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To succeed – Do more of this, do less of that.

To accumulate wealth and attain financial independence, the most important thing you need to do is to earn more and spend less. This will increase your savings so that your portfolio can grow as large as possible. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it all boils down into investment ability, but squeezing 1% out of a small $10,000 portfolio can only take you this far. In a similar vein, if your objective is to lose weight and lower your blood sugar, you would have to eat less and exercise more. My friends have a lot...

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Thoughts after 5 months of retirement.

Time really flies. It’s been 5 months since my mini-retirement and now given that I’ve gotĀ a seat in the SMU JD program, there is at least some finality to my life plans. There is now some hope for an interesting career beyond financial independence. Here are some of my current thoughts : a) Portfolio financial performance has been very strong for the past 5 months. Most investors will no doubt have enjoyed the upturn in the markets lately. The market for yield countersĀ have been really spectacular. Capital gains and income gains, even after my living expenses exceeded 15 months...

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The April Fool’s Portfolio : The End.

I’m stopping the April’s Fool portfolio. All stocks were liquidated last Friday. There are two issues with a Current Net Assets Value portfolio : a) It has a “J-curve” characteristic. The experience from folks who employ this strategy often experience a slight dip before it starts rocketing ahead. I felt that the wait will be substantial and have to prepare my funds for law school, so it does not make sense to continue with this portfolio. b) You need more stocks for this to work. I would expect a 20 stock portfolio to be more successful. This strategy is...

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