Plight of a Singaporean male

Recently, I was flattered to receive a long feedback from one of my readers, Hyom, to my previous post on a business idea to provide services to foreigners and PRs residing in Singapore. There was a lot of angry thinking in his response and I can also sense a tinge of injustice when he mentioned that he, as a Singapore citizen had to fork out much money for his tertiary education whilst foreigners … [Read more...]

Business Idea: Service Provider to help foreigners/PRs integrate into Singapore

Quite some time ago, one of my readers visited my blog and suggested that one niche business idea could be to provide a service to help foreigners/PRs integrate into Singapore society. I have mixed feelings when he suggested this to me.After all, I am a true blue Singaporean, being born and having lived here for three decades and served my two and a half years of NS.These foreigners/PRs come here … [Read more...]

Business idea: Confinement nanny agency

I have not been blogging for quite some time. This is because last month I became a first-time dad and I was real busy with my day-time job. I engaged a confinement nanny to look after both my wife and my little bundle of joy during this challenging period. During our research on confinement nanny agency in Singapore, me and wife realised that there are not many established ones around, notably … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Gangbang

During the 2008 - 2009 financial crisis, stock market crashed throughout the world and triggered the collapse of several big US banks. Back then, even the Singapore government had to make the unprecedent move of guaranteeing all bank deposits till end 2010 to prevent bank runs. There were mayhems and carnages everywhere. There were also opportunities. There was one point I was very tempted to … [Read more...]

How to be rich in Singapore

While we may not have investment acumen like Warren Buffett, we can still become rich through buying distressed assets in Singapore. There are always bargain around us and its only a matter of patience for the right opportunity to come. As I mentioned in my previous posts, the best time to "strike" is when the economy takes its periodical dips. Some of you might remember that during the … [Read more...]

Importance of Emergency Fund

In my previous posts, I have written about the need for Opportunity Fund, which is meant for investing purposes. In life, we should also consider building up an Emergency Fund, which is a reasonable amount of money set aside for rainy days. Many people live their lives as if nothing bad will ever happen to them. Its as if buying a car and not buying an insurance, expecting no incidents or … [Read more...]

Investment Notebook: Every crisis is an investment opportunity

Have you ever paused to wonder why Singapore has one of the highest concentration of millionaires in the world? There are so many cash-rich Singaporeans out there that even during the recent downturn,  many of them were seen snapping up private properties like hot cakes, despite the sky-high prices. The reason is simple: many of them made big money from the stock market during previous … [Read more...]

Who will work for the rich?

In my previous post, I advocated the teachings of financial, professional and general knowledge to our kids. One of my readers then questioned "who will work for the rich?" I suppose there is a mistaken belief among Singaporeans that if we exposed our child to the financial world or encouraged them to be entrepreneurs when they are young, they will all become or aspire to become businessmen … [Read more...]

The truth about money

Last month, our Education Minister commented that employers believe Singapore students lack drive and the willingness to try new things to succeed. I chuckled when I finished reading the article. Look, it doesn’t take a Singaporean genius to figure out that our education system has been result-driven and highly competitive for the past three decades. Everyone in Singapore knows for a long time … [Read more...]

Learn how to sell

When I just started working as a manufacturing engineer in the aerospace sector, I always thought that my department (operations) was the most important department in my company. This was because I felt that without engineers solving problems in the production lines, the company would not be able to function as per normal. It was only years later that I realized that my thinking was flawed. The … [Read more...]

The one million dollar question

If you were given a choice between having $1 million and gaining the ability to make multi-millions, which one would you choose? Many people, including me, would normally choose the former. After all, its human nature to dream of being rich, not having to work and to indulge ourselves. But look, how long can the million dollar lasts? Especially in Singapore, where the cost of living is so high. … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurship Insights: Ten habits of highly effective inventors

1. They note down their ideas in a notebook (just like my Investment Notebook!). Every idea is worth considering. 2.They think through their ideas over and over again before applying for patent. 3. They do their homework and invest a lot of their time doing extensive research (through internet, malls and prior patents for similar ideas). 4. They are good salespeople and can make good sale … [Read more...]

Investment Notebook 2011: Gold ETF

Below is an article on gold ETF extracted from SGX published in 2011: 1) SPDR Gold Shares® (GLD) ETF participation has increased in August on account of the volatility that has coincided with Standard & Poor’s downgrading the credit rating of the United States to AA+ from AAA. 2) Unlike Gold Futures, the GLD ETFs do not extend leverage to the ETF buyer and sellers. 3) In Asia, the GLD ETF is … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurship Insight: Five reasons you should not quit your job to start up your own business

Starting up a business is not easy and very often, it can really take over a person’s life due to the huge efforts and financial commitments required. Therefore normally I would not advise anyone to quit their job and start a business because that could be a recipe for disaster. Do it right and your life changes drastically for the better. Do it wrong and your life goes spirally downhill. So … [Read more...]

Investment Notebook: Opportunity Fund Part II

In my previous posting, “Investment Notebook: Opportunity Fund”, one of my readers posed this question to me “how many percentage of my net worth coming from the return of my stock investment, would I consider it has made me rich”. This is a very interesting question and it has set me pondering hard for several days. One thing for sure is that I did not have a clear cut answer to that question … [Read more...]

Investment Notebook: Opportunity Fund

In September 2008, the collapse of Lehman Brothers (an investment firm in the United States.) triggered off the world financial crisis. Before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, fear of a “big bang” recession has been lingering around for months due to the festering subprime mortgages mess in United States. But no one would have predicted the magnitude of the economic crisis. But then, I remember … [Read more...]

Three ways to become rich in Singapore Part II

In my previous post "Three ways to become rich in Singapore", I have some readers providing feed-backs and comments. I appreciate readers for taking precious time to read my blog postings and provide their valuable comments. One of my readers commented that "dividend investing" can also make you rich. Whilst I agree that investing in fixed income, be it stocks or unit trusts, is considered a … [Read more...]

Three ways to become rich in Singapore

Many Singaporeans would agree that the cost of living is very high in Singapore. This is especially so during the few years in view of the rising inflation. In spite of the global economic downturn, unemployment rate remains low in Singapore. But most Singaporeans struggle with the rising costs, as their salaries remain stagnant. Henceforth, most of us are concerned whether we would make enough … [Read more...]

Investment Notebook: Investment Principles

For the past few days I have been doing spring cleaning and happened to flip through my investment notebook. I went through some of the interesting lessons learnt during the period 2007-2009. The collapse of the Lehman Brothers really changed the investment world forever and the old strategy of holding stocks for the long term for capital appreciation no longer works. In view of this, all of us … [Read more...]

ACE Startups

The Action Community for Entrepreneurship announced on 19 Jan 2012 that it will be providing funding, networks and mentorship to 500 startups in an effort to promote entrepreneurship in Singapore. Under this new programme called Ace Startups, Singaporeans and permanent residents who are first time entrepreneurs can receive up to $50,000 in a one-off grant for their startups. One interesting … [Read more...]