Investing in Singapore Property: The Ultimate Guide

Singapore’s transformation from a malarial swamp to one of the richest nations in the world has been nothing short of astonishing. Its strategic location along the Strait of Malacca, a pro-business government, openness to foreign investment, along with a bit of ingenuity have all helped the country leap forward over the past few decades. Having the most developed economy in the region and … [Read more...]

Singapore Property is in Bad Health, but This Firm Isn’t

Real estate has had its ups and downs over the past several years, but there is something to be said for being able to receive cash flow every month – especially from commercial property which in general, has higher returns and occupancy rates than residential real estate. Singapore, the smallest country in the ASEAN region, had a rough time in 2015 with property values sliding downhill. … [Read more...]

Haze Bringing Down Business in Singapore

The majority of the businesses in Singapore are taking a hit as a result of the persistent hazardous haze that has been putting a damper on customers’ desire to go on their outdoor adventures. Those which are bracing themselves for a long decline in sales are also those which were deeply looking forward to a surge from Formula 1 week – one of the biggest and most profitable weeks of the year … [Read more...]

Woeful Growth in Singapore is Reassured

Singapore’s GDP grew far less than what economists had hoped in Q2 with a 1.7% growth being reported – a somewhat dismal performance following a 2.8% growth for Q1. Critics have suggested that Singapore’s contracting manufacturing sector is to blame, which reported a 4.0% decline in Q2 following a 2.7% decline from Q1, though it can be said that their goods producing industry, in general, is … [Read more...]

Singapore’s Economy Sagged in Q2 of 2015

With sluggish global demand and government restrictions on foreign labor hitting the manufacturing sector, Singapore’s economy contracted in the second quarter of this year, dampening the mood ahead of Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) showed on Tuesday that the decline in gross domestic product amounted to a 4.6% quarter-on-quarter contraction … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding: A Growing Trend in ASEAN

Singapore-based CoAssets is making crowdfunding as an investment more mainstream not only in its own market, but across the region and after a fresh listing in Australia, the company has put a spotlight on this alternative way of investment. CoAssets is a crowdfunding platform that matches property deals with investors, whether it would be mezzanine loans to developers or equity in physical … [Read more...]

Singapore: A Launchpad for Clean Technology

In Late June, Singapore hosted the EU Business Avenues 2015 trade mission. The event was held at held the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, where more than 250 meetings between European and Southeast Asian firms took place. The delegate  brought 41 small and medium clean tech European enterprises to meet Southeast Asian firms in order to assess business opportunities and … [Read more...]

Singapore Manufacturing Remains Strong


Singapore’s manufacturing industry, one of Southeast Asia’s largest despite the island nation’s small size, grew for the second month in a row in June after contracting for five straight months. The city state’s Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) came out with reading of 50.4 -a 0.2 point gain from May. A number above 50 shows that manufacturing activity is increasing, while one below 50 means … [Read more...]

Investors Go Short on Singapore Stocks

Stocks in Singapore are being shorted now more than ever in recent history as investors and speculators alike seek to gain from weak profits of companies exposed to China, which faces a sagging economy, and/or the energy sector which is suffering from low oil prices. Although Singapore, unlike larger stock markets such as Hong Kong and the United States, has never been a haven for short sellers … [Read more...]

Singapore vs. Hong Kong: Battle for Asia’s Financial Hub


With a population of over 4 billion and growing, things that happen in Asia will increasingly shape the rest of the world – but not all countries will benefit equally. As more money is made and invested throughout Asia, the financial hubs of the region will facilitate the flow of capital and profit the most. Singapore and Hong Kong are arguably the biggest contenders for the title of Asia’s … [Read more...]

Singapore Faces Property Bubble, Will it Burst?

Real estate prices in Singapore have plummeted since the beginning of 2015, and analysts are worried that the city-states’ property bubble could burst soon. Singapore’s real estate market has underperformed since February of this year, when home sales were 48% lower compared to the same period in 2014. Meanwhile, residential prices fell by 4% in 2014 even while those in neighboring ASEAN … [Read more...]