Last Week Tonight John Oliver: Retirement Plans

If you have not watched John Oliver's talk on retirement plans. Watch it! It is probably one of the most entertaining material on personal finance; albeit something which has been espoused so often by financial bloggers. If you do not have 21 minutes to spend on managing your finances, just go to the 8 minute mark and watch till 11 minutes. It is one of the most important lessons you will … [Read more...]

Portfoilo Update in June 16

This month I am on speculation mode. I have covered my short on Sino Grandness at 0.62 using SBL. You can read my experience here. All in all, I feel SBL is a pretty lousy way to short shares due to the high fees and lengthy process. In addition, I have purchased Yongnam's rights at 0.001. The company did a rights offering recently where new rights can be exercised at a price of 0.21. Given … [Read more...]

Riding on Singapore’s Infrastructural Boom

It seems every year, a major infrastructural project is being planned/constructed in this island of ours. One of the latest this year was the announcement of the construction of T5 Changi Airport. As an investor, is there any company on the SGX which we can invest in? Structural Steel Space   On the SGX, there are two listed companies (TTJ & Yongnam) in these structural steel … [Read more...]

3 Takeaway from Shorting Sinograndness

Using the Securities Borrowing and Lending Scheme (SBL), I have successfully shorted Sinograndness (SFIG) today at 0.700. Here were some takeaway from this first experience. 1. Long Processing Time Being my first experience, I asked to short SFIG on 7 June 2016 @ 1030 hrs, thinking I could execute the trade immediately at 0.770. Unfortunately, my trading representative informed me the … [Read more...]

ISR Capital – Is it real or the new "Mini blumont/Asiaons Capital"?

One company caught my eye today - "ISR Capital" From 0.6 cents on 11 May 2016, ISR is now at a price of 6.0 cents as of writing, that's a 10 bagger in two days! So what's going on? ISR Capital Basically ISR is an investment company which invests in companies that are listed/unlisted and debt securities in such companies. Doesn't that sound like a group of companies which gained infamy on … [Read more...]

How the World is Changing

Read an interesting article on And one of the most though-invoking lines from the article was this: "In Buffett’s own words, if there is a good business running, there will always be someone else looking to do it in a better way. Competition will always be trying. And competition may be coming from online or mobile." The disruption we are seeing in Singapore Unfortunately for … [Read more...]

"Financial Stupidity" is enriching DBS


The latest financial results for our local banks are out! And a comparison among their deposit interest rates reveals something interesting. Comparing the 3 figures, DBS is paying its customers an average deposit rate of 0.56%, while OCBC is paying a weighted average of 1.14% and UOB 1.15%. DBS is paying only half the rate of OCBC and UOB and has the most deposits among the local banks! What's … [Read more...]

Buying a life insurance policy

For young working adults, the thought of purchasing a life insurance policy is one of the first things we will be approached in our working life. To help out, here are some things to note on life insurance. What is life insurance?   Life insurance provides you a payout upon death or total permanent disability (TPD). The policy can vary from a limited period of time (20 year limited plan) to … [Read more...]

What the humble "Bak chor mee" can teach us about investing


Let's talk about food! Had a bowl of bak chor mee for lunch at the canteen. Well it costs $3.50; let's be honest, it wasn't the tastiest bak chor mee in my lifetime but it did give me an epiphany which deserves a post. You see, I have frequented this particular canteen and sometimes I will order the spaghetti bologanise for lunch, which costs $5.50. What struck me was how the time and effort to … [Read more...]

Start Saving when we are young

Came across an article today by SGYI and in which a reader has commented the difficulty of getting returns of 12% etc etc.. Guess what, I did write on a similar subject on "the powers of compounding" few months back with realistic settings. Here is an excerpt: "Albert Einstein called compound interest "the eight wonder of the world" and rightfully so. Lets consider an example to illustrate … [Read more...]

Local Crowdfunding Expansion and Defaults


March has been an eventful month for the P2P industry with high profile loans being issued. While p2p loans are innovative, there is still one risk that remains - default. Default March too has seen a few defaults. One of which has been covered by another blog. The company is a travel agency who has a few p2p loans. Similarly, … [Read more...]

Increasing my P2P portfoilo

This week something historic happened in Singapore's crowdfunding scene -  a company related to an SGX-listed company sought to raise debt via crowdfunding. It was none other but Epicentre- once famous for selling Apple products. You can read the article here. Epicentre Crowdfunding   It is quite unprecedented for Epicentre to raise funds this way. Prior to this, the company relied on … [Read more...]

Short update to hypothetical and Real portfoilo

Quick Summary In line with my bearish outlook and following from my post, my hypothetical "insurance arm" has decided to sell off all STI ETF holdings at today's price of 2.83. This means netting a sales proceed of s$1003.90, after  "brokerage fee of Stan Chart and clearing fee rates" Coupled with the 4.6 cents dividend received, Total net proceeds is now $1020.20 and will be placed as … [Read more...]

Nothing much has changed

On 4th Jan 2016 (the first trading day of 2016), the SPDR STI ETF was selling at $2.90. Fast forward to today, the STI ETF is $2.84 and has given dividends of 5.1 cents. So overall, little loss has been made despite the tremendous amount of news and market gyrations. Nothing has changed since New Year's Day   That's pretty much it, nothing much has changed since the start of the year. The … [Read more...]

Is Starhub a buy for its dividends?

Starhub is the second largest telecommunications company in Singapore. It is part of the 30 components stocks of the STI and a crowd favorite due to its stable business that produces good cash flow. Starhub has committed to reward shareholders an annual dividend of 20 cents in 2016. Sustainability of its 20 cents Dividends Dividends are only sustainable if they are paid from cash flow. … [Read more...]

Portfolio update- Investing in TTJ and BBR

I have made additions to both TTJ and BBR. The investment thesis is simple: to invest in companies which will benefit from the Singapore government's infrastructural plan. Given the gloomy outlook of our economy, it is likely our government will commence on some form of expansionary fiscal policy to sustain growth. The most evident way is through infrastructural projects. From BCA's outlook, 2016 … [Read more...]

Is Keppel Corp worth its current value?

Since from my last post on Keppel, the stock has "gone below $6.", which i mentioned will be worth a re look. While it has breached the $6 mark for a while, I had delayed my coverage because I wanted to view KC's full year results for a better analysis. What has improved Over the past 5 months, two significant events have occurred: Accredited investors have "naively" parted cash to buy 1) … [Read more...]

Fear and Worried seeing the STI at 2500+ for the first time?

For investors who have started their journey from 2012, this is probably your first time seeing the STI index and the rest of the market in such a state of red. Now, you are likely to be worried and fretting over your investments. Well I can relate to that fear to yours. My first experience It was during the period of July- Oct 2011 that it happened. The European Debt crisis caused almost … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update & Open Challenge to Insurance Companies

Portfolio Update I have sold one of my main holdings in Fischer Tech at 0.90. It has been a wonderful company which I discovered two years back. While the wonderful management has remained, the outlook of the automotive industry Fischer is so dependent on has not. China automobile inventories are building up and this may lead to lower orders. While Fischer is debt free and will survive the … [Read more...]

Compounding Your Money (Hopefully an exam question)

Q1 (Basic). Tom (age 30) invests $1 Million into a fund which guarantees an annual return of 7.2% per year. How much will Tom have at age 50 (twenty years from now)? $2 Million $4 Million $6 Million Answer (2). Using the rule of 72, an investment of 7.2% per year means Tom's money will double every ten years (72/7.2=10 years). Hence Tom's money would have doubled twice over 20 years. 1 … [Read more...]