SATS flying high in 2016

While the rest of the SGX-listed companies huffed and puffed their way through 2016, SATS was flying high. The share price of this blue chip darling even stormed to a record high of $5.11 in September 2016, setting a gold standard among fellow STI players. Amid the sluggish SGX market performance, it seems very strange that its stock has been so bullish. Just what did the management do that set … [Read more...]

White Knight for Noble Group

As 2016 comes to an end, it is timely to review the significant developments of some of the popular stocks listed in Singapore stock exchange (SGX). Beleaguered Noble Group certainly is in the hit list as it made the headline news for all the wrong reasons. Is the company really doomed or would there be a White Knight for Noble Group? The free fall of Noble Group’ share price represents one of … [Read more...]

Crazy year for gold price

It has been a crazy year for gold price! Towards the tail end of 2015, gold price dramatically fell to USD1054 per ounce upon the announcement of the interest rate increase by US Federal Reserves. Since the start of 2016, global investors were stunned when gold price surged to USD1350 per ounce within seven months. The surge in gold price was due to the sudden crash in the China stock market … [Read more...]

SIAEC share price crashed to 5 year low

SIAEC share price crashed to 5 year low! Amid the global economic uncertainties and challenging aviation outlook, SIAEC’s performance continued to slide as revealed in the financial results for 1HFY2016/17. This article contains my latest SIAEC stock analysis. I am not vested in this counter but have been monitoring this maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) stalwart for many years. Operating … [Read more...]

Salary increase

On 12 December 2016, National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) announced that cleaners will receive yearly salary increases from 2017 to 2019 for a total of S$200. Various government agencies like Ministry of Manpower, National Environment Agency and Workforce Singapore said the salary increase will benefit more than 40,000 resident cleaners employed by 1,200 cleaning businesses. For an industry … [Read more...]

CPF’s Home Protection Scheme (HPS).

The most significant big-ticket item for my family in 2016 was the purchase of our Executive Condominium (EC), The Terrace, at Punggol Waterway. Like many Singaporeans, being able to upgrade to an EC is our Singapore Dream. Arising from this purchase, we had taken a quite a big mortgage loan from one of the local banks and in the course of doing so, I did some research on mortgage loans. In this … [Read more...]

Inspirations from a Singapore finance blogger

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of finance bloggers joining the scene. Many of them are good bloggers who write better than me. But in my humble opinion, what differentiates a great blogger from a good blogger is his ability to create inspirations among readers. In one of his latest articles, Singapore finance blogger, “Got Money, Got Honey” (GMGH), inspired me. In his article, … [Read more...]

Singtel increased investment moats aggressively

In August 2016, Singtel increased its investment moats aggressively through the acquisition of stakes in Thailand’s Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited (Intouch) and India’s Bharti Telecom Limited (Bharti Telecom) for a total consideration of S$2.47 billion from parent company, Temasek Holding. This transaction will be funded through internal cash, short-term debt and proceeds from a share … [Read more...]

Analysis on Jumbo Group’s shares

Listed in SGX’s Catalist board on 9 November 2015, Jumbo Group has Temasek Holding subsidiary and Osim boss among its investors. With such strong support from institutional investors, it is no wonder that its share price surged from $0.25 to the current $0.65. Jumbo Group’s shares is definitely on form but what will be its outlook for 2017? The one thing I like about Jumbo Group is that its … [Read more...]

Buy gold bullion in Singapore

Since Donald Trump became US President-elect, gold price has been falling for the past few weeks. Amid the price weakness, wealth builders must be wondering whether to buy gold bullion in Singapore now. To put things into perspective, there is a dichotomy between the price of gold and the actual demand for the precious metal. Most economist would tell you that the prices of all goods and … [Read more...]

Why the Singapore Economy Really Isn’t That Bad

Whenever we appraise economic growth, there is always a tendency to take a short rather than a longer-term perspective. Such a focus not only encourages us to see things in a less favourable light, but it also undervalues the importance of historical trends and any incremental growth that the global economy has experienced over the course of the last 30 years or more. A quick glance at the … [Read more...]

CSE Global’ share price crashed to six years low

In a sign of how far the oil and gas sector has declined, systems integrator CSE Global’ share price crashed to six years low after the company announced a set of poor financial results for the quarter ended 30 September 2016. Profit after tax decreased by a whopping 52.7% year-on-year while revenue dropped 21.6% year-on-year. I have previously covered on CSE global before in my blog. … [Read more...]

Boustead Singapore horrifying 2Q17 results

One of Singapore venerable companies, Boustead Singapore, announced a set of horrifying 2Q17 results. Net profit for 2Q17 was 32% lower year-on-year, while 1H17 net profit was 30% lower year-on-year. The infrastructure-related engineering and geo-spatial services company was still making respectable level of profits but its recent performance decline reflects the depressing state of the oil and … [Read more...]

The signal to buy gold bullion

This will be a quick post to provide an update on the latest global demand for gold bullion. According to World Gold Council, the demand for gold bar and coin was weak in Q3 due to the high gold price. Market research revealed that investors generally look for low gold price as the signal to buy gold bullion. This explains why the demand for gold bullion has been declining since end … [Read more...]

Singapore rejected calls for unemployment insurance

During this year’s May Day rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loon rejected growing calls for unemployment insurance. Instead, he reiterated that the government of Singapore has something even better for Singaporeans – schemes to enable Singapore workers to find jobs. Amid the massive number of retrenchments announced by foreign banks and oil and gas companies, such a move is inexplicable to … [Read more...]

Is Sheng Siong’s dividend policy sustainable?

The recent Sheng Siong kidnap trial did not create a negative publicity for the supermarket operator. Instead, shares of the groceries retailer surprisingly stormed to a record high of $1.10 in October 2016. Listed in SGX mainboard only in 2011, Sheng Siong has risen from a penny stock to an established player with strong dividend track record. But in today’s challenging operating environment, is … [Read more...]

Will Straco Corp be de-listed from SGX?

With a slew of SGX listed companies being privatized recently, one wonders whether Straco Corp will be the next to be de-listed. The latest company to be delisted from the Singapore Exchange is Super Group, which is acquired by Dutch coffee firm JDE for a whopping $1.45 billion. Will Straco Corp be de-listed? Recently, Straco Corp purchased a total of 269,800 shares by way of on-market … [Read more...]

Protecting my best asset

This is my 600th article! As I celebrate another milestone for this blog, I can’t help but feel that time really flies. I started this blog in October 2010 to share my thoughts and insights on personal finances and investing. In a flash, it’s been six years already and there had been many changes in my journey.  Well, thankfully mostly positive ones. My main financial goal for this year is to go … [Read more...]

Is it a good time to invest in OCBC shares?

Hi SG Wealth Builder, My comments on your post: OCBC Bank’s 3Q16 results beat market estimates. I’m not sure why it shows “failed to leave comment” on your article post. Hence, I drop you the comment via this mail. My comments: I’m curious on your statement stating that your target entry for OCBC stocks will be at $6.00. Current trade price for OCBC share is $8.43. Based on the liquidity of … [Read more...]

Will SingPost turn the tide?

When Simon Israel took over as SingPost’s Chairman in May this year, investors must be wondering whether SingPost will turn the tide. The group recently announced a set of disappointing 2Q16 results that saw net profit plunging 27.9% due to “transformational investments”. Mr Israel, who is also the Chairman of SingTel, has been tasked to review the corporate governance and appoint a new CEO for … [Read more...]