Top 3 International Schools In Singapore & How Much They Cost


One of the many things that keep parents up at night is the education of their children. Parents who are relocating to a foreign country may find the search for a good school to be a daunting affair. Fortunately, the dilemma in Singapore is a good one to have, as there are many international schools that offer the academic syllabi of various countries as well as differing education … [Read more...]

SMRT Taxis May Be Up For Grab: What Does It Mean For Your Taxi-hailing Days?


SMRT is apparently in talks to sell its taxi business to Grab, and if all goes through, it won’t be long before the familiar SMRT taxis vanish from our roads. What’s the Deal? Why is SMRT selling its taxi business anyway?  Well, it seems that Temasek, its holding company, wants SMRT to get its act together and focus on the rail business to make the MRT and LRT lines reliable, just like they have … [Read more...]

5 Money Mistakes Young Singaporeans Do & Ways to Avoid It


Money management is one of the sexiest things to think about when you’re young and… living on planet Mars. Not many people get a kick out of managing their money, but think about it this way – if you don’t learn to manage it, it’ll turn round to manage you. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by young Singaporeans and what you can do to get a little more savvy with your … [Read more...]

How Much Is The Real Cost To Hire a Maid in Singapore?


Hiring domestic help in Singapore is a fairly common practice.  In many dual-income families where both parents work long hours, domestic help is often employed to cope with household chores and with taking care of the kids and old folks. If your life circumstances have changed and you’re considering hiring a domestic helper for your home, one of the first concerns you may have is the financial … [Read more...]

It’s Not Impossible To Build An Emergency Fund


  We all know that we need to save for that rainy day, and many Singaporeans have had cultivated some form of practice of saving money starting from their very first piggy bank. However, as more life options and commitments enter the picture, the concept of the emergency fund can start to get a little muddled. Just how much should we save, how do we go about it, and where can we best … [Read more...]

What Does Socially Responsible Investing Really Mean?


Fair trade products and ethically responsible consumption are probably not strange terms to you.  Many heavyweight companies are increasingly making sure that they engage in socially responsible and fair business practices, including paying producers and their workers a fair and just amount or purchasing raw materials that are obtained from sustainable sources. Socially Responsible Investing … [Read more...]

What’s the True Cost of Car Ownership in Singapore? You Don’t Want to Know


Let it be said that buying a car in Singapore is about the worst possible investment decision you can make. Not only does it depreciate in value 10% each year, but also at the end of those 10 years, you have no choice but to take the Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) rebate and register a new car – or scrap it! That’s unless you really love your car and want to spend another … [Read more...]

Iskandar Malaysia is Only Going One Way – Down


Just like the California Gold Rush of 1849, investors, both local and foreign have been flocking in droves in the past three years to the region of Iskandar Malaysia to purchase property. Now, the party is over and the fat lady is clearing her throat. In the past three years, it seemed like nothing could stop the Iskandar train. Malaysia’s richest man Robert Kuok, Australian billionaire Lang … [Read more...]

7 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Petrol Costs in 2015


According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the average Singaporean drives almost 19,000km a year. If the average car holds 60 litres of petrol and has a fuel economy of 15km per liter – petrol will end up costing about S$2,400 to S$3,000 a year, depending on the fuel grade (S$1.90 to S$2.30 per liter). Yes, petrol is an expensive operating cost for car owners. Fortunately, there are ways … [Read more...]

Credit Cards With Awesome Sign-up Gifts & Bonuses You Shouldn’t Miss


What was the last sign-up gift or bonus you received when applying for  credit cards? If the only thing you got out of signing up for a new credit card was a stuffed animal, a cheap corporate gift (read: keychain and power bank) a S$20 voucher or nothing at all – you’ll definitely want keep to reading. Today, credit card issuers offer more than just cheap trinkets to entice you to sign up. Now, … [Read more...]

How to Win the Social Battles You Face Living Frugally


There are two ways to live: how the society expects you to live and how you actually want to live. If you are fortunate, your idea of living will match that of the society. Unfortunately there are not a lot of people whose ideals match up with the ideals of the society. We have our own priorities and wants and needs, which include being frugal, but since we do not live in isolation; we end up … [Read more...]

Credit Cards Every Singaporean Needs for Serious Dining Out


According to MasterCard’s latest survey on consumer dining habits, Singaporeans are the top spenders in the Asia-Pacific region when it comes to dining out – with spending of nearly S$250 a month at hawker centers, food courts and restaurants. Then again, who can blame you for wanting to spend that much every month? After all, Singapore has some of the best tasting food in the world. But … [Read more...]

Purchases You Should Never Make With Your Credit Card


Credit cards can be a financial lifesaver. They can help you build up your credit score faster, earn membership rewards/discounts and provide you with an emergency source of cash when you need it. Of course, credit cards can also land you in financial hell if you make the mistake of abusing them. And if there’s one credit card rule you should follow, it’s this – avoid purchasing big ticket … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Spouse Wants to Retire Before You


There are a larger number of couples who have an age gap between them than the ones who are more or less of the same age. Even if a couple is of the same age, it is not necessary that they would retire at the same time, depending on the field of work that they are in. Age gap or no age gap, one can either plan to retire together or choose to retire whenever they think is right, individually and … [Read more...]

FHR vs SIBOR – Game-Changing Showdown Or Overrated Spectacle?


Every Singaporean knows that home ownership and debt independence are each other’s conceptual nemesis. Unless you have a multi-million dollar trust fund to bank on, you will be confronted with the justifiably intimidating challenge of buying a home and an unforgiving noose of debt around your neck you must fight out of before the bankers play hangman with you. Luckily, banks are also committed … [Read more...]

Dangerous Credit Card Mistakes That Are Guaranteed To Land You in Debt


Nothing boosts your spending power faster than having a few credit cards. It’s a matter of simple arithmetic – each credit card you possess right now has a credit limit that’s easily 3X to 4X your monthly income. And then there are credit cards like the American Express Platinum Credit Card that have no established spending limit. That’s a pretty scary realisation – to know that you have all of … [Read more...]

Uber – Does It Deliver the Taxi Service Revolution It Promises?

Owning and maintaining a vehicle in Singapore is not just a casual choice of expenditure the average citizen can afford to make. In fact, even cab fares can sometimes be a pain to deal with financially when one has to contend with the living costs in one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, Singapore still maintains one of the most active taxi riderships in the world with over one … [Read more...]

Financial Infidelity – Is Your Partner Telling the Truth?

As if being cheated on by your spouse was not enough, being financially cheated by them is both mentally and financially taxing. It is also one of the major reasons for a divorce. And this unpleasant phenomenon is called financial infidelity. Even though one rarely knows about it until one gets married (not anymore though, now that you are reading this), financial infidelity is quite common among … [Read more...]

Top 10 Financial Milestones Every Singaporean Should Look Forward To

In a recent study conducted by Nielsen, it was reported that nearly two-thirds of Singaporeans share the optimistic belief of achieving their financial goals in the future. However, we all know life would be a whole lot simpler if survey optimism was an indicator of our financial destiny. The financial expectations and needs of Singaporeans at each stage of their life are variable, and a … [Read more...]

Top 10 Financial Milestones Every Singaporean Should Look Forward To

In a recent study conducted by Nielsen, it was reported that nearly two-thirds of Singaporeans share the optimistic belief of achieving their financial goals in the future. However, we all know life would be a whole lot simpler if survey optimism was an indicator of our financial destiny. The financial expectations and needs of Singaporeans at each stage of their life are variable, and a … [Read more...]