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7 Ways Couples Can Manage Their Money Without Fighting

Written by Daniel Tay, edited by Jackie Tan.  Getting together as a couple presents not only a new lifestyle, but also new ways on managing their finances together. It is said that couples often prefer to manage their money like how their parents did. However, a couple’s unique situation may require a style different from their parents’. Money is a huge factor in a couple’s relationship, and managing them is a key to either breaking or making it. In this article, we present seven ways of managing a couple’s finances. #1 To Each His/Her Own Each person handles personal...

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When Shit Happens: A Collection of Personal Accident Stories

[3 min read] Personal accident plans are plans that help you and your loved ones when you experience disabilities or death, be it from your occupation or everyday life. While the probability of going through an accident is slim, it is nonetheless a very real possibility. How else to illustrate this possibility, but through stories? To do this, we scoured the internet for interesting personal accident stories. Besides anecdotes from blogs and financial websites such as MoneySmart and Clearly Surely, we also found several real life case by Straits Times Invest Editor Lorna Tan, and paraphrased these stories for...

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What To Do After A Personal Accident (In Increasing Order Of Severity)

  At the risk of sounding cliched, accidents can happen any time in your life, be it big or small. It ranges from spraining an ankle while running in MacRitchie Reservoir, to being crushed by a heavy container at work. How does one cope with life after these accidents? That’s where personal accident plans come in – to assist with outpatient medical expenses, provide assistance during recuperation, and – if death is involved – a peace of mind to tide loved ones through. We have written quite a bit about these plans in the past, but not what comes...

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4 Specialized Personal Accident Plans You Might Not Heard About

Posted on March 26th 2018 Tags: fundMyLife Personal Accident Personal accident plans are plans that help you and your loved ones cope with accidents that result in either death or disabilities. They are commonly bought due the fact that they are immensely useful for outpatient treatment. In addition, this plan is useful for those who frequently embark on physical sports. However, sometimes you just want to have coverage for certain activities that have unique features. Since fundMyLife is all about sharing fun information, we thought to highlight interesting plans that we found. In this article, fundMyLife looks at some...

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Different Types Of Endowment Plans In Singapore

Posted on March 21st 2018 Tags: DollarsAndSense Endowment fundMyLife This article first appeared on If you have been through a financial planning session with an advisor, there is a good chance that you would have heard of Endowment Plans. You may even have bought a plan (or two) after discussing with your financial advisor. But what exactly are endowment plans? More importantly, are you buying the right plans that fulfill your needs? What Are Endowment Plans? In Singapore, endowment plans are sometimes known as “endowment insurance”, mainly because there is usually an insurance component tied to the plan. There are...

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Basics of Financial Planning

Written by Letitia Jinghui Lean, edited by Jackie Tan and How To Adult. This was a guest post for How To Adult. Nothing in school ever prepares you for the tsunami of responsibilities that come with being an adult, you just get mercilessly thrown into the deep end. Suddenly, you’ve got bills to pay, budgeting to do, insurance to set up, and many other responsibilities that keep piling up! And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The key is to take things one at a time, and breathe. In this article, we’re gonna simplify the mind-boggling concept of...

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Personal Accident Plan: Should You Buy Standalone Or As A Rider?

Personal accident plans help you and your family in the case when you experience injuries, deaths, and disabilities. There are several factors to consider when buying a personal accident plans, which we briefly discussed in the past. You can buy personal accident plans in several ways. Firstly, you can buy them as a standalone plan. Personal accident riders, on the other hand, are complementary plans that you add onto your existing plans to enhance your plan coverage. The question is -should you buy standalone personal accident plans or personal accident riders to your other existing plans? In this article, fundMyLife...

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