How To Understand REIT Jargon When Investing In Singapore REITs

Heartland Boy has enjoyed some modest success with the Real Estate Investment Trust (‘REIT’) and Business Trusts that he has invested in so far. Including dividends and unrealized profits, Croesus Retail Trust, Lippo REIT and Viva Industrial Trust have returned 35%, 29% and 8% respectively since his investments. Croesus Retail Trust is on track to become one of the best REITs for 2017. However, it … [Read more...]

Why You Should Sign Up For Equinet Academy SEO Course


It has been over a year since Heartland Boy launched his blog and started writing about topics such as personal finance and lifestyle.  As the chief digital marketing strategist of, Heartland Girl has done a rather decent job in designing the website to optimise user experience. However, the website is still not getting enough traffic and Heartland Girl attributed this to … [Read more...]

What Trended At QAF Limited AGM 2016


QAF Limited conducted its annual general meeting (AGM) at Parkroyal on Pickering on 24 April 2017. Since Heartland Boy has always believed that meeting management would sharpen his investment thesis, he tried his best to avail himself that day. Furthermore, QAF Ltd is a stock that takes up a substantial portion in his investment portfolio. Fortunately, some combination of good fortune allowed … [Read more...]

Be Aware Of The Lease On Your Dream HDB Resale Flat

Heartland Boy had previously explained that there are various reasons why young couples may choose a HDB resale flat over a HDB Build To Order (‘BTO’) flat. For instance, they may require a bigger space found only in the previous generation of HDB flats. For some young couples, they might place a premium on unique features such as an executive HDB flat or a HDB terraced flat which are both no … [Read more...]

6 Powerful Lessons From The Review Of Becoming Warren Buffett


On the rare occasion that Heartland Boy was able to take a full-carrier flight from Jakarta to Singapore, he decided to plug into the in-flight entertainment system. He selected this documentary titled Becoming Warren Buffett amongst the long list of movies and TV programmes. Before long, he was totally absorbed in the show. The values and habits of Warren Buffett were so valuable that Heartland … [Read more...]

Holiday Adventure In The Popular United Kingdom

Whenever Heartland Boy tells his friends that he gets inspirations about his holidays from the weakness of the foreign currency, he is often met with weird stares. Heartland Boy typically shrugs this off in a self-deprecating manner. He simply wants to get greater bang for his buck. So when BREXIT struck in June 2016, the idea of a holiday adventure to the ever popular United Kingdom was … [Read more...]

How Investing In Foreign Property Destroyed My Family Wealth

When Heartland Boy applied for a role at a real estate developer after graduation, the hiring manager asked during the interview, “you graduated with a degree in Business Management, why do you want to work in the property sector?” Heartland Boy replied, “My experience with the real estate sector started when I was only very young, probably at 6 years old. I understand that many households in … [Read more...]

Why You Should Get The Unlimited Cashback Credit Card


Having recently experienced an interest rate reduction on his deposits, there is finally some good news coming from the banking industry. A competitor, Standard Chartered Bank (‘SCB’), just released a very attractive credit card- the Unlimited Cashback Credit Card. We all know that cashback is all the rage these days. By targeting right at the primitive desires of consumers, it will not be … [Read more...]

Why Heartland Boy Switched To UOB One Account

The OCBC 360 Account has always held a special place inside Heartland Boy’s heart. Convincing Heartland Girl to switch to OCBC 360 Account was the first finance related advice that Heartland Boy ever recommended to her. Heartland Girl beamed with joy whenever she saw the huge monthly interest rolled in. This recommendation cemented Heartland Boy’s position as a dependable personal finance … [Read more...]

ISOTeam Limited: Initiation Report

Business Model of ISOTeam Limited (‘ISO’) ISOTeam is founded in 1998 and listed on the SGX Catalist in July 2013 at an IPO price of $0.22 (equivalent to $0.11 today after a 1 for 1 bonus split in 2015). It is founded by David Ng (Chairman), Antony Koh (CEO) and Danny Foo (Director of Operations). The founders collectively own 42.1% stake in ISO through their investment vehicle, ADD Investment … [Read more...]

How Heartland Boy Earned $1058 Cashback In 2016

2017 was the first year that Heartland Boy officially stopped receiving angbaos. This meant that he can no longer rely on red packets to grow his annual savings. However, Heartland Boy received greetings and well-wishes from the recipients in exchange. To be able to see the smiles on the children’s faces reminded him that he has now matured into a full-fledged adult with more responsibilities. Now … [Read more...]

3 Ways Your Parents Can Grow Their Retirement Funds

Money is an emotional topic in Heartland Boy’s family, and often, also the root of all problems in the household. This can all be traced to the diverse perspectives on money held by his family members. As age catches up, Heartland Boy’s parents find it increasingly tiring to stand behind the wok for long hours to serve up a good bowl of fish soup. What is even more worrisome is that his parents … [Read more...]

A Suitable Valentine’s Day Gift

When it comes to a suitable Valentine’s Day gift, Heartland Girl has certain OB markers. A HDB BTO surprise application on Valentine’s Day is a uniquely Singapore phenomenon. However, she would certainly disapprove of any guy who bids for a HDB BTO without first proposing to the girl. This simply drains all the romance out of the relationship. Therefore, any guy harbouring such thoughts for the … [Read more...]

Viva Industrial Trust: Initiation Report

Business Model of Viva Industrial Trust (‘VIT’) Viva Industrial Trust is a business-park focussed REIT listed on the SGX since November 2013. It manages a portfolio of 9 properties (2 Integrated Business Parks, 3 Warehouses and 4 Light Industrial Factories) in Singapore.  It collects rent from the tenants and after netting operating expenses, the rents are then paid out to unitholders as … [Read more...]

How To Achieve Financial Goals In 2017

In keeping with the start of the year, Heartland Boy decided to set some financial goals in 2017. He believes in a dual pronged approach of growing both his income and minimizing his expenses. He truly identifies with the article written by Cheerful Egg, and would like to set in place several systems to achieve his financial goals in 2017. To achieve his financial goals, he intends to both grow … [Read more...]

What Heartland Boy Learnt From Working In Jakarta

Despite being only 1 hour and 20 mins away by plane, most Singaporeans would never visit Jakarta unless they absolutely have to. For Heartland Boy, that “absolutely have to” moment came in January 2016 when he was posted to Jakarta for a 2-year work assignment. It’s absolutely unbelievable how fast one year had already transpired. Since he is halfway into his overseas secondment, it is an apt time … [Read more...]

Heartland Boy Stock Investment Review 2016 recently celebrated its one year anniversary. One of the motivations in starting a personal finance website was to have some form of public monitoring Heartland Boy’s investment portfolio. This indirect accountability adds a higher degree of responsibility when Heartland Boy manages his portfolio. Given that 2016 is behind us, let’s review if starting has allowed … [Read more...]

Expert Round Up: Best Financial Advice in 2016

Hey, 2017 is almost upon us. That means the inevitable urge to reflect and dwell on how 2016 has been has arrived as well. As Heartland Boy morphs into a pensive mode, along came the absolutely brilliant Heartland Girl. She who spends all her waking hours thinking of how to grow Heartland Boy had a brilliant suggestion. Heartland Girl decided that the readers have probably read and heard enough … [Read more...]

How To Save On Income Tax In Singapore

As the year draws to a close, one of the tasks on Heartland Boy’s to-do list is to manage his income tax. Indeed, he advocates taking a proactive, rather than a reactive, stance towards managing one’s tax bill. In this article, Heartland Boy focuses on the tasks that must be completed within the current fiscal year in order for one to enjoy tax reliefs during the next tax reporting season. … [Read more...]

How To Save Money When Dining Out


The festive season is around the corner and inevitably, you get more requests for meet-ups than usual. Coupled with the receipt of your year-end bonus, the temptation to splurge on sumptuous Yuletide feasts at restaurants with your loved ones is indeed great. As such, you may find yourselves dangerously close to busting your waistline as well as your monthly budget. Fret not, as Heartland Boy has … [Read more...]