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“Size matters” How You Can Beat The Market (STI ETF)

Sat, 28 May 2016 In one of my blog posts. I talked about equal-weighted STI outperforms market cap. weighted portfolio (Our current STI). And the outperformance is huge. One question in everyone’s mind is, then why STI ETF does not base its portfolio on equal-weighted instead? First of all, to answer that we need to go back to the origin of market index. STI as it name suggests is an Index with the goal of measuring price movement of the stock market. Its goal is not to produce optimum investment performance. Now I can answer the question: equal-weighted index does...

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17 Singapore Investment Options That Will Grow Your Money NOW(Step-by-Step!)

I think you will agree with me on this. ​People who succeed with money do two things very well: ​First, they have a huge capital either by saving a lot or making a lot. ​Second, they put 100% of their effort on improving their financial literacy and activity that grows their wealth. In short, they know what others don’t. They know what financial capital is and how the magic of compounding returns can grow their money like a bean sprout over time. ​They also know human capital depreciates and financial capital appreciates as they aged and hence tapping on the right capital...

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The Complete Guide To REITs Singapore Investing(7 Chapters, 15,322 word)

Tuesday, 16 Feb 2015 It’s up, finally! About one and a half month ago, I started writing REITs Singapore guide. I thought it would only took me a week or two but it turned out to be a month looooooooooooooooooooooong project! The initial plan was to publish a short 1,000 words guide like many others, however, as I went along, it extended to 2,000 words, then 4,000 words, then 8,000 words, then 10,000 words(holy!). Read the full article...

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