Japan REIT Investment: What Singapore Investors Should Know


Real estate investment trusts (REITs) have long been a favourite among stock market enthusiasts who want to capitalise on global property markets without sacrificing affordability, diversity and liquidity. Many Singaporeans are familiar with Singapore REITs, but not many people are aware of Japan REIT (also called J-REIT). Japan is the second biggest property investment market in the … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning: What You Need to Know About CPF Top Up


CPF Life is crucial to every Singaporean’s retirement planning. There are people who protested and demanded the government to “Return Our CPF”, but there are also many people who have good faith in our national pension system and want to top up more into CPF for their own retirement planning. What are the benefits of topping up CPF, how much more can you top up? This article will give you the … [Read more...]

Invest for Retirement: 2017 May update of Global Momentum Compass (GMC) Portfolio


Global Momentum Compass (GMC) is an investment portfolio designed for retirement. There are two stages when it comes to investing for retirement. Investing for growth Investing for income GMC is designed to grow your money. You may ask, “can’t I invest for both income and growth?” The short answer is, you can’t! I will leave this to a future article. So how does GMC portfolio fit into … [Read more...]

Interest Rate Hike: 4 impacts it has to you and your money


Will you give it a yawn when you hear the news that the interest rate hike is coming? You may yet to realise how deeply this will affect you and your money. For a start, when US Federal Reserve increases their interest rates, it is not only a US thing. US interest rates matter to Singapore. When the interest rate in the US is raised, so will it be in Singapore. The interest rate is important … [Read more...]

How to Set SMART Goals for Your Financial Freedom


If you want to achieve financial freedom, you need to set it as a goal first. But having a goal is not enough, it has to be a SMART goal. Having new year resolution is always intimating. You want to lose weight so you can fit your old pants in the wardrobe You want to make more money so one day you can sack your crazy boss You want to start saving because you know you are nearer to your … [Read more...]

3 Financial Freedom Pitfalls That Gen Y Fall into and How to Fix It


Are you a Gen Y working towards your financial freedom? Maybe you are in your 20s and 30s with a career that’s just starting to take off; maybe you want to start building a family and are making plans for the future; maybe you hope to achieve your financial freedom so you can retire early. With all these goals in your mind, you realise that there are some very real financial challenges. It … [Read more...]

What do Singaporeans Invest for Retirement Planning


Have you saved enough for your retirement? Do you want to know where your fellow Singaporeans stand across the globe when it comes to making investment choices for retirement planning? The world is sitting on the ageing “time bomb” while many governments have to set aside 50% GDP for the costs of ageing. And you know that you cannot retire with $1,100 a month. In the face of challenging … [Read more...]

3 things you must do now to get more income tax relief before year end


Getting started on your tax planning before the New Year begins can help you maximize tax relief and minimize tax payable next year. Many people only look into tax relief in April when they need to declare their income tax. But there are 3 things you must do now before the year winds down if you want to obtain more tax relief. Contribute SRS for Tax relief and more The Supplementary … [Read more...]

How to use a winning strategy to invest for retirement


If you want to invest for retirement, there are only two ways you can make money Investing for capital gain Investing for passive income With all the fluffy advocation by the media nowadays, income investing seems the way to go. But in reality, that is not likely where you can start with. Why? If you understand a bit about income investing, you know that you will be lucky enough if you … [Read more...]

3 things you must do to invest in the modern world


There’s a popular English proverb saying: “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.” In another words, if you concentrate on saving small amounts of money, you’ll soon amass a large amount. When it comes to investing for retirement, this can’t be more true. We never learn to plan our retirement in school and it is hardly anybody’s dream to build a retirement portfolio. … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide to CFD Trading


Trading in CFDs , or “Contracts for Difference”, is a potentially lucrative yet risky form of investment. CFDs are a derivatives product allowing you to trade on market movements without owning the shares on which the movement is based. Traders make money by speculating on the future movement of a market – whether that is up or down. CFDs are very tax-efficient – you don’t pay Stamp Duty, as … [Read more...]

Does travel insurance cover terrorism


Singaporeans love to travel, and most people will buy travel insurance. But have you ever thought if your travel insurance cover acts of terrorism or war? It might be hard to accept, but the recent Paris attack is just a reminder that terrorism is just part of our lives. Making sure your travel insurance covers terrorism is essential when you purchase travel insurance. This post is to help you … [Read more...]

One simple investment strategy to ride through tough stock market environments


The recent stock market crash is a good test for the faith of many investors. Should you buy stocks now at distressed price or should you “cut loss” and re-enter the market later? What I am thinking now is, what would Warren Buffett, George Soros or Jim Rogers be doing now? What would Wee Ee Chao or Koh Wee Meng be doing now? What would GIC, Temasek Holdings or the professional traders be doing … [Read more...]

How to dig below the sales pitch and choose the right unit trust


For most Singaporeans, unit trust is the best investment instrument to start with. But why so many people lost money in unit trust investment? Because most people chose the wrong funds. If you want to make money, you need to know how to choose the right unit trust for yourself. Few Singaporeans today are complete strangers to unit trusts. You most probably have listened sales pitch of unit … [Read more...]

Why Warren Buffett is richer than you


If you dropped or found 10 cents on the floor, would you pick up? Many people won’t, but Warren Buffett, the world’s richest person, certainly does. His concept is, with each penny you pick up, thousands of dollars will come to you in the future. I personally notice a lot of people do not bother to pick up money that they dropped by accident. Maybe they feel undignified to pick up such a … [Read more...]

Singapore Savings Bonds – A Game Changer


For a very long time, Singaporeans were deprived from investing in good financial products. Bond has always been the cornerstone of financial institutions and high net worth individuals’s investment portfolio. However, most bonds in Singapore had a high entry barrier such as $250,000 which makes it exclusive to the wealthy. When retail investors battling in stock markets with bloodshed, bond … [Read more...]

4 fun Behavioral Finance videos you should watch

What do most investors have in common with football? Would you have swooned for “tulip mania” in the 17th century? Is Loss Aversion Really just about Dodging Water Hazards? Why investors rather put money in the bank earning low yields, while the real threat of inflation is taking bite of their purchasing power? We like to think we invest rationally, but the field of behavioral finance … [Read more...]

St James’s Place International – A new insurer in Singapore


St James’s Place (SJP) International (not our famous ST James Power Station ^_^) has just been granted a life insurance licence in Singapore. This means that the company can offer its non-contractual, International Investor Account product to clients from its base in Singapore. For those who don’t know, SJP International is part of the FTSE-100 listed SJP Wealth Management Group and has been … [Read more...]

How will the falling oil price impacts the world and your investment in 2015


Oil, oil and it is oil again. The whole world is closely observing the oil prices, are you? Is the lower oil price doing any good or bad to your investment portfolio? How should you position your investments in 2015? When it comes to oil price and the economy’s performance, the topic becomes so complex, I will try to provide you with some insights from my researches in this article. Three … [Read more...]

The real “time bomb” from sharp falling oil price


Global oil prices sharply declined by more than 50% in the past few months. What will be the real “time bomb” for this “crisis”? Winners To be sure, there are actually a lot of winners from this steep drop in crude prices. The decline in oil prices is potentially favorable for a host of net-energy importers ranging from developed nations such as Japan and certain European Union members to … [Read more...]