Negative EV Stocks!


It’s quite interesting to think about it – we’re living in the world where one travels from point A to B with a car is more successful than one is traveling via a bus even if the time taken to travel is about the same. The same applies to the ones that are perceived to be less successful in having his steak in Aston than the ones in Morton’s – The Steakhouse for his … [Read more...]

Powermatic Distribution • Another Ugly Monster.


Imagine you have to rely on a supplier for your business, your supplier performance affects yours which then affect the satisfaction of your customers. There are three ways you can go about it. First, the best of all. Consult them and if they are capable they improve, problem solved. Or second, change the supplier, often time you don’t have this option. Then it comes to the third one … [Read more...]

It’s Eczema!!!!!


  It feels like thousand of worms crawling around my neck with numerous hairy legs. The kind of unseen that at time will viciously digging the juicy flesh of your neck for foods. Unbearable  suffering of itchiness and pains. It has been a week and no one ever talked about it or mentioning about the need of me going for a doctor’s visit. Until Friday when we were allowed to dress down, … [Read more...]

Ugly Little Monsters • Value Stocks


“Are there any stocks that you recommend?” asked by a friend of mine. This is one of the hard ass question to answer, is not that I don’t have some stocks in mind, it’s just that I don’t see an individual stock or a group of a few stocks as an engine for generating returns. To be exact I see it as a tiny component part of my value stocks portfolio. I will be doing a … [Read more...]

Giraffe’s Budgets

I wish I could post my budgets started from Nov 2014 since that was the time I started my new job, unfortunately UOB doesn’t allow me to retrieve statement more than 2 months ago. My current operating expenses[Job-related expenses]: Transportation – $110 ($5.48*20days) Food – $80 ($4*20days) Phone bill – $35 Total = $225 I have already eliminated $40 per mth on breakfast by … [Read more...]

Giraffe’s Approach

A couple of weeks prior to my first paycheck, STI ETF was the only investment I thought of. A few weeks later after I bought my first lot of units, I stumbled across Teh Hooi Ling articles and Eric Kong YouTude video on investing in low P/B and P/E stocks. The findings got me really excited it felt like I’ve uncovered the Nine Yin manual in the world of Jiang Hu. more info The findings show … [Read more...]

Giraffe’s Approach(Digressed).

It’s always good to be honest. Honesty is the best policy. Hope it works on blog as well. I got a confession to make. I got digressed, the below was supposed to be an concise write-up on my value investing methodology and also my investment goal for 2015. Somehow the juices flowed to the wrong side of the compartment. Hence,  I followed the advice of a blogger whom I highly respected – remove the … [Read more...]