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How to Preserve the Value of your 99 years leasehold HDB or Private Property?

The 99 years leasehold expiry issue that was recently hotly debated due to the comments from the National Development Minister is actually not just restricted to HDB. Yes, it also affects private property owners who purchased their properties under a 99 years tenure. Simply put, all leasehold properties, whether public or private, will eventually go back to the state upon expiry. The Singapore Land Authority official stance is that its general policy will be to recover the land upon lease expiry. For HDB, do not expect all aged flats to be eligible for Selective Enbloc Redevelopment Scheme (“SERS”). This...

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Netlink NBN Trust- From Boring Stable Counter to Jaw Dropping 8% price drop since IPO

Netlink Trust-the Fibre of a Smart Nation- dropped to a 52 week low of S$0.745 per unit on 8 June 2018 (Friday) during its mid-day trading, before recovering to close off at S$0.780 per unit. During 2018, most analysts were all setting price target of over S$0.915 per unit, but instead it dropped from the S$0.810 to S$0.745. Taking into account Netlink’s IPO price of S$0.810, the Business Trust would have dropped 8% at its lowest point since the announcement of its year end results. What happened to this counter which investors used to praise for its relative stable...

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Property Market going Crazy? Will you pay S$1,750 psf for a private property at Serangoon North?

I am flabbergasted and exasperated. Record new high created again in our Singapore Property Market even at mass market private properties. It was reported in the news that Oxley launched Affinity at Serangoon (formerly enbloc Serangoon Ville) at an average of S$1,550 psf. 110-140 units estimated to have been sold. 5 mins away, Keppel Land and Wing Tai launched their Garden Residences (Serangoon North Ave 1) at an average of $1,750 psf and they managed to move 60-90 units. Also with EC going at S$900 psf and even upcoming projected EC projected at S$1,000 psf at Punggol in 2019...

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Fu Yu Corporation- SUPER Hero cash generating abilities

Superhero strength and superhero cash generating abilities best describe Fu Yu Corporation (“Fu Yu”). Fu Yu is a business listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange focusing on fabrication of precision moulds as well as sub-assembly of precision plastic parts and components. The Fu Yu Group of companies have non-existent bank borrowings on the face of their statement of financial position. Yes…..this is not a typo error…zero borrowings from the bankers. It is even sitting on a cash hoard of over S$98.4Mil as at Q1 2018 which was built up over the years. This represented an impressive translation of S$0.131...

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Asian Pay TV Trust keeps spiralling downards after Q1 2018 results. How low could it go?

Asian Pay TV Trust (“APTT”) closed off Friday (24 May 2018) at a 52 weeks low of SGD 0.440. Based on the re-affirmed SGD 0.065 per unit of dividend guidance for FY2018 by the Management of APTT after the Q1 2018 results announcement, this represented a dividend yield of 14.77% (please see the previous post here with regard to analysis on whether the cashflow for dividend is sustainable) Is this a value trap? How low will APTT goes? When will the dumping of its units in open market stop? Why did APTT plummet recently since the release of its...

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