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Be Happy, Stay Healthy and Get Rich

Have you heard of ‘Children laugh 300 to 400 times a day, and adults only 17.5’ ? While this may be just another urban myth, it is no news that children indeed laugh much more often than adults do. That’s kind of sad. But who would choose not to laugh? I love laughing and being happy, and being happy makes me happier. On the other hand, it’s sad to be angry and sad, and that fact makes me more angry and sad. Am I still making sense? But who enjoys being unhappy anyway? Throughout the journey of adulting, we...

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Another 10 Reasons to Skip Your Degree and Start Working

Following up Part I, here are another 8 reasons to join the workforce before going for your undergraduate studies. 1. It’s easier to get your foot into the industry Companies are profit-driven, and the ever-rising cost of human resources is an area the company will want to control, even cut down when the economy goes down. A diploma holder will be paid lower than a graduate despite doing the same job, which is why apprenticeships that hire diploma/ A-Level holders are increasingly popular not only in Singapore but also in UK and US. There are also too many graduates...

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10 Reasons to Delay Your Degree and Start Working

Just a few decades ago, a bachelor’s degree used to be perceived as prestigious, luxurious and a huge advantage at the game of job seeking. Fast forward to the modern times, with better quality education, more universities popping up, and easier access to education loans, it seems that getting a degree is such a norm that we now have more degree holders than jobs that actually require a degree holder to perform. But is rushing into a degree actually ‘worth it’? No, it’s not that I don’t value education and the opportunities it provides. On the contrary, I believe...

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What’s my CPF interest?

Happy New Year everyone! How has your new year been? The year started off really well for me. I watched the breathtaking fireworks at a good location with little people and a spectacular view, managed to hop on the train, found a seat and reached home before 1 am. What a sweet victory! The rest of the day was spent on catching up sleep, dining with my family and strolling in the park with my parents. It’s a warm and blissful day that I can’t be more thankful for. It makes my smile beamed even wider when I checked...

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My Financial Goals

I believe in beginning with an end in mind to have a clear vision of desired direction and destination to work towards to, so I’m penning down my current financial goals in mind which are subjected to change according to how I later shift my priority and focus in life. 1. Build a portfolio that generates passive income to provide for my parents, my future family, and myself Being the only child, I am blessed with the responsibilities to take care of my parents. While my parents are really hardworking people, they were not financially savvy thus making some...

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