Earn from your spending with OCBC 360, 365 and FRANK


Even with the recent changes to OCBC 360 savings account, the ability to earn up to 2.25% of your money (capped at 60k) still makes it a top choice to put your money into it. While reviewing the policy changes, it was also a good idea to review my expenditures and see how I can better make use of OCBC credit card offerings. Why look at OCBC offerings? The 360 account entitles you to 0.5% … [Read more...]

OCBC 360: Change is the only constant

I did my previous post on how easy it was to earn some free money from OCBC 360 account. I think the folks at OCBC also realised they held a hook over us so they changed their bonus interest starting from 1st May 2015. I know, I know, I feel disgruntled too. But after seeing how Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit card kept changing their cash rebate scheme over the years, I have kind of … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: Sexist behavior is common


"Women can't survive in the sales industry." That's what my customer said. And a ball of fire instantly rose near my chest. What impudence! What insolence! I can't believe he felt this way and said it to me directly. It was as if he don't expect me to last very long in this industry, and he spelt it out that women should just find a good husband and stay home to have kids. Asking … [Read more...]

Trial and tribulations set by Mr Lee Kuan Yew


I have resisted writing about Mr Lee Kuan Yew as there are so many great articles on him and I can't beat this article about the opposition's daughter and this poignant Mr Brown's story. I was touched by the many tributes and eulogies but I can't contribute as I have not had any personal encounters with him. I can only provide observations - I think this past week was Mr LKY's ultimate tests … [Read more...]

How to survive in the taxi industry


I feel fortunate to be able to go around and listen to people's stories. It makes the tiring travel worth while and less dreary. Singapore taxis (Source: therealsingapore.com) After the most memorable taxi ride that I had, this taxi driver with 43 years of experience under his belt has something to share. He feels that many violent reports concerning new taxi drivers are … [Read more...]

The need to de-stress


After ordering my regular coffee from the coffee uncle, we sat down and he fetched us the wrong order. We told him about his mistake and he in turn replied, "压力很大" (a lot of stress). Mornings are the worst for him since every customer is rushing for time and people feel grumpy and more likely to berate others. It struck me that every trade, every job has their own stress and challenges and the … [Read more...]

Top 10 practical yet romantic gifts

After all the debate about the Top 10 unwanted gifts, you will have to ask... then what is there to buy?!! Okok, this is a bit unfair and my choices are definitely different from other girls but it's better than giving hello kitty presents all the time. Let's see if I can give you some ideas... Warning: All of them require certain amount of time, effort, research and sincerity. 1) Electronic … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: My first job experience


I wanted to be a teacher when I was in primary school, it was fun play acting when young. I did try relief teaching and it was quite rewarding but saying and teaching the same things every week and every year is just not for me. After which, seeing how pretty SIA air stewardess are, I also wanted to be one. My mum said that if I wanted to be an air stewardess, I do not really have to go to the … [Read more...]

Top 10 unwanted gifts from guys


Valentines' day is over. Then comes her birthday, anniversary and then Christmas. Then the cycle repeats every year. The migraine sets in whenever you think of what to buy. Then when you buy something special for her, she actually becomes mad at you! I have a list of gifts that I actually hate receiving and it might be good for your reference: 1) Fishes It's a very cute but cumbersome thing … [Read more...]

Stay weird, stay different


Oscar award winner (Source: deadline.com) "When I was 16 years old,I tried to kill myself because I felt weird and I felt different and I felt like I did not belong. And now I'm standing here and so I would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she's weird or she's different or she doesn't fit in anywhere. Yes, you do. I promise you do. You do. Stay weird, stay … [Read more...]

Janitor bequeaths millions to library, hospital


Story from CNBC. (Source: Fitts, Olson & Giddings) Perhaps the only clue that Ronald Read, a Vermont gas station attendant and janitor who died last year at age 92, had been quietly amassing an $8 million fortune was his habit of reading the Wall Street Journal, his friends and family say. It was not until last week that the residents of Brattleboro would discover Read's … [Read more...]

SBS giving special dividend?


Not to all the shareholders. Only to a selected lucky few and after more than 20 years of taking their buses, I finally got lucky! What do I mean by it? Woohoo! Glad this money sucking machine is on MC today. What is the chances of all 4 card readers being out of order? Yesterday was such a day! The driver just waved us in, saying that it's spoilt and no need to … [Read more...]

Cleaning up physically and financially


I would never have guessed that everywhere is so dirty if not for the routine annual spring cleaning we do before Chinese New Year. Back breaking work, really! I sit on the sofa every day but I could never have guessed that it's so filthy with just a quick wipe. I did not know that my closet full of clothes could ever be so dusty and sandy... I mean there is only clothes there … [Read more...]

A memorable taxi ride


Interesting taxi ride in the early morning of my first overseas trip in 2015.If I am lucky they will help me with my luggage.I have always known that Singapore taxi drivers are more chatty than usual and they like to complain and talk about their lives. But this particular driver is more memorable.He proposed to me.Ok let's start from the beginning. The pleasantries were exchanged. Uncle asked me … [Read more...]

My very first stock


It's always good to start off bright and fresh for the year. A new road ahead! Chiong ah! Being not interested at all in computer technicalities, I really have to thank Coftea for doing this pretty blog for me. There are still some kinks to work out but I really like this vibrant layout. Anyway, my most popular blog post for last year which is only 3 months worth, is on … [Read more...]

5 ways to save money when eating out

SimplyJesMe - cnygoodies-hero

It's the season of feasting and gatherings and holidays! Since it's the retailers' wallet getting fatter, why not think of some ways to get back some discounts and enjoy even more while feasting? Even with a fat bonus, one should never stop thinking of ways to save money. 1) Suggest places where your credit card can give you discounts OCBC has this pretty cool page where they will list down … [Read more...]

The mentality during sales

I am not a woman. That is the opinion of my colleagues after seeing my behaviour during sales. The story is this, we visited some warehouse sales and branded goods were selling at a huge discount and everything was below S$30. The crowd was there, the prices were cheap and the atmosphere was noticeably vibrant. Advice to men: Do not accompany your wife or daughter to these kind of sales because … [Read more...]

The high life of doing sales

My colleagues think that I am leading the high life. Sometimes I don't have to go office. Every month I get to travel overseas. If I go to a different continent, I get to travel by business class. I get to eat all the good food and travel and seems like I don't have to work much, just chit chat and relax. What they don't know is that I have to rush presentations and reports after every customer … [Read more...]