How Heartland Boy Earned $1058 Cashback In 2016

2017 was the first year that Heartland Boy officially stopped receiving angbaos. This meant that he can no longer rely on red packets to grow his annual savings. However, Heartland Boy received greetings and well-wishes from the recipients in exchange. To be able to see the smiles on the children’s faces reminded him that he has now matured into a full-fledged adult with more responsibilities. Now … [Read more...]

3 Ways Your Parents Can Grow Their Retirement Funds

Money is an emotional topic in Heartland Boy’s family, and often, also the root of all problems in the household. This can all be traced to the diverse perspectives on money held by his family members. As age catches up, Heartland Boy’s parents find it increasingly tiring to stand behind the wok for long hours to serve up a good bowl of fish soup. What is even more worrisome is that his parents … [Read more...]

A Suitable Valentine’s Day Gift

When it comes to a suitable Valentine’s Day gift, Heartland Girl has certain OB markers. A HDB BTO surprise application on Valentine’s Day is a uniquely Singapore phenomenon. However, she would certainly disapprove of any guy who bids for a HDB BTO without first proposing to the girl. This simply drains all the romance out of the relationship. Therefore, any guy harbouring such thoughts for the … [Read more...]

Viva Industrial Trust: Initiation Report

Business Model of Viva Industrial Trust (‘VIT’) Viva Industrial Trust is a business-park focussed REIT listed on the SGX since November 2013. It manages a portfolio of 9 properties (2 Integrated Business Parks, 3 Warehouses and 4 Light Industrial Factories) in Singapore.  It collects rent from the tenants and after netting operating expenses, the rents are then paid out to unitholders as … [Read more...]

How To Achieve Financial Goals In 2017

In keeping with the start of the year, Heartland Boy decided to set some financial goals in 2017. He believes in a dual pronged approach of growing both his income and minimizing his expenses. He truly identifies with the article written by Cheerful Egg, and would like to set in place several systems to achieve his financial goals in 2017. To achieve his financial goals, he intends to both grow … [Read more...]

What Heartland Boy Learnt From Working In Jakarta

Despite being only 1 hour and 20 mins away by plane, most Singaporeans would never visit Jakarta unless they absolutely have to. For Heartland Boy, that “absolutely have to” moment came in January 2016 when he was posted to Jakarta for a 2-year work assignment. It’s absolutely unbelievable how fast one year had already transpired. Since he is halfway into his overseas secondment, it is an apt time … [Read more...]

Heartland Boy Stock Investment Review 2016 recently celebrated its one year anniversary. One of the motivations in starting a personal finance website was to have some form of public monitoring Heartland Boy’s investment portfolio. This indirect accountability adds a higher degree of responsibility when Heartland Boy manages his portfolio. Given that 2016 is behind us, let’s review if starting has allowed … [Read more...]

Expert Round Up: Best Financial Advice in 2016

Hey, 2017 is almost upon us. That means the inevitable urge to reflect and dwell on how 2016 has been has arrived as well. As Heartland Boy morphs into a pensive mode, along came the absolutely brilliant Heartland Girl. She who spends all her waking hours thinking of how to grow Heartland Boy had a brilliant suggestion. Heartland Girl decided that the readers have probably read and heard enough … [Read more...]

How To Save On Income Tax In Singapore

As the year draws to a close, one of the tasks on Heartland Boy’s to-do list is to manage his income tax. Indeed, he advocates taking a proactive, rather than a reactive, stance towards managing one’s tax bill. In this article, Heartland Boy focuses on the tasks that must be completed within the current fiscal year in order for one to enjoy tax reliefs during the next tax reporting season. … [Read more...]

How To Save Money When Dining Out


The festive season is around the corner and inevitably, you get more requests for meet-ups than usual. Coupled with the receipt of your year-end bonus, the temptation to splurge on sumptuous Yuletide feasts at restaurants with your loved ones is indeed great. As such, you may find yourselves dangerously close to busting your waistline as well as your monthly budget. Fret not, as Heartland Boy has … [Read more...]

Positive Experience With A Professional House Mover In Singapore


Readers of would know that Heartland Boy and Heartland Girl chose to purchase a HDB BTO flat over a HDB Resale flat. Having chosen this option, they now face an almost unbearable wait of 4 years before their HDB BTO would be ready. Having heard the wise words that a big space is not necessary for procreation, Heartland Boy decided to move into Heartland Girl’s house as an interim … [Read more...]

InvestingNote: Get Tips On Stocks From Experts


With the launch of fintech festival last November, Singapore has signalled its intention to be a serious fintech hub in the world. Heartland Boy is hugely supportive of this initiative because he has personally benefitted from some local fintech startups; namely Shopback and Carousell. In this post, he is pleased to share with his readers about the merits of InvestingNote. What is … [Read more...]

Why Honeymoon In South Africa


Deciding where to go for your honeymoon is actually a more tricky issue than it seems. This is especially true for Heartland Boy- an anxious henpecked husband perpetually worried about pleasing Heartland Girl. Well, Heartland Boy was very pleased that marriage life got off on a brilliant note with a romantic honeymoon in South Africa. They had an amazing time in such a far flung, exotic and … [Read more...]

Financial Steps Upon Death Of Spouse


A few months before their marriage, Heartland Girl had this question for Heartland Boy, “Dear, you must tell me what financial steps to take if you pass away.” That question caught Heartland Boy by surprise and he had no answers then. However, he realized that death of partner is not something frivolous that can be dismissed easily. (Just for clarification, Heartland Girl never says anything … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Moving in With the In-Laws


Heartland Boy and Heartland Girl purchased their HDB BTO (‘Housing Development Board Build to Order’) unit in early 2015 and have to wait till 2019 before their love nest is ready. In the interim, they made a collective decision for Heartland Boy to move into Heartland Girl’s family home. Financially, this was a prudent choice. However, this was still a difficult decision to make as moving in … [Read more...]

Investment Strategy For US Election 2016

The US Election 2016 is another event that could have a profound impact on the global stock market. Similar to BREXIT, there is a known date for its occurrence. The US Election 2016 is set to take place on 8 November 2016 (US Time), and the results will probably start to filter in by 9 November late afternoon. (Singapore time) Given the latest FBI probe, Hilary Clinton is no longer seen as a clear … [Read more...]

When to Buy Stocks In Singapore


Earlier, Heartland Boy wrote about the tiring process of finding the real prince from the pool of frogs. Readers may be disheartened to learn that that is only Step 1 in Adam Khoo’s proven investment strategy. The fundamental analysis merely tell you WHAT stocks to buy on SGX. Therefore, the next logical question to ask is WHEN to buy stocks in Singapore. Indeed, to make consistent profits from … [Read more...]

Important For Married Couple To Have Joint Bank Account

On the happiest day of his life, Heartland Boy heard this, “Your money is my money. My money is my money.” Heartland Girl conscientiously slipped this into her marriage vow. Heartland Boy was momentarily stunned. Why she never warned Heartland Boy earlier? Did she just add a new chapter into her protocol of a Singaporean marriage? For they say that a happy wife is a happy life, Heartland … [Read more...]

How To Save on Hotel Accommodation

The holiday season is coming up and many Singaporeans will be travelling overseas to take a good break just before the year ends. Similarly, Heartland Boy is busy making preparation for his two-week trip to London. Yes, he confesses that he does sometimes get inspirations for his holiday destinations from currency weakness. During his preparation, he noticed that flight and hotel accommodation … [Read more...]

Standard Chartered Brokerage Is The Cheapest


Heartland Boy has received a few enquiries from readers on the brokerage that he uses to purchase and sell his shares in Singapore. For the uninitiated, a brokerage firm allows you to buy and sell shares on the stock market. For providing this service, brokerage firms charges a commission fee for each transaction that the customer makes. To improve your returns from the stock market, aside from … [Read more...]