Review of 2015

2015 has not been a kind investment year. For this year, investing returns is negative 19.2% (due to the fall in Penguin and writing off fully China Fishery's value). Despite the negative investment returns, overall value of my portfolio has increased by $19,000 to the region of $238,000. This is due to my tendency of saving a high proportion of income earned from work; this shows why at a … [Read more...]

Recent Portfolio Transactions

Due to the loss of Office Starter 2010 on my computer, I have not been able to copy and paste my Excel into my portfolio update. This is why my portfolio on this blog has not been updated. Hence, this post is to highlight my recent purchases with a short review behind their purchase. Accordia Golf Trust At the recent low of 50 cents, I have purchased another 10 lots (potential 8% yield at … [Read more...]

Sarine Technologies – Suriving the Diamond Downturn

The Singapore stock market has had a particularly rough year, along with it, Sarine Technologies has suffered a torrid year. Year to date, its share price has fallen by half and is at the 1.30 levels due to a slump in earnings. Overview The company is in the business of providing technology-related products to manufacturers which turn rough diamonds into polished ones. Despite being an "IT … [Read more...]

Accordia Golf Trust – Normalization of yields/Projecting its future


Accordia Golf Trust (AGT) has fallen from its IPO highs to 55.5 cents as of writing. Given the drastic fall in price and showing an impressive trailing dividend yield of 10.6%, one may be tempted to initiate a position in AGT. Let’s find out if it is worth it Yield AGT’s FY15’s distribution statement was lumpy and is difficult to build a projection on. However, this current … [Read more...]

China Fishery’s Trouble with HSBC


HSBC has recently filed a winding up application on China Fishery to the High Court of Hong Kong. It pertains to china Fishery’s (CF) difficulty in servicing its debts. From China Fishery’s AR 2014, it can be seen that China Fishery had US $303 Mil of debts which needs to be settled within this FY and it has paid US $131 Mil thus far. Similarly, in the financial year before, CF had a US … [Read more...]

Getting to know: Home Protection Scheme (HPS)

The Home Protection Scheme (HPS) is a mortgage-reducing term insurance which covers an individual’s liabilities on home loans in the event of death or permanent disability. Its premiums are affordable and is a government initiative. For every $100,000 coverage under HPS, the annual premium is about $76; that is cheaper than most term insurance.   Eligibility Currently home owners making … [Read more...]

Scholar? Straight A? Big Fish, Small Fish? Let’s talk about Financial Sense

A scholar? Straight A, Good JC student? Unfortunately, I am neither. While I will be proud to showcase my “O” and “A” certs dotted with more “B” than “A” grades, displaying another achievement of mine (a 27-year-old investor) is perhaps more fitting as a financial blogger. Counter Units Price Allocation (%) Penguin 588700 0.15 35.16 China … [Read more...]

Can Osim Turnaround its Fortunes?

Osim is synonymous with its massage chairs. Besides the massage chair business, it holds other retail brands as well such as GNC and TWG Tea. Interestingly, the major market and revenue contributor to Osim is North Asia, to be exact China. Signs of trouble in China? While the Chinese Government has painted a moderately strong outlook on China, Osim’s result is showing otherwise. 9M current … [Read more...]

Peer to Peer Lending: How I invest and minimize my risk

Some readers may have noticed: Under “My Portfolio” section, I have listed Moolahsense as part of my portfolio. What is Moolahsense?   Moolahsense is a peer to peer lending website where registered users are able to lend money directly to a company who is doing a fund raising campaigns. While the returns seem high, do note that the registered users assumes a large risk where the company may … [Read more...]

Steps to take to accumulate more wealth

Some have asked how I had accumulated $200,000 at a young age. Below were some steps I took. Save a significant portion of salary Don’t live a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, save a portion of your salary for investments and future consumption.   Don’t put too much Money in Bank accounts and FD I hate putting a lot of money in saving accounts because the interest rates of these … [Read more...]

Monthly Update of Portfolio [September 2015]

Accumulated   Accumulated Silverlake Axis, Penguin and China Fishery (10 lots) to my portfolio. This is because these stocks have fallen to attractive values, especially Silverlake. While the verdict of Silverlake's investigation has not been released, my personal sense is that there will not be much adverse news of contagion liabilities lurking in Silverlake's balance … [Read more...]

Starting work to support my hobby


As many of you will know, I have a very expensive hobby of growing “money trees”. It takes seed capital, effort to source for fertile soil and time to grow these “trees”. And to add to my frustration, these trees sometimes become diseased and die on me. While investing has not been easy, it has been a fruitful experience and I have gained much knowledge. Unfortunately, I am running out of … [Read more...]

Thoughts on "Diamond are a sham…" and are Diamond Rings a Financial Mistake


Came across an interesting article by Robin Dhar titled "Diamonds are a sham and It's Time We Stop Getting Engaged with Them". It is interesting to learn when we buy a diamond ring; more than 50% of its value is lost as soon as we leave the store. Imagine learning that the $10,000 diamond ring you had bought yesterday is only worth $4,000 in resale value today. That's worse than buying gold or … [Read more...]

My Past Investment Mistake

In recent times, I had purchased a stock called Penguin International. Then it was 20+ cents and had price earnings and free cash flow ratio in the low single digits. It was a value investor's dream reporting strong growth and was priced attractively at its reported numbers. However, the share price has moved south and is now at 12 cents. What Changed? I had overlooked the fact Penguin's … [Read more...]

Save $25 for the first $60 purchase of online groceries [Only for DBS card members]

Came across this coupon on Honestbee which is only applicable for DBS credit/debit card members. Sign up before 30th September 2015 to enjoy a one time coupon of $25 discount when you spend a minimum worth of $60 at any single store on Honestbee website. Furthermore, you get free delivery (though you may have to wait 2 weeks or more for your … [Read more...]

Why the STI ETF is better than most unit trusts

Are you a full time employee who finds it hard to make time to monitor one’s investment due to commitments? Or feel daunted by the market jargon and maze of financial statements when investing in the stock market? If your answer is yes to either question, it may be good to leave your investment to fund managers. In my opinion, the best way is by investing in an ETF which tracks the Singapore … [Read more...]

Why Keppel REIT and Office REIT are still not attractive


Came across S-REIT Investment blog's write up on Keppel REIT where its price has fallen to "attractive levels". While the financial ratios do look attractive, it is only one side of the story and I do not find Keppel REIT attractive yet. Poor Office outlook According to URA, there will be 545,000 square meters of new office space available for 2016. And judging from the office space demand … [Read more...]

Has an entire generation been ill-advised on Financial Planning? (Part 2)

In the previous post, I have talked about the steps to create our own insurance which has an investment component comprising 60% “CPF bonds” and 40% “STI ETF”. For this post, I will touch how it generates a better return. Projected returns From the SPDR STI ETF’s track record, the annualised return is 7.11% as of end August 15. While for the “CPF bonds”, we have to assume under two … [Read more...]

Has an entire generation been ill-advised on Financial Planning? (Part 1)

Whole life insurance is a financial product which many of us own or are recommended by banks and financial planners. Recently, I came across a 15 year premium whole life product with a sum assured of $100,000. Its annual premium is in the region of $2,155. It got me thinking: Are there ways to obtain better returns, at lower risk but with the same amount of sum assured? For whole life … [Read more...]

Planning your finances and retirement using CPF


CPF has been a much talked about topic in recent years. However, most discussions has centred on how it works, why it’s good etc. Little has been discussed on how best to work with it to optimise savings for retirement or for monthly expenditures.   Make CPF our savings Our CPF savings comprises of three accounts: ordinary account (OA), medisave account (MA) & special account (SA). It is … [Read more...]