The new OCBC Frank card has lost its appeal


Guest post by Coftea With its 6% cashback given for online spending, the OCBC FRANK card is every online shopper’s must-have. Well, not from 1st Oct 2015 onwards when the new changes come into effect. Good things tend not to last. What’s so bad about it? FRANK is turning into every other card out there, tempting you with attractive benefits but making the requirements hard to achieve. And … [Read more...]

The 10 things I’m grateful for being Singaporean


Starting with our outpour of emotions and respect for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, followed by our sportsmen doing us proud in Sea Games and finally witnessing a spectacular Jubilee NDP, I have never felt prouder to be a Singaporean. The feeling was especially strong while I was listening to PM Lee Hsien Loong's rally speech on 23 Aug. As with previous rallies, he started by recounting notable events … [Read more...]

Why some people are losing $10,000 every year


Getting more savings comes easier not by cutting down on some one-off items, but more of cutting down on the expenses of your daily life. The things that you consume regularly will take a huge chunk of your annual pay and these are some tips you can consider to stop the bleeding: Coffee, tea or money? (Source: wikipedia) 1) Coffee I understand that you need your daily joe but … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: My failed interviews


The turnover in the sales industry is like 2 to 3 years so it's normal to go to many interviews and get to know the different jobs available in the market. To climb up to be a manager from an assistant manager, I had to go to more than 10 interviews to see which jobs interest me more. The interviewers always seem scary... (Source: Wikipedia) All these failed interviews helped a … [Read more...]

Great for Big Savers – UOB One Account


A holler out to all big savers: There is One account for you I have decided to do something about my UOB Campus account finally! I have graduated long ago and this account does not gives any interest but I still keep it because it is linked to my CDP account. I looked for an account that has higher rates and UOB One Account seems suitable. I was surprised that it only took 5 minutes to breeze … [Read more...]

Having the means doesn’t mean you have to


Guest post by Coftea I had a chat with a friend recently and I brought up the usual tease question that is always directed at him. “So when are you going to buy a condo?” His usual response was to give a shrug, tell people he was waiting for the right moment and share some details of condos he has scouted. His reply this time however, surprised me. In his matter-of-factly tone, he said he is … [Read more...]

A little tool to check HDB resale prices


Guest post by Coftea A few months ago, I came across a good piece of software that helps people to see and understand data. I actually tried it out using publicly available data and the resale prices released by HDB quarterly seems like a good data to analyze. As it turned out, my output wasn't too shabby and I think it might be useful to some readers out there. I call it a HDB resale price … [Read more...]

What would you say to your older/younger you?

My 50 year old colleague recently had a quadruple bypass, which means 4 of his blood vessels are blocked and needed to be unblocked. His top most regret and advice to his 30 years old self and also to me, is this: We should never stop exercising. Exercise for life The moment he stopped exercising at 30 years old due to work, he could never find time to put it back on his schedule. … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: Does hard work pays off?


Recently, I met up with a young GM who also has some shares in a local company. He is in the production line and his job is not glamourous at all. People normally mistake him as just a worker as he is dressed in a worker's uniform. He is also the sexist guy from my last post but we have become very good friends and able to talk about everything. Oh, it is quite cheap... just more … [Read more...]

Can HDB owners buy another private property? Yes you can!


I have lost count of the number of times I have been told that Singaporeans who already own a HDB flat cannot buy another private property. I actually believed it until someone knowledgeable enlightened me. Being an aspiring HDB cum private property (or properties!) owner, getting the facts right on this subject is important. If a HDB owner can purchase another private property, what are the … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: Job hop


I like to be a know-it-all, where people come to consult me on issues and when I have the capacity to help. Luckily for me, my first job as a distributor background  made me exposed to a wide variety of products so I can learn more. Normally a distributor will have more than 10 different suppliers and they comprised of different raw materials to a finished product. I get to learn from all of … [Read more...]

10 lessons in Warren Buffett’s 2015 shareholders letter


Guest post by Coftea I have been hearing great things about how Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investor of our times writes his shareholder letters. Often, they are mentioned as well written, thoughtful and loaded with sound investment advices. With succinct quotes such as be“fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful” and “rule no.1 is not to lose money … [Read more...]

Paying 10 times more for a haircut


I dread going to haircuts since young. As a guy, I consider it a monthly chore which must be done to make my hair looks similar to the one I sport last month. The problem is that I can never know how my hair will turn out this time, and more often than not, I will not like it. If paying ten times more for a haircut can ease my dreadfulness, it may be well worth a shot. When I was young, they … [Read more...]

Earn from your spending with OCBC 360, 365 and FRANK


Even with the recent changes to OCBC 360 savings account, the ability to earn up to 2.25% of your money (capped at 60k) still makes it a top choice to put your money into it. While reviewing the policy changes, it was also a good idea to review my expenditures and see how I can better make use of OCBC credit card offerings. Why look at OCBC offerings? The 360 account entitles you to 0.5% … [Read more...]

OCBC 360: Change is the only constant

I did my previous post on how easy it was to earn some free money from OCBC 360 account. I think the folks at OCBC also realised they held a hook over us so they changed their bonus interest starting from 1st May 2015. I know, I know, I feel disgruntled too. But after seeing how Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit card kept changing their cash rebate scheme over the years, I have kind of … [Read more...]

Simply Sales Talk: Sexist behavior is common


"Women can't survive in the sales industry." That's what my customer said. And a ball of fire instantly rose near my chest. What impudence! What insolence! I can't believe he felt this way and said it to me directly. It was as if he don't expect me to last very long in this industry, and he spelt it out that women should just find a good husband and stay home to have kids. Asking … [Read more...]

Trial and tribulations set by Mr Lee Kuan Yew


I have resisted writing about Mr Lee Kuan Yew as there are so many great articles on him and I can't beat this article about the opposition's daughter and this poignant Mr Brown's story. I was touched by the many tributes and eulogies but I can't contribute as I have not had any personal encounters with him. I can only provide observations - I think this past week was Mr LKY's ultimate tests … [Read more...]

How to survive in the taxi industry


I feel fortunate to be able to go around and listen to people's stories. It makes the tiring travel worth while and less dreary. Singapore taxis (Source: After the most memorable taxi ride that I had, this taxi driver with 43 years of experience under his belt has something to share. He feels that many violent reports concerning new taxi drivers are … [Read more...]

The need to de-stress


After ordering my regular coffee from the coffee uncle, we sat down and he fetched us the wrong order. We told him about his mistake and he in turn replied, "压力很大" (a lot of stress). Mornings are the worst for him since every customer is rushing for time and people feel grumpy and more likely to berate others. It struck me that every trade, every job has their own stress and challenges and the … [Read more...]

Top 10 practical yet romantic gifts

After all the debate about the Top 10 unwanted gifts, you will have to ask... then what is there to buy?!! Okok, this is a bit unfair and my choices are definitely different from other girls but it's better than giving hello kitty presents all the time. Let's see if I can give you some ideas... Warning: All of them require certain amount of time, effort, research and sincerity. 1) Electronic … [Read more...]