Going in-depth on ILP vs term


Regarding my previous post going in depth on why I changed from ILP to term, I think there are many people who have questions and so to make it clear, here are the main reasons again: 1) My coverage increased from 250k to 1 million 2) Yet my premiums decreased half from $266 to  $139 3) Furthermore, the $266 for ILP will only increase with age while the $153 for term policy is fixed for the 25 … [Read more...]

20 essential things to get before baby’s arrival


It's a daunting task to cater and care for another human being. Besides the physical changes to the mother's body, hospital bag to pack, spaces will need to cleared and arrangements will need to be sorted out. A hole in your pocket can be reduced if you are like me, buying everything online. Warning: This is not for everyone. I do not need well known brands or seek approvals from friends and … [Read more...]

My la la land clarified!


From my part 1 and looking at the comments, initially I was indignant. Why are you guys not supporting me? However, on a closer look, I am happy that you cared, no sarcasm whatsoever. It would have been worse if nobody have commented. You guys gave me good and sound advice and cautioning me against throwing everything into the wind. Thank you for caring and sharing! Anyway, I realised I … [Read more...]

My la la land


It's the start of the year yet I have reached my mid life crisis. Or rather, a mid career crisis although I have only been working for 7.5 years. Yep, don't laugh. I am very clear of my end goal, which is to be financially free. To get to the goal, I will need my own business and get out of the rat race. I can keep on climbing the corporate ladder but my personal time with family will be … [Read more...]

Mt Alvernia – Mother&Child Guidebook review


I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to review on this guidebook (Click to read) because I have only started the #Familytalk series this year. I truly enjoyed my stay in Mt Alvernia but that is not why I agreed to do this review. The chief motivating factor is because this guide has been painstakingly compiled yet given free of charge to everyone. I can see it benefiting not just pregnant … [Read more...]

Stop wasting your time


Stop wasting your youth. Recently, the conversation between a few friends, colleagues and acquaintances revolved around the same theme - they are waiting to do things at the very last minute. One of my customers have just been served the retrenchment letter. Instead of actively updating her resume and finding a job, she said that she is too busy with her family commitments. The thing is, she … [Read more...]

Happy 2nd birthday!


I barely scraped through this year. Even though my 2-posts-a-week was reduced to only 1 post this year, I am quite proud of myself. I managed to keep my blog running through pregnancy, birth and confinement. Of course, those posts were written beforehand so they were scheduled while I was going through all sorts of pain. However, after the mess settled, I jumped right back. I had lots to share … [Read more...]

My new Honda HRV


I have been delaying this because it is my second most expensive purchase after my own house but I really do need it for my job. The COE is stagnating at around 50K and I don't see signs of weakening. Luckily, my previous worry of buying from a Parallel Importer (PI) was eliminated. Honda Authorized dealer (AD) - Kah Motor = HRV made in Japan since 2016 Parallel Importers (PI) = Vezel made in … [Read more...]

Updated BOC Smart saver vs other banks


From my last post, it seemed like BOC Smart saver is a good account. Alas, all good things must come to an end. It is not going to be so enticing anymore. Similar to OCBC 360, they changed their terms after the initial hype. Let's take a look at the revised interest rates. Comparing the new changes to the rest of the banks: With that, the interest rate for the majority of us would be … [Read more...]

POSB Cashback Bonus vs Standard Chartered Bonus Saver and others


Every bank now wants a piece of the action. Thanks to the success of OCBC 360, DBS and Standard Chartered bank are coming up with the bonus interest plans now. However, timing is everything. It will take much more to get consumers to switch away. Anyway, let's evaluate: POSB Cashback Bonus POSB Cashback account is a very different account compared to the rest. Instead of computing the … [Read more...]

Travelling mums


Being a Full Time Working Mum (FTWM) poses a different set of challenges. You worry about leaving your children with the correct people. You know that nobody will take care of your children as good as you. You try your best to spend more time with them after working hours. You feel guilty for going away and not giving them the unlimited attention. After all, the first few years are the most … [Read more...]

SimplySalesTalk: How to manage a micromanager


I used to work in SMEs and I can understand why the bosses like to micro manage people. They know that their employees are bound to quit sooner or later so they would want to know whatever you do so that they can follow up when time comes. They also want you to do according to their methods because they know that you will never put in as much effort as them.Thus, it leads to … [Read more...]

Advertorials or helpful sharing


Recently, I received a few advertisers asking to post on my blog without mentioning that it is an advertorial. Worse part is, I have no say in the post or what is going to be published. This becomes not my blog anymore but a platform for advertising. I hated it. I want the money but yet I cannot accept it. Sigh, why so difficult to earn money?! I think my readers will know that it is not … [Read more...]

Do you want to be a financial consultant?


I overheard 2 undergraduates talking among themselves while queueing for food and it's quite an interesting topic that I, myself have pondered before. One of the guys asked his friend why he is not considering to be a financial consultant, aka insurance agent. He went on to illustrate that his friend got an AIA scholarship. 1 year before he graduates, he already has a job and can afford a BMW. … [Read more...]

How to choose a good infant care


After a long debate on whether to choose a nanny or infant care for my baby, I previously decided on a nanny near my house. However, after only 2 weeks, my nanny quit on me. She wanted to work only from 7am to 5pm which is totally different from our agreed upon 8am to 7pm. I negotiated to 8am to 6pm but she has decided not to take care of my baby anymore. So, a mad rush of last minute … [Read more...]

Review of Mt Alvernia


As my gynaecologist is from a private clinic, I can only choose the private hospitals which are Mt Alvernia, Thomson Medical, Mt Elizabeth and Raffles Hospital. From a survey of my friends, Mt Alvernia is the most popular one followed by Thomson.Read more » … [Read more...]

Infant care vs maid vs nanny


Headache. After giving birth, the headaches never stop. Many decisions to be made, a lot of lifestyle changes will take place. Definitely, higher expenses incurred and it's up to us to decide a balance between quality care for the baby and financial costs. I actually did a pros and cons list on each just to better understand what I really need and which can fulfil my needs. Infant … [Read more...]

Pregnancy and delivery cost in Singapore


As per my previous post, I delivered naturally without epidural. Mount Alvernia's maternity package at 2016 I stayed in a single ward with normal delivery so I had to deposit $3100 (as per the cost stated in the picture above) as soon as I was admitted to the delivery ward. I do not see the need to specify the St Michael's ward or anything better because the single ward is … [Read more...]

Branded goods


I wonder what it is with branded goods, why everyone seems to want to own it to elevate their status and position in the society. I thought cash is more important but apparently, your face value is very important too. I have a high income earner friend who is at the top 1%. She has all the things I do not have. Her Prada purse costs more than $3000, her Gucci bag more than $5000, her Mercedes … [Read more...]

Should you invest in gold?


I have learnt a lot from the online financial course that I am taking currently. Now the topic is on gold. I heard that all Indians have safety deposit boxes in banks to store their gold. It is said that Indians can be cash poor but they definitely will have gold. Gold is their last resort to pawn off and it is reported that Indian hold 20,000 MT of gold, worth more than $1 trillion. Gold has … [Read more...]