Content anxiety

When I first launched this blog, I didn’t know anything but I was determined to get it right so my attitude was a “screw it, let’s do it.” Then my second site was a “how can we turn the table around and surpass others” at the time where we were very far behind and facing new competitors every day. But I still managed to beat them and got it into Singapore top 600 site by Alexa ranking during … [Read more...]

A bit more to go [5/6]

A bit more to go – I’ve done with 4,000 words. This is more than what I had initially planned, which was roughly 2,000 words. What make this piece so different than the previous few is that I find the process of writing so much enjoyable. Maybe it’s because those are things that are closed to my heart, subjects that I spent a great deal of time on. It reminds me of the struggle, confusion and … [Read more...]

emotional estimation and seeing validation [4/6]

Eben said “emotional estimation and seeing validation.” It means you estimate the outcome by using your emotion /instinct and validate through external testing. It’s a way to acknowledge that most ideas would fail and hence one should err on the side of caution by not pre-optimising an idea. If you fasten the first button wrongly, the remaining will be wrong too no matter you get it right on the … [Read more...]

“What’s your biggest weakness?” [3/6]

My biggest weakness is: I’m a very competitive person which means I tend to be very good at my job but often at the expense of my personal life. – Or – I’m a very hard working person and often times I work so hard and so late that I neglect my family/personal time. – Or – I’m a strong team player and I care so much about my colleague and bosses that sometime I don’t even mind if it undermines … [Read more...]

Another set [2/6]

I have done two sets of 6 alternate days of 100 words writing goal. Now coming to the third set and will continue to do so afterward. I’m starting to feel a bit of the habit kicking in which was what I wanted in preparation for producing long form contents, and I’m working on one now. I hope it would not take too long to complete as in the past I often got myself spending too much too time … [Read more...]

A simple persuasion checklist [1/6]

Aristotle was the first person to study the art of persuasion. In his work on the Rhetoric, he broke down persuasion into three key elements. I thought that follow up well with my 2017 post where I said “just because what you say is real doesn’t mean people will believe in you.” According to Aristotle, for a message to be persuasive, it must satisfy all three modes of persuasion, lacking of one … [Read more...]

Who should you write for? [6/6]

That is a question every bloggers ask when thought about driving traffic to their site. If I write for myself I would not get traffic as not all readers are interested in me. If I write for audience then I might get some traffic but I would not enjoy it, hence it won’t be sustainable. Or maybe I should write for SEO, this way I could drive traffic from Google. But I might not enjoy it and … [Read more...]

Medium. [5/6]

If you have been following the news and have not living under a rock then probably have seen news speaking of medium’s recent layoff. The market sensing is that the platform couldn’t monetize successfully. However, I noticed a trend in Social media platforms these days which seems they have placed monetization at its early phase rather than take a “we’ll figure it out later” attitude. Snapchat … [Read more...]

Scaling Personalized Video [4/6]

5 min video is still too lengthy for someone to watch it all, I could shorten it to not more than 3.5 mins. I realized that since I’m targeting prospects of the same industry and criteria, I could scale it by splitting the video into two blocks. The first block is the introduction in which I would address them directly to make the prospects feel personalized, this has to be created … [Read more...]

Remember the meaning but forget the words [3/6]

The video script turned out to be bad, very bad. I couldn’t help but to reply bluntly “OMG, this is shit.” It was literally regurgitating my exact words during our conversation. What I said was meant to provide him with market sensing and situation so that he could visualise and come up with messages that meet the audience at where they are emotionally. Remember the meaning, not the words or … [Read more...]

A Simple Sales Process [2/6]

Weeks back I was creating Emails video where I would attach a link in it to a landing page displaying the video. The Email was highly personal and the video would highlight the problems and offer solutions to resolve it. Subsequently, I would follow up with an Email, SMS, Facebook msg and calls. It worked out well (I only managed to sent 5), I spoke to the party and they knew who I was – bare … [Read more...]

1 Skill To Get Good At In 2017 [1/6]

Here comes the second day of 2017. I’ll re-start my 6 days 100 words writing goal. One thing I will do more this year is to get people to help me out and tap on their expertise. Two days ago, I managed to get a friend to help me with a video script of which one year ago I’d probably spent days studying and creating it myself. And even so I might not even be able to produce a result half as good … [Read more...]

Year 2017 [6/6]

I’ve completed my 6 days 100 words writing goal. It was set to be easily achievable so at times when I was redundant to write because of lack of a topic, not in the mood or running out of point half way through the article. I could just make some effort and hit the publish button – it felt like having a recourse. It is a good way to set things in motion which prepare your body muscle for future … [Read more...]

What Is Drop Shipping / eCommence Arbitrage? [5/6]


I came across drop shipping a few months back when I was seeking for an alternative way to monetise my niche site. I also wanted to diversify my Adsense’s earning and possibly increase the overall income. However, after spending hours consuming every pieces of content I could get my hands on. I decided not to work on it, will get to the reason later on. Drop shipping has been hot these days. … [Read more...]

My First Time Hosting Event Using Meetup [4/6]

Quite happy that my first hosted meetup event turned up to be quite well-received. Initially, I wasn’t expecting the attendance to be good as I’ve heard from friends and based on my personal experience that typically less than 50% of the RSVP would attend. Apparently not, as six members have showed up – 75% turn up rate! In case you’ve never heard of it. is an online portal where … [Read more...]

3 Top Bloggers’ Advice & Tips On Blogging / Writing [3/6]

Seth Godin famously said that vitality is not what you do to a product but what the product actually is. Product must be ingrained with the element of vitality if you want to it spread virally. You cannot expect a boring product to hit vitality and neither would you be able to pay your way to the masses in the age of interest-based digital media. The same applies to idea and content. There are … [Read more...]

Study The Bad Investing Materials Too If You Want To Improve [2/6]

Some time back I was watching a Q&A video from Ramit Sethi, who write in IwillTeachYouToBeRich. A reader asked “what are some of best copywriting pieces I should study and how can I get better at it?” (Copywriting is a form of writing that inspired readers to take a desired action) His advice was unusual. But I felt it aligned to some of my experience in learning. He said instead of … [Read more...]

Set Small Easily Winnable Goals Each Day [1/6]

Starting from today I am going to write a minimum of 100 words blog post on the next 6 alternate days (I’ve other small goals set on the other days): 25 Dec, 27 Dec, 29 Dec, 31 Dec and 1 Jan. The reason why I’m doing this is because my focus and discipline have been very off lately which would impede what I set up to achieve. It will also be a training ground for me to get better at the craft … [Read more...]

Oct 2016 Income Report – $528.90


Here comes another month of my monthly online income report where I share my journey in making side income online. To be honest I was a bit reluctant to write about it as things didn't move as well to what I expected to be. But after reading the income report from livingafreelifetoday, it got me a little motivated to put this post up. And since this is an income report where we talk about … [Read more...]

Sep 2016 Monthly Income Report – $422.88

Published last week via Email Hey, Thought to update you what I have doing for the past month. Before that, first let me express a BIG thank you to the readers who supported the value investing course, really appreciate that as it helps my site goes a long way! And I think it is a really good course for beginner to get started on value investing. If you haven't do check it out over here … [Read more...]