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Be a Financial Doomsday Prepper!

Have you ever seen this show on National Geographic Channel: Doomsday Preppers? It is quite entertaining. Families in rural United States prepare for some sudden and catastrophic calamity such as a super-volcano eruption, nuclear disaster or polar shift. They build underground shelters and stock up on canned food, water and plenty of guns and ammo. Personally I don’t think we will see a cataclysmic shift of the poles anytime soon, but I do believe that we should prepare for tough times ahead. And as investors, we will do well to look at the bigger picture shaping the future of...

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How Can Factoring Help Singaporean Entrepreneurs?

Factoring is a way for entrepreneurs to ensure steady cash flow. While it may not be necessary to use it, all Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) owners in Singapore should at least understand it. There may come a time when a late paying customer impedes cashflow, and getting your money back means the difference between a stellar performance and a missed opportunity (or an expensive loan): What is Factoring? Factoring allows you to receive and advance on your accounts receivable. In effect, you are getting a cash advance (with an interest rate) that is secured by your accounts receivable....

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Book Review – It Is Only Money and It Grows On Trees

I had the chance to review this book “It is only Money and It grows on Trees!” by Cara MacMillan. This is a very easy book to read, and a pretty short one too. You can finish it in one sitting if you have about an hour or two to spare, but it will probably take a little longer if you try out the exercises at the back of the book. I’ll talk about these exercises in a while. This book has the writing style of the classic “The Richest Man in Bablyon” by George Samuel Clason, in the...

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Why You Shouldn’t Obsesses Over Return on Equity When Investing

Return on Equity (ROE) is one the favourite metrics used by investors. In fact, if you are introduced to investing via a course or a book, it is probably one of the first things you learn. Most notably, Warren Buffet has mentioned that he considers ROE important (and as always, anything he utters is blown out of proportion by the media). But there are good reasons not to consider ROE the be-all and end-all when it comes to picking your investments: What is ROE? ROE is, simply put, net income divided by shareholder equity. This indicates how profitable a...

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Book Review – Be Financially Free: How to become salary independent in today’s economy

When I was reading this book, I was thinking that this should be yet another one of those personal finance books asking people to embrace financial independence. I think 70% of the book is about the general finance related themes that are often talked about in this genre of books. If you’ve read a couple of them before, you’ll realize that you’re in familiar grounds. The good thing about this book is that there are localised context (the author is based in Singapore) that makes the reading much more relatable. For once, I don’t have to read a personal...

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2 secrets you probably did not know about your brokerage account

We are familiar with many great resources out on the web. But one of the most overlooked resource you should consider tapping on is your brokerage service, which you probably are paying for without realizing so. Often taken for granted as a mere channel to transact, most brokerage houses provide many value-added service that could help your investments. Here are two secrets that you probably did not know: Know your counter party Did you know you could check who is your counter party when you make a trade? Most brokerage accounts allow you to see who is the counter...

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Simple Tips to Keep Costs Low in an SME

Formula to Reduce Short-Term Spending and Pursue Long-Term Success Finally Revealed Latest studies and market research indicates that Southeast Asian Markets are expanding and business opportunities in the region are on the rise. As per the data collected from the Singapore Economic Board (SEB), there is a steady increase in the number of new businesses emerging in this region which suggests that people living in this region are quite familiar with this health trend and they do not miss a chance to kick-start a new business in the region. The easy availability of business loans and funds is another...

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Should you invest in P2P lending?

P2P lending is a disruptive business model, which seeks to replace the loans function of traditional banks. In the UK, the P2P lending site Zopa surprised many by delivering large numbers of personal loans, which a much lower default rate than many banks. In China, unregulated P2P lending was blamed for aggravating the damage of stock market crashes (many had invested with borrowed money from P2P sites). But the economy aside, is P2P a viable alternative to you as an investor? What is P2P lending? P2P lending, in its simplest sense, involves connecting willing borrowers with willing lenders over...

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Will digital cash ever replace paper money in Singapore?

About 1200 years ago, the Chinese are believed to have invented paper money. And today, they may be leaders in promoting digital cash. The head of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) recently said that China is developing a bitcoin-like currency, or “cryptocurrency.” This would be under the control of the central bank, giving them more control over the money supply and economy. Bitcoin is digital money that is created and held electronically. The key to its success is the “blockchain” database. This stores every transaction in the history of bitcoin, and grows with each transaction. When bitcoins are...

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Lazy Investing for the Lazy You

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for us to hear our peers or even our own family members talk about the hottest stock in town, which particular investment is generating the most returns in the shortest time, etc. You get the point. While not everyone is all that interested in looking at the stock charts or reading financial statements, there is a sure-win way to invest which guarantees a good return, at least over the measly 0.05% (YES, it is 0.05 PERCENT) POSB pays you per annum. The “sure-win” tool which we are talking about today, is otherwise known as an...

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Singapore as a Startup Hub and a Paradise for Investors

Hey readers, I’d like to ask you something. Do you know which country was ranked number one in the “2015 Ease of Doing Business” index? It was Singapore. The country is financially vibrant and has everything (including human resource, flexible regulations, and a low-tax system) to attract investors. There’s hardly any surprise that capital from all parts of the world is flowing into this global city of SouthEast Asia. Startups and Investors In Singapore, opportunities are aplenty for startups and investors. In this article, we’ll discuss the growth opportunities and funding prospect for startups, and touch base the investment...

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Don’t worry, yet – a bad January doesn’t mean a bad 2016 for markets

This January has been unkind to markets. Singapore’s STI is down 6% and other markets in the region are struggling too. Shanghai is down 15%, Hong Kong is off 10%, and the Philippines has dropped 8% in 2016 so far. For some markets, this means bad things for the rest of the year. A theory called the “January barometer” says that if a market falls for the full month of January, it will end down for the entire year. But if January is positive, the markets will end the year in the black. For U.S. markets, the January barometer...

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5 Bad Habits that Lead to Credit Card Debt

The Credit Bureau Singapore released a report this year with a surprising fact: there are 85,352 Singaporeans who have missed two or more monthly payments on their credit cards, personal loans, and overdrafts. This number is a 32% increase compared to the number of debtors in 2011. Credit cards are like power tools – they make your life a lot easier, but should never be in the hands of the reckless. While most credit card users can go their whole lives without a single payment reminder, there are some who manage to get on the “plastic road to bankruptcy”....

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Rising rates in the U.S. are bad for the STI… or are they?

After years of anticipation, the U.S. central bank finally raised interest rates on Wednesday. Many investors in around the world, and in Singapore, have been bracing for this moment, because the conventional wisdom is that rising interest rates are bad news for stock markets. On the surface, this makes sense. Much of the rest of the world often follows the lead of the U.S. central bank. The theory is that when interest rates rise, people might sell their stocks and move their money into lower-risk savings opportunities – as these will now be earning a higher level of interest....

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2nd CHANCE PROPERTIES – Profiting from the Property Business

2nd Chance Properties is a four-decade-old company with three strong income streams. The company’s gold retailing business and clothing line specialising in traditional Malay women’s wear provide it with assured revenues. But the bulk of its top-line and a substantial portion of its profits come from the properties that it owns in Singapore and Malaysia. In a canny move back in 1997, the company snapped up several properties at the time of the Asian financial crisis. It used the substantial gains that it made through this transaction to build up its portfolio of properties. It now owns 64 properties,...

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