Bernard Baruch – A Stock Speculator

Baruch was recognized as one of Wall Street’s financial leaders and his teachings are as valuable today as decades ago. These are well documented in his book Baruch: My Own Story (1957) in which, among others, he said: “I have heard many men talk intelligently, even brilliantly, about something – only to see them proven powerless when it comes to acting on what they believe.” Baruch started … [Read more...]

The Little Notebook – Write it down!

Our thoughts are fleeting. Ever had a good idea, didn't write it down, and poof that idea vanishes as quickly as it surfaces? I carry a small notebook in my backpack nowadays. When I have an inspiration for a blog post, I write it down immediately. When an investing idea pops up in my mind, I jot it down. When I spot a trading opportunity, I write down my trading plan. Home … [Read more...]

Know your CPF queue number

During 2011, when the Greece economic crisis was brewing, I remember an interesting conversation with my Greek colleague in his early 30s. This colleague came from a privileged background - let's say his parents were the equivalent of the Bukit Timah landed class. My colleague questioned his dad on how his dad's generation has fuxxed-up the whole country... His dad admitted to the many … [Read more...]

Journey to Achieve versus Journey to Escape

Why do most retail investors embark on their journey towards Financial Freedom? Don't look at others, look at yourself. Yeah, you! What was the catalyst? The key motivator? It's "to escape" right? It's hard not to let these "escape" and "achieve" words colour your answers or judgement. Maybe it's best I start with myself before everyone gets defensive: 1) I trade to escape the … [Read more...]

Choose me! Choose me!

During the 70s, we often do the mad dog and Englishmen thing - play soccer or basketball during the hot noon sun. Remember how we choose the teams then? 2 natural leaders will normally self-appoint themselves as the team captains (ever wondered who died and made them Indian Chiefs?). Then in alternate turns, each Captain will choose 1 player for the pool of us. This is the time where … [Read more...]

Why push me into the sun?

I remember a very interesting incident when I was in primary 3. It's still vivid like it happened yesterday. One of my classmate asked our teacher why his mother pushed him into the sun when he tried to seek shelter under the shade of the umbrella his mother was carrying? Quick! Don't think. What's the spontaneous answer that pops in your brain right now? Now scroll down for what the … [Read more...]

Value Investing is not about buying Cheap

First let's get it straight, I'm not a "value investor" - I not cerebral enough. But if I would like to jump into a "buy the bounce off the bottom" trade, it would be very comforting to know my entry price is also where the value investors are lurking to buy. It's always good to have the wind behind my back. Hence, it helps to know "how" value investors think. Come to think of it, I don't … [Read more...]

Dumbest Insurance – Life Insurance for Child

Life insurance for a child ranks to me as the dumbest Life insurance policy out there. These policies are never bought; only sold to. From one salesperson to another, must give a round of applause for these super salespersons - these are the ones who can sell ice to Eskimos! Take a step back and press reset for a moment: 1. Are you a dependent of the child? 2. What is the coverage … [Read more...]

Fishmonger and Beer Buddies (Why bloggers do what we do)

Frequent readers of blogs may want to pickup some books on blogging (Blogging for Dummies is a good start) if you are curious why some bloggers do what they do in their blogs. For those who prefer reading stuffs online, you may want to google "Problogger" and you will find the granddaddy site of how to  make money by blogging. The keyword here is if you are curious. Without curiosity, there … [Read more...]

Trinity of Fundamental Analysis Investing

In investing, the trinity are: 1) Cash Flow 2) Asset Values 3) Profits Just like the trinity of trading, these 3 components are best viewed as a holistic whole. Most newbies are so fixated on a particular financial ratio or metric that they become like the 4 blind men touching each singular part of an elephant - and missing the overall big picture. Example? Fixation on P/E only. … [Read more...]

Trinity of Technical Analysis Trading

In trading, the trinity are: 1) Price 2) Volume 3) Time With the combination of these 3 basic components, we get all the myriad technical indicators out there. Show me any technical indicators out there that does not use 3 of the above components. You may ask, "What about Point and Figure charting? Where's the time component?" And I would counter, "Yes, there's not time axis … [Read more...]

Never Trust a Skinny Chef

Never ask a fishmonger whether his fish is fresh. But why then do you ask the insurance agent whether that policy is suitable for you? Never trust a skinny chef. And yet you ask directions on how to reach the mountain peak from someone who has never reached there themselves? Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!) … [Read more...]

10,000 hours versus 10,000 trades

I've just completed 9 months at my part-time retail sales job during the weekends (Sat & Sun)! 9 months may seem like a long time. But if we convert it to the hours my full-time colleagues are working 6 days a week, my 9 months is "only" 3 months from full-time perspective. Would there be a change in expectations of my competence if you are a customer or my boss now? When I conduct … [Read more...]

My Pace

When I was studying at Gan Eng Seng School Anson Road, I had the good fortune of learning Geography (Sec 2) from a wonderful teacher Mdm Foo. She is still teaching at Gan Eng Seng by the way. I remember fondly what she told us "slower" students: "If others need 10 minutes to understand and you need 8 hours, so be it. Once you understand, there's no difference." Goal setting is fine … [Read more...]

Want Fish or Fishing Skill?

When you take up a course to learn something, be it cooking or new language, the desired outcome is that you have learnt a new skill after the course right? If we don't start preparing some dishes of our own, or use the new language learnt, guess what? We soon forget what we've learnt. It simply shows we were not that really into cooking or the new language in the first place. It's just … [Read more...]

Success is an iceberg

There's a Chinese saying: Success on stage for 3 minutes; 10 years sweat and toil backstage.   Living in our instant noodle fast food environment nowadays, like black-hearted China mainland food suppliers, we try to cut corners here, skip some testings there, add some additives here... All in the name of quicker, faster, sooner! Life is not just study hard and work … [Read more...]

Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge is knowing the answers to questions. Wisdom is knowing when to act blur; and when to apply what you know. Married couples or those living -in-sin together quickly learn the difference. Knowledge is knowing you are right and your significant other is idiot and irrational. Wisdom is agreeing with him/her.  Many veteran investors and traders are knowledgeable; a few are … [Read more...]

Can you teach me how to fish?

James is in his 60s. He owns a fishing tackle shop at the Beach Road area. Has been in this business for 30 over years now. A friendly face pops into the tackle shop as we speak. Peter, in his 30s and works in a bank as loans officer. "Can you teach me how to fish?" Peter bellowed out as he plonked himself on the stool in front of the counter. James looked up from his morning papers and … [Read more...]

Travel when young

There's a Chinese saying that travelling 10,000 miles can be more illuminating than reading 10,000 books. Do it when you are young. School vacations or after graduation are the best times to do so. If you do not have time at this age, pray tell when you will have time when you are running on the treadmill? After marriage with kids? Even better if you don't have much money! You will … [Read more...]