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Pitfalls of using Price to Book Ratio.

This is something about using price to book to value a stock and and I just feel like writing it down. It is also to share with my personal friends. I have been seeing a lot of people using price to book ratio to value a stock and the problem with such a ratio has many deficiencies.  In accounting, a constant issue is always the difficulty in relevance vs reliability. I will give a few examples here. Relevance vs Reliability Your parent bought a HDB flat for 50k 30 years ago, the current value now is 300k. How much...

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Dutech Holding part 2

I know I talk about wanting to write about Dutech part 2 in my previous post. However, CIMB released the initiation report and I thought there is no point writing about it since a lot of information can be derived from it. However, it has come to my attention that they have recently ceased coverage. Q1 2017 Results Net profit was down due to steel price increasing for high security segment, higher administrative and selling expense incurred by Metrics and increase in R&D expense. But I would think this is a decent set of result as increase in R&D...

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Year End Review of 2016

Today is the last day of 2016. Just thought I should write a short review of the year. It seems yesterday that we experience the black monday in August 2015 and today we are ending 2016. This has been a great year for me personally as I managed to be positive despite the challenging environment. Current Portfolio DBS OCBC Singtel Ascendas REIT Fraser Logistic Trust Straco Boustead Singapore Limited Vicom Dutech First REIT You can see from the way I picked my stocks they are a mixture of blue chips, REITs and small/mid capped. The rationale behind my stock...

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Why conventional wisdom might not be wise.

Many times we received good or bad intentional advice from our family, friends or colleagues which are peppered with conventional wisdom. Advice such as what course to study, how to study, career advice etc will always be given irregardless if you asked for it or not. The strong willed person (some say stubborn) will not be easily swayed and be able to stand up for themselves but the more easily persuaded person will tend to go with the crowd. I would like to point out certain conventional wisdom that is not so wise in investing or personal finance. High...

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Why is it so tough to be a value investor

Many times we have heard investors describe themselves as a value investors but how many of them are actual value investor? Value investor has to be one of the most over used and abused description used by retail investor to describe oneself. According to Investopedia, value investing is an investment strategy where stocks are selected that trade for less than their intrinsic values. The concept is basically buying a stock you believe to be undervalued and applying a margin of safety to what you believe is the intrinsic value. This ensure that in the event of a mistake, your capital is protected. The...

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Dutech Group Holding – Part 1

Today I want to talk about this little known stock in my portfolio, Dutech Group Holding. The company was incorporated in 2000 and listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange in August 2007. The Group is mainly involved in the manufacturing of ATM safes, gun safes ( High Security Products) and precision engineering products for semi conductors and automotive industries (Semiconductors). They are the largest in Asia in terms of sales volume and production capacity. More details on the products offered can be found in this link. Dutech Holding Major Customers The company is a original design manufacturer (ODM) of high security products and...

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Q3 2015 Accordia Golf Trust update

I haven’t been blogging often as I am quite lazy by nature and not a very good writer. I would like to provide an update to the Q3 result of Accordia Golf Trust which I am vested in. As we can see in their QvQ result, nothing much has changed except for Golf Course Revenue which has increased significantly due to better weather. Restaurant revenue is pretty consistent QvQ and membership revenue are collect in Q4 and recognised monthly hence there should not be huge fluctuation. One of the strong point about AGT is the ability to manage cost...

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Accordia Golf Trust Q2 results

Recently Accordia Golf trust announced their Q2 result which has create quite a shock among the investing community. The share price has been hovering around 63 to 65 cents and many people bought it for the attractive dividend yield believe to be in the 9 to 10% region.(Based on 6c DPU at 64 cents). In Q1, the dpu came in at 1.76 cents per unit which was wonderful but Q2 dpu was a measly 0.74 cents. That’s a decrease of 58% from Q1. To make things worse, they decide to withhold 10% of total income available for distribution. No wonder...

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