Example on how to Review your Job and Relevance within your industry.

Just thought I would provide an example on how to review your current job and predict the degree of disruption which you will face over the next ten years. The example I will use is the task of a litigator and if you actually know some litigators, you will understand these are supremely confidant guys who will never believe that their work will ever be replaced by an AI. So to review the work … [Read more...]

Can your job be replaced ?

I've just started on my unpaid internship with a start-up that deals with smart contracts. The power of an unpaid internship is that it is very easy to fall into the trap of doing the bare minimum and I was very careful not to let it happen to me. My start-up has a a number of objectives which I can work towards which I intend to meet, otherwise I am spending my December trying to pick up two key … [Read more...]

Motivating readers to take control of personal finances.

Many of us bloggers face the same problem, our readers are already fairly motivated to take control of their personal finances. the challenge is to be able to reach out to the folks who can benefit from our articles the most. As such a mini-revision on personal motivation would come in useful today. The bulk of today's material comes from Barking up the Wrong Tree Blog. There are three … [Read more...]


Ok, my exams are finally over and I am moving into my final semester beginning next year. Starting tomorrow, I begin a short unpaid internship stint with a startup. I hope I would be able to learn something significant this year end holidays with some programming high on my list of priorities. It has been a largely relaxed semester so there's no need for any break this time round so off I … [Read more...]

Financial Bloggers meet-up with SGX.

On Wednesday evening, financial bloggers were invited to meet up with SGX over and informal dinner session. This event was coordinated by Timothy Ho of Dollars and Sense, so I am grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to meet up with SGX. As this is an informal session, I was speaking to the SGX representative as to what she intends to achieve with this session and came away with the … [Read more...]

How a visit from an old ex-colleague made me $100,000 richer !

On Tuesday, an old friend decided to come all the way to my home for a visit. My friend is transitioning quite well into real estate sales and was kind enough to share some really basic tips with me on managing my own property. As you guys might know, while I have quite a decent amount of REITs in my portfolio, I am not too familiar with actual real estate. I live in an Executive Condominium … [Read more...]

Personal Update

As exam season is upon us, this blog would be facing erratic updates over the next 3 weeks : a) Financial outlook One of the most important result of the Trump victory is that it's become impossible to read what will happen to the markets next. Analysis found on Friday's issue of the Economist is already incorrect in many ways as Trump is already working to back track on many of his campaign … [Read more...]

Triumph of the Trump !

What an amazing year ! We've got the election of Duterte, Brexit and now Trump. Let's talk about what investors should consider next. Unlike the liberals who will spend the rest of the day depressed over the US elections, I don't think that Trump is crazy. He carefully crafted a message for white voters and thrashed Clinton at the polls. And I doubt any family man wants to be remembered as a … [Read more...]

Is Singapore entering a lost decade ?

First, a personal update. Sick and tired of sending resumes to law firms and getting roundly ignored, I did something unusual and spent the week chatting up legal startups to see if I can get an unpaid internship for December. I managed to get a positive reply within a matter of hours with my resume and within 24 hours managed to gain some access to a couple of startup founders. In a short … [Read more...]

Why Sex Matters in Personal Finance.

I've just concluded reading a book by Jon Birger called Dateonomics and it has quite a lot of insights on the effects of gender ratios of personal finance. The book tries to examine the effects of a lack of a eligible males in US cities like Manhattan which I think can be translated into the situation in Singapore. Almost all substantial societal progress was backed by population demographic … [Read more...]

Death of the IT Project Manager

I was one of the early adopters of the Project Management Professional qualification and held it for nine years from 2003 to 2012. I was reading about the PMETs who are losing their jobs and wanted to understand why there is such a wide gap between the skills desired by the markets and the skills which middle-aged PMETs like me have. I also read a really badly written book called … [Read more...]

Life-hacks for the money-conscious.


We had to send our kids to the hospital due to both getting high fever over the weekend. Things have only settled down today, so the weekend post has been slightly delayed. Here are three life-hacks for the money conscious. a) Roti Banjir Arbitrage  I read about a variant method to eat roti prata the other day, so I tried ordering two roti kosongs and then poured the curry all over … [Read more...]

Personal thoughts on Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF

The folks at Phillip Capital Management invited financial bloggers to a session where they introduced us to this ETF which just ended its offering period yesterday to quite a red-hot reception from investors. Many other bloggers are talking about this ETF, so I will just say a few words about this new product. Let's start with the negatives : a) Dividend yield of 4.5-5% does not make my … [Read more...]

A perfect storm for REIT investors.

Another point which was keyed off the meeting we had with some fans is the idea of the perfect storm for REITs. Just to summarise REITs are the perfect instrument for the investor who is gunning for financial independence. REITs are Collective Investment Schemes so come under moderate scrutiny by the Singapore Government. Issuing REITs require a high level of compliance to prospectus … [Read more...]

My Cinderella Story.


One interesting notion I learnt from the AAR of our talk is idea of a Cinderella Story. Here is an example of a Cinderella story of fictional finance guru Ah Huat : " Born to a single mum, Ah Huat grew up in a one room flat. Partially blind from a birth defect, Ah Huat joined successive gangs, first extorting money from cardboard aunties, and then dealing with lifestyle drugs after dropping … [Read more...]

Session with Financial Bloggers : After Action Review


Today's session was a blast. For a maiden effort, it was a good attempt. After all, we did sell out within 24 hours. Our event's unique selling proposition was that it had ample substance, and we do not use this session as an attempt to get more sales from the audience. With this event, what you see is what you get. Content-wise, I was especially surprised at what Brian bought to the table … [Read more...]

Life Lessons from understanding why bestsellers sell.


When I first read the premise of The Bestseller Code by Jodie Archer and Matthew Jockers, I placed a pre-order immediately. It is something too interesting to miss given my grander ambitions. Apparently computer scientists, through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques which have made so much headway to programmatically de-construct a fictional bestseller, it is possible to … [Read more...]

Legal issues which are of concern to financial bloggers.

Some financial bloggers know that one of my personal aims is to become the financial blogger that other bloggers read. This forces me to always push myself at the fore-front of thought leadership in personal finance but it also sacrifices some relevance to ordinary readers. I have an exam in Financial Regulations after my mid-term break and deliberately made it a point to write this article for … [Read more...]

Talk by financial bloggers got sold out in less than 24 hours !

As our friendly neighbourhood troll, SMOL has rightfully pointed out, I did not do a really great job promoting my fellow bloggers Kyith and Brian who were giving this talk on 6th October 2016. I was actually meaning to meet up with them yesterday to have a discussion on the talk and then drum up support for the talk today in a separate article. How was I to know that we got SOLD OUT IN LESS … [Read more...]

Talk Event – Building Cash Flow from Stocks


From  a professional perspective, I will be making a fairly substantial leap in about a week's time. In the past, I have been giving free talks to members of the public on money matters. This time round, the talk which I will be giving will be a paid talk but at a reasonable $19. Myself and a few other prominent bloggers are part of a collective called BigScribe. We think that we will be … [Read more...]