“Investor” in Unit Trusts, ILPs, Wholelife, and Endowment Policies?

Hands up anyone who "bought" Unit Trusts, Investment-linked. Wholelife, and Endowment policies as their first "investment"? Now after having 5 to 10 years of building up your financial literacy knowledge - putting hand to heart - how many of you will admit they were sold to you, and they were some of your worst financial "mistakes"? Know any fellow investor who voluntarily knocks on the … [Read more...]

I totally bombed in my public seaking yesterday… I’m still alive today!

Well, my Zebra story totally fell flat yesterday afternoon.... As I walked off the stage to a totally stunned, bemused, catch-no-ball audience, you can hear the crickets creaking... Awkward to say the least! You know what I learnt? It's one thing to write cryptic stories and use obscure metaphors in print, it's another ball game altogether when you tell that same story LIVE in person … [Read more...]

Etiquette in Asking Questions at Seminars, Townhall meetings, etc.

You'll be surprised quite a few people don't know the etiquette in asking questions during public forums. Graduates you have less of an excuse in not knowing. Unless you have never been to a talk/seminar/panel discussion from a visiting Professor or Esteem Speaker... Remember this? "Hello, I am Mickey Mouse, 2nd year student from Can't Make It faculty, University of … [Read more...]

CFDs anyone?

This post is for those who have "Learn by Doing" as their predominant learning style. You'll be amazed how many people have strong views on certain matters without personally experiencing or trying it out for themselves.  I know learning from other people's mistakes is wise, but to go through life parroting this is what this person says, that person said, I mean do you have an opinion of … [Read more...]

Philately and Currencies Trading

No need to check the dictionary, philately is just the fancy word for stamp collecting. So why didn't I use stamp collecting in the first place? Bite me. My vocabulary big cannot? Ever heard of the phrase - "Use it or lose it"? I was active in stamp collecting during my primary and secondary school days. Even as a working adult, I would be extra nice to the receptionists so that they … [Read more...]

Cash Flow versus Net Worth

Let's have a bit of fun as the year comes to a close. Cash flow versus net worth, which is better? Well... Gold digger If I am a gold digger, I'll definitely go for net worth - especially if he got a 40 million dollar landed property. Look, it's much easier and natural to whisper to him during "pillow talk" to have my name added to the title deed. Now try doing that with a … [Read more...]


Sorry! I just can't help myself. No. I won't be doing an English translation. Why? No point. If you are already too deep into western way of thinking - think like ang moh, talk like ang moh - you won't accept it anyway. Too much vested interests. Letting go is hard. If you still have some "cheenaness" in you, how? What do you think of what Jack Ma has said? Singapore Man … [Read more...]

It’s how I React that matters

"No one reacts to things as they are but to one's own mental images; Keep me aware that it is not what happens to me in life that matters, but how i react to what happens." Amen. By an anonymous Christian. This post is a dedication to temperament who has tirelessly spread the above saying in quite a few blogs and forum already. Buddhist friends can easily identify with the above saying … [Read more...]

Trading and Zen

Don't worry. I am not a bleeding heart so no proselytising from me! For newer readers, I am agnostic. However, I do use Zen as my spiritual and philosophical anchor. It's the closest metaphysics I can find that's has the least conflict with Science. I'm into verification that sort of thing... This post is not about sharing how to apply Zen into your trading. For that, you can easily … [Read more...]

A Good Year, A Great Trading Year

Last year, I mentioned to coconut in the comments that I doubled my futures trading account for 2013. This year 2014, I tripled it. Yup, for those good in math, you will immediately realise I've got a 6 bagger in 2 years. A small speculative trading account has turned into a respectable size. (I only wished my investment account had the same performance!) Did I planned for it? Was it … [Read more...]

To see a friend get Rich

“There is nothing so disturbing to one’s well-being and judgment as to see a friend get rich” Economic historian Charles P. Kindleberger (1910-2003) wrote in Manias, Panics and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises (1978 and subsequent editions): Don't pretend! Very true right? That's why you see people who many years have swore property investing is not their cup of tea "capitulates" … [Read more...]

Verbs, Adjectives, and Nouns

The joy of blogging for me is the scintillating engagement with readers. It's a two way street. It's the adjective silly! Never the noun. When I wrote the above post, I was feeling  quite smug until a girl with the cutest dimples put me in my place at another post months later: "Without the verb, how do you get the adjective?" Her comment showed she had a deeper understanding than … [Read more...]

The Wolf and the Goat

Singapore Man of Leisure - THE WOLF AND THE GOAT

A wolf, who was out searching for a meal, saw a goat feeding on grass on top of a high cliff. Wishing to get the goat to climb down from the rock and into his grasp, he called out to her. "Excuse me, dear Goat," he said in a friendly voice, "It is very dangerous for you to be at such a height. Do come down before you injure yourself. Besides, the grass is much greener and thicker down here. … [Read more...]

Live to Achieve; Live to Escape

Between Ying and Yang, between Good and Bad, and between Right and Wrong, there's a thin line that divides the 2 halves. The trouble is finding it to know where you are standing.... Live to Escape The usual tell is after having an experience, we don't want to experience it again. A childhood of lack. A broken family. A failed relationship. Career going no where. Disgruntled … [Read more...]

Finance Trained Equals Financially Literate?

Let's have a fun exercise! Especially if you have studied Finance at tertiary level - Poly or University; or working in Finance in the corporate world. If you are not Financially trained, you may want to play this exercise with your Financially trained friends, colleagues, or neighbours. Warning:  Must choose your playmate carefully OK? Wait they punch you I not responsible … [Read more...]

Thinking about it is not enough

If you have 1 hour to spare, you may want to take a look at this excellent TV interview with Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs. The Lost Interview 1) Life is a series of chance encounters. Where would Steve Jobs be if he had not met Steve Wozniak? Can you name a person who made a difference in your life? If it was planned, then you are very Machiavelli... Remember to remind me to keep a distance … [Read more...]

It’s better to teach than to trade

When I came back to Singapore 3 years ago, I attended this big forex conference where many of the foreign and local bucket shops spot forex brokers were gathered in a love fest to attract new cannon fodder to the community. I quite like the format. There are mini-tents with seating where you can just walk-in and listen to the snake oil sales pitches by the different brokers. And there's a … [Read more...]