have listed down below. In my previous post (here), I am gathering ideas whether to achieve Financial Independence as planned or delay for another 2 more years. Either choice, it should turn out well. From 1 August 2017 to 31 … [Read more...]

Achieving Financial Independence, or later?


I have been pondering about this for months. A decision that will affect my family well being. BackgroundCurrently, my wife and I both are working full time. We should be achieving financial independence by end year 2019 (age 35) but with 1 of us working till year end 2022 (age 38) for buffer.  With the arrival of my 2nd child, someone has to take care of him, (baby boy) from next year … [Read more...]

New Family Member, New Family Blog, New New


My family size will increase from 3 to 4 soon. My wife is expecting (I am expecting too, the joy). So, what is it like to be a father? Here is a video that promise tears: Of course, frugal daddy don't lie to his family. I don't lie about my happiness either. I am ecstatic. I hope to devote my time to the family on a voluntary basis, and not through involuntary unemployment. This is a … [Read more...]

Where Are My Branded?


From Online Dictionary: A branded product is one which is made by a well-known manufacturer and has the manufacturer's label on it. Supermarket lines are often cheaper than branded goods.   Around 10 years ago, ex-colleagues gave me a montblanc pen with my name engraved. Along the years, other colleagues gave me Armani tie and some other branded accessories such as cuff-link. Why people gave me … [Read more...]

If Tomorrow Is The End Of The World


We should be thinking of happy scenarios. Life is short. However, without the "dark side", we may not treasure the "bright side". Let us have a short imagination here. What if tomorrow is the end of the world? Will you "still": 1) Continue to study stock market and individual business? (Where are the shooting stars and undervalued multi-baggers?!) 2) Report to work and continue your … [Read more...]

How Doing House Chores Can Give You Health, Wealth, Time and Enjoyment


House Chores? Seriously? This is 1 of the ultimate personal financial tips that Frugal Daddy is giving? Yes, this works like magic. If you coupled this lifestyle concepts with minimalism and frugality, you are not very far off from the most exciting lifestyle that you wanted to have. Let me explains. This can only happened without maid, parents, nanny or any external help (part time … [Read more...]

First-World Mouse and Third-World Mouse


My friend, Mr Lim, like to describe himself as the church mouse. So today, I decided to share a story about mouses. This story may not be new to you, given that it is one of Aesop's Fables (here)One day, a mouse from the city visited his countryside cousin. Let us name them First-World Mouse and Third-World Mouse respectively.First-World Mouse said, "Villagers are always busy and tired, our life … [Read more...]

My Thinking on CPF Life


I have never considered CPF as part of my retirement fund when I made financial planning. Why? The policy is always changing and there is nothing much I can do about it. However, it is still good to keep up with CPF matters as it is still our money? Reading the speculations about CPF Life Escalating Plan and CPF Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme (LRIS), I know for sure what is my choice … [Read more...]

Wastage In Your Life


Most of us, including myself, have plenty of wastage throughout our lifetime. What do I mean by wastage? For example, you bought that 10 sets of chopsticks in a bundle sale. However, you know clearly in your heart that your family members can only use 4 sets of them. Yes, you may argue that you can replace the extra sets of chopsticks when the existing ones are spoilt. Seriously, how long do you … [Read more...]

Passive Income is a Myth


Many so-called passive incomes are not entirely passive. If you happen to see how most people invest, you will know where I am coming from. Most of them are not guaranteed returns and we shouldn't expect to receive it on a regular basis, nor the capital preservation. Here is the definition of Passive Income by Wikipedia: Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little … [Read more...]

Time is Running Out


Everyday, I live my life as if it is the last. Think about it, it is really the last, one and only life. For those who think you will be "revived or reincarnated" after passing, I respect that but let us not go into the religion aspects here.Generally speaking, we only have about 50 to 60 years of most productive lifespan for each individual. Apologies to those above 50 years old, please don't … [Read more...]

Buying That Condominium


Remembered the 5Cs that was commonly used decade ago? : "Five Cs of Singapore" – namely, [C]ash, [C]ar, [C]redit card, [C]ondominium and [C]ountry club membership – is a phrase used in Singapore to refer to materialism. It was coined as a popular observational joke about the aspirations of some Singaporeans to obtain material possessions in an effort to impress others.  From the Wikipedia … [Read more...]

Money Talk


Do you want to live your life just by spending your passive income, with another 200% buffer, without using any of your capital? Here is an illustration of how I will do it for my family of 3: Needs: $15,000/year - This amount of money is what my family will need minimally to survive in Singapore Wants: $14,000/year - This amount of additional money is what my family need to maintain current … [Read more...]

The Most Important and Overlooked Personal Finance Tip


Surprisingly, most Singapore personal finance blog only talk about equity and maybe a little bit more of other things. However, most didn't touch on the secret to achieving financial independence in the "easiest and surest" way. Living your best life, enjoying every single moment of your life, doing things because you want to, spending time with your loved ones...Are these not the reasons for … [Read more...]

Leaving Behind Legacy


Leaving behind legacy for your loved ones is definitely a bonus. No one aim to cripple their family members. What is really cultivating the right values. Without the values, there is no point owning a whole lot of fortunes.Be kind to people. Poor people deserve it because they are lazy or don't work smart enough?爸,我放学了!金山银山不如人情山 … [Read more...]

Paying $8,225,240 For Early Unemployment


$8,225,240 are our opportunity cost, to live-better at 37 years old. Here are the workings based on Singapore's median household income at 3% increment yearly, from 32 years old when I no longer work for more money : Age Median Household Income In Singapore (Monthly) Median Household Income In Singapore (Yearly), Inclusive of 3 Months Bonuses Daily Time Regained [(8.5hours x 5 days) + 2 … [Read more...]



For the past 1.5 months, I am occupied living my life to the fullest.I had a 2-week break. During the 2 weeks break, I spent 1-week exploring Singapore but only managed to cover 60% of it. This mini tour was to prepare my ultimate plan to tour around Singapore by bicycle and foot with my family. During my 2nd week break, I experimented living a life of being a full time house-husband. If … [Read more...]



Here, I would like to introduce a new word. I don't really like the word "retirement" as it sounded negative. It is about leaving the employment workforce to start a better life and not about leaving an essential meaningful life (at least from my perspective). It is a whole new beginning of a new and more meaningful lifestyle, so I should come out with a better name. (Thinking here and there...) I … [Read more...]