Why do I have to explain myself when I’m giving materials away for free?

Sun, 14 Aug 2016As the blog grows larger and while having more reader compliment these days occasional criticism still drives me mad and some got me really upset given so much work have been putting in.There seem to be something about human is that we react to negativity far stronger than we react to positivity, and I certainly experienced that now, the thrill of receiving compliment often lasted … [Read more...]

Side-Hustle: My Pokemon GO Community Forum [part-1]

A month ago I began the idea of starting a forum to leverage on the Pokemon GO craze prior to its release in Singapore. I thought the craze would encourage traffic to the site without much effort, and there were many hypothesis that I wanted to put it to test. So I teamed up with a friend. When the site went live on the second day, I posted a Google form in large Singapore Pokemon GO Facebook … [Read more...]

My First Portfolio Rebalancing & Thoughts (1/2)

More than a year ago, I was studying the stock market and flipping through numerous books, articles and papers. When trying to piece everything together, it was clear to me that my investment objective wasn't to create outsized returns but to: 1.​ Achieve market beating returns - returns exceed STI ETF ​2. Minimum effort of mantainance - passive investing style ​3. Lower or equal risk than … [Read more...]

‘Sim Lian Cash Offer For Delist, Price Jumped by 13.3% This Morning’

Just got the news yesterday that Sim Lian have offered to take the company private at a price of $1.08 per share. Its last closing price on Friday was trading at $0.94, and this morning the price lifted by 13.30%. Looking at Sim Lian gives me nostalgia as this was one my earliest stock I bought in building my value stock portfolio. My average price is $0.76 representing a 40% gain based on … [Read more...]

July Income Report – $225.98 (What’s Adsense & Affiliate?)

Wed, 3 Aug 2016 Welcome to my first blog income report, over here I will share my monthly traffic stats, subscribers and blog's earnings. I believe this will pull the curtain back and show what is possible in making money on blog. I believe in doing so I'm able to keep myself accountable and motivated as nothing can be more motivated than by putting your ego up at stake. So work hard, get … [Read more...]

Singapore InvestFair 2016 (picture & video)


I attended InvestFair yesterday at Suntec. The last I went was 2 years ago and opened a number of brokerage account to get their freebies.This time just went to there and see what has changed. The crowd was quite normal but definitely not as huge as IT Show.The highlight of the event would be popular speakers like Jim Roger and Hu Li Yang ( I didn't know him until I was in KL InvestFair,he's … [Read more...]

General Assembly: My Experience With Their Preview & 1-day HTML&CSS Workshop


In our parents generation the one who knows English language were rewarded greatly in their career, they get more opportunities and command higher salary in the workplace than the one who doesn't. I believe the next language is not Mandarin but programming language. The World Web Web has accumulated nearly every information of the world across muti-disciplines, and if you can communicate with the … [Read more...]

Top 4 Singapore Share Investing Forums (+1 FB group) For Stock Discussion


​Friday, 29 July 2016​ Maybe you just started your investing journey. ​You'd like to find someone to discuss about investing but no one in your family and friends share the same interest as you. It can be hard to walk this journey alone. Below are the popular stock investing sites you can visit . #1: Hardware Zone: Stocks, Shares and Indices HWZ is the largest forum and the top few … [Read more...]

5 SGX Pre-screened Fundamental Data set for You!~


​Sun, 17 July 2016​This is insane.It will save you TON of hours and effort, you probably have a time where​ you wonder what are highest dividend yield stocks or cheapest valuation stocks in SGX.Or if you are a big blue chips or REITs' lover then you probably want to have a snapshot of each of their fundamental data laying side by side in a tabulated format. To get a feel of its … [Read more...]

How To Survive A Market Meltdown With Dividend Paying Net Net Stocks


​Tuesday, 11 July 2016Do you know what Net Net is?*Hint*: A stock valuation technique created by the father of Value Investing, Benjamin Graham. Famously known as the teacher of Warren Buffett.​And you might wonder:How much returns can I make on this stock-picking strategy?How did it perform throughout the decade?How did it fare during previous market crash?Is it risky?And last but not … [Read more...]

How To: Buy & Invest Shares In Singapore Market For Beginner

Sun, 10 July 2016Why do you want to invest your money? It can be:To make your money work harder instead of sitting in bankTo support your parents financially and provide them a decent life or retirementTo get your money life in order as you used to squander whatever you haveTo outgrow and outsmart your peers, colleague and friends in wealth and finances.Or even to have the option to quit your job … [Read more...]

How To Open A SGX Singapore Stock Trading Brokerage Account


Tue, 28 June 2016​If you are not going to open a brokerage account, skip this article because I don't want it to bore you to death.If you are thinking of opening one then you might probably have thought of:"What are the requirements to open a stock trading account?""I'm going down to their office and what should I bring or need?""Are there any bunches nearby my home or workplace?"​"Can I open … [Read more...]

Standard Chartered Online Trading 2016: ‘No $200K, Pay $10/Trade’


Thursday, 15 June 2016IYou probably have heard it.SCB announced their upcoming $10 minimum commission starting from 1st August 2016 onward. There are no changes to its brokerage rate and custody fee. Standard Chartered Online Trading 1 Aug 2016: Brokerage Fee 0.20% remains the same but now with $10 Min. Com. unless you are a Priority Banking ClientsFor the priority banking customer you … [Read more...]

Are You Afraid Of Losing Your Hard Earned Money?


Sat, 11 June 2016I thought to address this feedback as this is one of the most common responses I received. ***It is okay to worry you might lose money. On the contrary, it is dangerous if you don't. Fear means you recognize the risk of stock investing and it keeps your confidence level in check preventing you from making reckless decision.​You should have a process in mind knowing what … [Read more...]

Kill ‘pre-existing condition’ frustration with this post

Sun, 29 May 2016 I was lying on my bed, checking for any notification before I went to sleep. Then I saw a post from my friend. It was late at night, about to sleep and I couldn't help but to reply him.He is a financial adviser, part of his accounts was passed down by his father. He was sharing his frustration about pre-existing condition claim issue, he didn't quite know what to do when … [Read more...]

“Size matters” How You Can Beat The Market (STI ETF)

Sat, 28 May 2016In one of my blog posts. I talked about equal-weighted STI outperforms market cap. weighted portfolio (Our current STI). And the outperformance is huge.One question in everyone's mind is, then why STI ETF does not base its portfolio on equal-weighted instead? First of all, to answer that we need to go back to the origin of market index. STI as it name suggests is an Index with … [Read more...]

17 Singapore Investment Options That Will Grow Your Money NOW(Step-by-Step!)


I think you will agree with me on this. ​People who succeed with money do two things very well: ​First, they have a huge capital either by saving a lot or making a lot. ​Second, they put 100% of their effort on improving their financial literacy and activity that grows their wealth. In short, they know what others don't. They know what financial capital is and how the magic of … [Read more...]

The Complete Guide To REITs Singapore Investing(7 Chapters, 15,322 word)


Tuesday, 16 Feb 2015 It's up, finally! About one and a half month ago, I started writing REITs Singapore guide. I thought it would only took me a week or two but it turned out to be a month looooooooooooooooooooooong project! The initial plan was to publish a short 1,000 words guide like many others, however, as I went along, it extended to 2,000 words, then 4,000 words, then 8,000 words, … [Read more...]

Reits Singapore, The Complete Guide Part-1/7


  What Are REITs Exactly? Singapore Real estate Investment Trusts, commonly referred to as S-REITs, are trusts that are managed by REIT managers to invest primarily in income generating real estate properties such as shopping malls, offices, hotels, industrial spaces, etc. This trust (REIT) was first started in the U.S. during 1960; it was passed in Congress with the objective of … [Read more...]

You Should Take A Break, But Not Facebook Break!

When you are working on something hard. Something intellectually demanding. It’s good to take small chucks of break in between tasks. While everyone agrees on that. But sort of break should we take? Not all breaks help. Facebook and YouTube break is bad as it spontaneously draws the energy out of you to something pleasurable and leave you there. A break should allow you to be more … [Read more...]