How to buy SGX stocks


This is a common question that is asked by every new investors out there. So when my friends started asking this question, I am really happy because that means they are heading towards the right direction: Investing for income. First of all, let's start off with SGX or Singapore stocks. You will need to open a CDP account and also a trading account. The minimum age is 21 years old to start … [Read more...]

Simply Sales talk: Why everyone should try sales


Just for a short stint even if it will not be your life long career. Be it part time sales promotion or insurance or even MLM. The skills that you picked up will be the most applicable in life. Let me go on further as to what the advantages of doing sales are. 1) You will be better in communication Normally, sales people will have to come up with stories on why their sales numbers are better … [Read more...]

Welcome AMEX true cashback card


Last year, I also did cleaned up my finances for the New Year. This year is no exception either and it's a good habit to get rid of unwanted things every year. Due to recent changes to the FRANK card where they require minimum spending of $400 for offline transaction, I cancelled it this year. I only started using it in 2014 so I am sad that I have to cut away the nice jelly bean card. There is … [Read more...]

BOC Smartsaver vs OCBC 360


My friend alerted me to this BOC Smartsaver account and said that I am biased not to review on it. I think he just wants me to write it for his own consideration. Anyway, to be partial, I will comment on it and decide which is better for me. Introducing the Bank of China Smartsaver account: All the rules copy are the same as OCBC 360, even the $60k limit. What is different is only the … [Read more...]

How oil prices affect us


The oil and gas industry has always been enjoying a high level of prestige. When anyone mentioned that they are working in that sector, straightaway people will know that it comes with at least 3 months bonus. At their peak, some oil companies here give out 8 months bonus which is common knowledge in the market. Now, I heard the standard is only 3 months bonus. To the consumers, hooray to the … [Read more...]

CPF in simple terms

simplyjesme - It's_all_about_love

What is CPF? A retirement fund that all Singaporeans and PR have to contribute every month so that you will not be a burden to society when you are old. The dream is to still be healthy What is in the CPF? OA - Ordinary account - For education, housing, investment purpose MA - Medishield account - For hospital bills SA - Special account - For retirement Can I withdraw when I … [Read more...]

Why I changed ILP to Term insurance


This is a thorny issue among everyone, especially so when you just graduated and started working. Turning independence means you will have to consider the expense that you will incur and health related expenses are the biggest worry. The scariest part is not the hospital but the bill! Medishield Life is a great plan to allay concerns about hospitalization fees and can also cover some … [Read more...]

What is the CDP account for?


I was having a casual lunch chat with my colleagues on the stock market and was pleased that my first attempt to explain the concept of long versus short, call versus put option was successful. But asked a simple question on what the CDP account is for, I found myself tongue tight. It is… a depository to hold my stocks and… perhaps my holdings inside are guaranteed in certain ways? How ignorant … [Read more...]

Time to upgrade with MOOCs


I am in a comfortable position right now. I got a good job and not overworked. Right now, it's the lull period where the sales figures are more or less fixed for the year and people are having holidays. It's like the end of the business cycle and new development will be next year's problem. Everyone is looking forward to collecting their bonus and busy slacking enjoying the rainy season. So … [Read more...]

Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)

Just finished watching the final episode of House and at the end is this classic song. It's a cool ending to the show and really make me wonder about my rat-race life now. Now is the holidays seasons and this serves as a good reminder to all of us: By Guy Lombardo You work and work for years and years, you're always on the go You never take a minute off, too busy makin' dough Someday you … [Read more...]

”I Chose Not to Have Kids—and Money Was a Big Reason”


Oh no, this was not said by me but by this article. I find it very interesting and was asking myself why our General Paper topics are not more like this. For the lazy bums, to summarize, this 50s lady chose not to have kids because: 1) She does not want kids even though she met someone in her 40s. They eventually broke off because her partner wanted kids. 2) She used her time and limited money … [Read more...]

Work and Travel USA


Many people who went university always tell me that secondary/poly/JC school was one of their best times in their life and I always think that it is because these people did not know how to optimize university's activities fully. I think I set a record by going for 4 freshmen camps consecutively for 4 weeks and made great friends there and had such a blasting great fun because of that. But … [Read more...]

Delayed gratification vs excuses


"No time" "No money" "Too far away" "Can't walk so much" "Nobody to take care of kids/pets/parents" "Don't have so many days' leave" Or just too many? Familiar things we hear, huh? These are all the excuses people give me when they complain that it has been xxx number of years when they last went travelling. To them, holidays is a far fetched idea that require careful planning … [Read more...]

Happy first birthday!


Still can't believe I managed to churn out articles for one year. I was thinking I would run out of juice in 6 months but luckily, I did stay on long enough to mark my blog's first year birthday! Thank you to my readers for the support and I am also lucky to get some extra bucks from Google Adsense. Some thoughts: 1) On Coftea The most popular post is not written by me... sigh. Haha but I … [Read more...]

Jumbo IPO: Insider news


This is the one time I have got more news than some of you and even though I am one of the latest to write about this... I am glad I have information that many are asking. Being in the sales line, everyone of us are familiar with Jumbo because we bring tourist and guests, customers and overseas colleagues there all the time. I can tell you I sometimes am sick of Jumbo food! The location … [Read more...]

What bartending has taught me about investing


Guest post by Alien Alien is a very good friend of mine who shares the same interest in investing and is pursuing his passion in bartending Scuttlebutting, opportunities are everywhere The famous term was coined by legendary investor Philip Fischer. If his mantra is read carefully, it highlights that the person providing the information has to feel as though he/she is not in danger of … [Read more...]

Stay away from toxic people


Toxic people are those who bring you down in work and also life. They spread negative emotions to you and make you feel depressed or not as optimistic after talking to them. Their actions generated so much negativity that the whole working or group environment will feel the change and dislike their job and everything else. Example 1: A good friend of mine insults and puts down my potential … [Read more...]

How to finally get approval from Google Adsense


After more than 10 times of applying to get into Google Adsense, I finally got it after almost a year of doing so! I thought I would never get it. Actually, I was not expecting to get approved when I did because I changed nothing since my last application. Anyway, these are the steps I took: 1) Include an About Me page 2) Include a Disclaimer page at the bottom 3) Include a Privacy Policy … [Read more...]

Why some women don’t invest


One reason is the one that inhibits most people to not risk their money: Fear. Money can make people irrational The other reason is what I observed from asking all my females friends. It's also the same reason why some of them find no need for grooming or to maintain their figure after the wedding: Because they found someone to take care of them forever. The husband will have … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: What’s a regional sales manager?


I finally got to be a Manager. I have lots of queries about my job and what I do. It's only logical as it's really uncommon in the workplace. Not all industries have them and only some companies have regional sales manager. If your company only have an office in one of the SEA countries, then high chance that they will have a regional sales manager. A regional sales manager do sales … [Read more...]