Purchase of Silverlake Axis Shares


Purchased 16,500 shares of Silverlake Axis at a weighted average of 0.55 per share (after commission) today. Brief description of Silverlake Axis Silverlake Axis's main competency lies in the core banking system industry. It produces a software which is used to run the operations of banks. After a bank purchases it, Silverlake helps to maintain the software and charges a recurring annual … [Read more...]

A long term alternative better than the Singapore Savings Bond (SSB)

Many of you have heard about the Singapore Savings bond which offers 2.63% returns if one holds it for 10 years. But did you know there is a long term bond instrument presently in the market, is as low risk as the Singapore Savings Bond but yields a higher return? Introducing the CPF Special Account (SA) Yes no mistakes here; the CPF bond is it. However, do note unlike the SSB, it cannot be … [Read more...]

Get 15-16% rebate for your first $500 credit card expenditure

DBS Live Fresh card is offering an $80 cashback for new members who sign up for the card onlineand spend a minimum $500within their first month of approval. The link is found here T&C Before you rush off to sign, here are a few things to take note. Firstly, you must be the first 5000 to sign up in that month and two; you must spend at least $500 within the first month of approval. Also, … [Read more...]

For Young Singaporeans, For Financial Freedom: Basic things to know about Insurance

Besides seeking to insure yourself before investing, young individuals (just starting out in their careers) may seek financial advisers to set up a retirement program. However, we will often be presented a few products which may seem complex and daunting due to the thick pages and jargon. Hence to help readers understand some of these common products, this article will seek to do a basic … [Read more...]

Insure yourself before Investing

Before investing, it is always important to insure yourself. This is because you are the most important asset with the ability to generate income. Therefore, it is vital we insure ourselves against unfortunate events which may render us unable to earn income, in turn deplete our savings. Hence what are some of the insurances we should purchase at the various stages of our life … [Read more...]

Is China Fishery mispriced?

Due to ongoing investigations by regulatory authorities and declining profits, share prices of China Fishery has suffered a heavy beating. As at today’s price of $0.051, China Fishery's market valuation is s$187.8 million (US$134 million). Given that China Fishery holds one of the largest proportion of Peru's anchovy permits (approximately 31% of the country's quota) and that Peru is one of the … [Read more...]

F&N’s Love-Hate Relationship with Children


Mention F&N and what comes to mind are its name sake beverages & 100Plus. But did you know the publishing of school textbooks, the very terror of our schooling years, is part of F&N’s business empire? Overview of F&N With the spinning off of its property arm in 2014, F&N is now left with three business segments - beverage, dairies and publishing Its Beverage business … [Read more...]

Is Keppel Corp a buy now?


Shareholders of Keppel Corpation has suffered a torrid year. Year to date, Keppel’s share price has fallen from a lofty 11.00 to that of 6.80, marking a 38% decline. This is in line with the global stock market rout witnessed over the past two months.  As investors on the side line watching this carnage, it is tempting to start our nibbles into Keppel Corp; but first let us evaluate the … [Read more...]