Advertorials or helpful sharing


Recently, I received a few advertisers asking to post on my blog without mentioning that it is an advertorial. Worse part is, I have no say in the post or what is going to be published. This becomes not my blog anymore but a platform for advertising. I hated it. I want the money but yet I cannot accept it. Sigh, why so difficult to earn money?! I think my readers will know that it is not … [Read more...]

Do you want to be a financial consultant?


I overheard 2 undergraduates talking among themselves while queueing for food and it's quite an interesting topic that I, myself have pondered before. One of the guys asked his friend why he is not considering to be a financial consultant, aka insurance agent. He went on to illustrate that his friend got an AIA scholarship. 1 year before he graduates, he already has a job and can afford a BMW. … [Read more...]

How to choose a good infant care


After a long debate on whether to choose a nanny or infant care for my baby, I previously decided on a nanny near my house. However, after only 2 weeks, my nanny quit on me. She wanted to work only from 7am to 5pm which is totally different from our agreed upon 8am to 7pm. I negotiated to 8am to 6pm but she has decided not to take care of my baby anymore. So, a mad rush of last minute … [Read more...]

Review of Mt Alvernia


As my gynaecologist is from a private clinic, I can only choose the private hospitals which are Mt Alvernia, Thomson Medical, Mt Elizabeth and Raffles Hospital. From a survey of my friends, Mt Alvernia is the most popular one followed by Thomson.Read more » … [Read more...]

Infant care vs maid vs nanny


Headache. After giving birth, the headaches never stop. Many decisions to be made, a lot of lifestyle changes will take place. Definitely, higher expenses incurred and it's up to us to decide a balance between quality care for the baby and financial costs. I actually did a pros and cons list on each just to better understand what I really need and which can fulfil my needs. Infant … [Read more...]

Pregnancy and delivery cost in Singapore


As per my previous post, I delivered naturally without epidural. Mount Alvernia's maternity package at 2016 I stayed in a single ward with normal delivery so I had to deposit $3100 (as per the cost stated in the picture above) as soon as I was admitted to the delivery ward. I do not see the need to specify the St Michael's ward or anything better because the single ward is … [Read more...]

Branded goods


I wonder what it is with branded goods, why everyone seems to want to own it to elevate their status and position in the society. I thought cash is more important but apparently, your face value is very important too. I have a high income earner friend who is at the top 1%. She has all the things I do not have. Her Prada purse costs more than $3000, her Gucci bag more than $5000, her Mercedes … [Read more...]

Should you invest in gold?


I have learnt a lot from the online financial course that I am taking currently. Now the topic is on gold. I heard that all Indians have safety deposit boxes in banks to store their gold. It is said that Indians can be cash poor but they definitely will have gold. Gold is their last resort to pawn off and it is reported that Indian hold 20,000 MT of gold, worth more than $1 trillion. Gold has … [Read more...]

Want to advance faster in your career? Be the problem solver.


My recent encounters in my workplace had a recurrent theme, that problem solvers advance faster in their careers. Here are the 3 stories. Story 1 2 new colleagues, A and B joined my company recently and they were assigned to a project. A seems inquisitive as he asks many questions, while B looks thoughtful and usually reserves his comments. As they are sitting close to me, many of their … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: Transport allowance


For most sales person, a car is a necessity. I remember how it was compulsory to have a car for me to get my first job. No car, no job. How nice if I could own a red car In 2009, I bought myself a second hand car. It was a luxurious buy for me as a new graduate. At that time, the economy was doing badly due to Lehman brothers so COE was hovering around 5 to 15k. I could only afford … [Read more...]

The role of financial markets


I am still learning more through MOOCs where I have wrote about previously. Currently, there is this interesting course about Understanding Financial Markets and I would like to share some of the course information with you although you might already know about these. 4 functions of financial markets are: 1) Pooling of resources - Transfer the savings of each investors to corporations. This will … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: Employability


I had a chat with colleagues and we brainstormed a few ideas on how to remain relevant and enhance employability. Let me share with you: We won't know when an explosion in our career may occur 1) Broaden your horizons One of the key points to note is to try your best to get exposed to different industries and applications when you are young. Staying in one industry for 20 years … [Read more...]

A shouting incident


It was a normal day. My family and I were having zichar dinner in a neighbourhood restaurant. Not high class at all but there was air con so it's quite a comfortable setting. Then suddenly, we all heard a loud shout: "You think we stupid is it? Are you saying we are idiots?" This was spat out by a father carrying his toddler daughter. The incident happened because he and his family felt that … [Read more...]

How to find your passion


Since starting work a number of years ago, I have been on the search for my passion but to no avail. Things I have tried taught me what I dislike, but what I like is few and short lived. This elusive passion I want is the passion in work, a career I could spent half my life building, be excited for and proud of. The search has so far been a needle in a haystack. Despite the lack of passion, I … [Read more...]

Money is the root of all evil


My friend's wife literally forced him to take a part time job on top of his full time job so that they can have more money to spend. When he told us this, my jaw dropped literally. I really hope this is not the normal way of thinking because this is quite worrying. Instead of thinking of ways to save and cut down on your current spendings, you are resorting to a harder way which is to earn … [Read more...]

How to buy SGX stocks


This is a common question that is asked by every new investors out there. So when my friends started asking this question, I am really happy because that means they are heading towards the right direction: Investing for income. First of all, let's start off with SGX or Singapore stocks. You will need to open a CDP account and also a trading account. The minimum age is 21 years old to start … [Read more...]

Simply Sales talk: Why everyone should try sales


Just for a short stint even if it will not be your life long career. Be it part time sales promotion or insurance or even MLM. The skills that you picked up will be the most applicable in life. Let me go on further as to what the advantages of doing sales are. 1) You will be better in communication Normally, sales people will have to come up with stories on why their sales numbers are better … [Read more...]

Welcome AMEX true cashback card


Last year, I also did cleaned up my finances for the New Year. This year is no exception either and it's a good habit to get rid of unwanted things every year. Due to recent changes to the FRANK card where they require minimum spending of $400 for offline transaction, I cancelled it this year. I only started using it in 2014 so I am sad that I have to cut away the nice jelly bean card. There is … [Read more...]

BOC Smartsaver vs OCBC 360


My friend alerted me to this BOC Smartsaver account and said that I am biased not to review on it. I think he just wants me to write it for his own consideration. Anyway, to be partial, I will comment on it and decide which is better for me. Introducing the Bank of China Smartsaver account: All the rules copy are the same as OCBC 360, even the $60k limit. What is different is only the … [Read more...]

How oil prices affect us


The oil and gas industry has always been enjoying a high level of prestige. When anyone mentioned that they are working in that sector, straightaway people will know that it comes with at least 3 months bonus. At their peak, some oil companies here give out 8 months bonus which is common knowledge in the market. Now, I heard the standard is only 3 months bonus. To the consumers, hooray to the … [Read more...]