A tech bubble in the making?


Seriously? Snapchat (SNAP) IPO had a market cap of US$24billion with a share price of $17 per share. This IPO seriously looks like a huge speculation gamble coupled with miraculous expectations that the company will somehow generate a profitable net income after 2 years of net losses. That’s right… SNAP has had increasing net losses of US$373 million in 2015 and US$515 million in 2016 … [Read more...]

Revised OCBC 360


Hello! So today marks the first day of March. The moment I woke up and looked at my phone, I saw a message indicating that OCBC is updating its interest rates from 1st Apr 17. So I went to the web immediately to take a look at it and found that it is reducing/increasing interest rates for 4 /5 components. Links to the Current OCBC 360 account and the Updated OCBC 360 can be found … [Read more...]

Jan 2017

Hello! My last post has been a while (in November). I did not manage to write a post in Dec due to the deadline of my assignments which was due over the new year. I’m glad it is over for now and I scored pretty well for one of the modules with full marks on the paper (been a while since I received full marks). While I am waiting for the results of the other module, I can concentrate on what … [Read more...]

Nov 2016 Portfolio

Hi guys, The month of November certainly contained some interesting and explosive news. First, Donald Trump won the US election against Hillary Clinton and the US markets rose to its highest levels instead of dropping as many would expect. Second, OPEC agreed to a production cut in eight years of about 1.2 million barrels per day. This cut would attempt to include the non-OPEC country in a bid … [Read more...]

Oct 2016 Portfolio

Hi guys, For the month of October, I received my results for my 2ndtrimester and they were excellent. That marked the completion of half of the degree course and another 8 more months to complete the whole course and be done with the studies… I seriously cannot wait to get my life back on track. Since the beginning of the degree class, I was so swamped with work, studies, social life and my … [Read more...]

Sept 2016 Portfolio

Hi guys, For the month of September, things were pretty hectic as I had to complete 3 essay assignments and managed to complete 1 practical test while preparing for a presentation during the first week of October. Overall, I felt pretty confident that this semester would be awesome as well. In September, there were no transactions made in the SGD account but cost basis reduction strategy has … [Read more...]

CPF-IS under review.

Hi guys, For those who don’t read newspaper, it looks like there are some changes coming to the CPF-IS according to The Straits Times’s Government to review CPF Investment Scheme: DPM Tharman. Wow… According to the article, 80% of the people cannot earn even higher than 2.5% of the basic CPF OA interest and nearly 45% of CPF-IS had losses over same period. What!!! It looks like because of … [Read more...]

August 2016 Portfolio

Hi guys, August is here and I am halfway through my second semester of my studies. Manage to score pretty well for my first semester and is currently on track to complete the entire course by July next year. Over the month of August, there was no transaction made to the portfolio. Decision was made to observe the market both Singapore and US on any potential crashes. Logic is quite simple. I … [Read more...]

Dividend portfolio July 2016

Hi guys, For the last few months, I have been investing in some Singapore dividend stocks purely for the dividends. The reason for going into Singapore market is basically to achieve the dream of having a passive income to supplement my income someday so that my loved ones and I can be financially free. As of now, I have only invested a small amount of capital into the market and will be … [Read more...]

Just some thoughts on the games at NUS camps

So recently there have been many stories of the games in NUS camps being increasingly sexualised. The thing is, no one actually forced anyone to do anything they do not want to do. Who can the students blame or do they need a lesson on making choices? Many a times, we blame others for the things we do because we “have no choice”. Truth is, we always have a choice. Just because we do not like the … [Read more...]

The cost of hospitalization!

Everyone knows that healthcare in Singapore can be very costly, but how many of us areactually adequately covered when we are hospitalized? When was the last time you reviewed your hospitalization policy? When I was still young, my mother had already bought plenty of insurance for me at that time. Since then she has been paying the insurance premium in my behalf. 2 years ago, I was interested … [Read more...]

Changes in SCB Bonus$aver Account


Today I came back from work and saw a letter addressed to me on my table. First impression was that it was from Standard Chartered because of the envelop it was sent in. I read the content and had to re-read the content a second time just to ensure my eyes were not playing a trick on me. The content of the letter is as below: After such a “flexible” change in rates, you can expect me to … [Read more...]

May 2015

Month of May Well, we are now at the 5th month of 2016. I am still amazed at how fast this year have seemed to have passed by. I realised I have not been posting monthly as previously mentioned… my only justification was that I was super busy with rushing out my degree essays. It is very tough to have to work full time and continue to rush out essays and presentations part time while keeping up … [Read more...]

Capital management.

I realised I have not written since my last post in Dec. The only reason I could think of is that I am getting lazy but the other reason could be that I was packed with things to do and settle before March.  But that is just what it is... an excuse. AsS mentioned before, I had started classes from March onward so I will post as frequently as possible. Therefore, this is a post for Mar. Recently … [Read more...]

December 2015

Month of December Finally the end of the year is here. The most significant event of this month was the Fed interest rate increase to 0.25%. This was a much anticipated raise since many months ago so it wasn’t a surprise except no one knew when it would happen. That coupled with the fact that the commodities market went crazy. Crude oil fell below $40 for first time since 2009, natural gas … [Read more...]

November 2015 Portfolio

Month of November The month of November! Although I have been waiting for this day to come, it saddens me to realise that all good things come to an end. The course which I had started back in March has already come to an end. On the last day, many of my batch-mates were very emotional and I as well, although I did not show it. That was also the reason I had not posted last week as I was … [Read more...]

October 2015 Portfolio

Month of October This month’s numbers was mixed up with the September post because that post was done later than expected. But nonetheless the overall effect is the same. The direction of market these few weeks are quite volatile without a clear uptrend or downtrend. So basically it’s a wait and see type of market. Stocks I have been selling weekly stock options as a means to get some … [Read more...]

Thoughts about Singapore Savings Bond (SSB)

I have finally completed the continuous test since March… Only things left to complete my course are checklists and group projects. This also means more time to read and write more posts. So as the title of this post suggest, it’s time to think about the efficiency of Singapore Savings Bonds because of all the hype in the last couple of months. On 28thSept, the MAS released the results of … [Read more...]

September 2015 Portfolio

Month of September September... The most awaited month of the year. This is the month where we have the annual Singapore Grand Prix. Most interesting event was the moment the safety car was activated because of the track intruder… This post was supposed to be up on the 3rd Saturday of the month which happens to also be The F1 weekend of Singapore. But I was involved with F1 and the photo … [Read more...]

August 2015 Portfolio

Month of August The best thing this month was getting to choose our BTO. We manage to get the apartment that we wanted and she was so nervous and restless throughout the process. I also attended a talk about Options by Manoj. I chanced upon his 1 day training through an online advertisement and will be writing more about the experience after my test this coming Wednesday. I only have … [Read more...]