Feb 2017 Trading

Well, this month, I was not able to get a profitable month. Earlier of the month, I actually lost more than $63. But was happy to recover some of it before month end. Its considered a consolation prize for me already. Ok enough say, lets see if I can get some profit in the next month :) Period $ Profit/Loss % profit/loss Capital Verdict Jan … [Read more...]

Feb 2017 Portfolio


This month, I managed to get some OCBC after there was a dip in its price. Overall, Feb has been a good month will a lot of runup and my portfolio was finally in the positive zone of 1.7% after so many months. Lets hope that market will continue to run up for the month of Mar too. STI vs my portfolio My portfolio is FINALLY positive after so many months :) Period STI My Portfolio … [Read more...]

Jan 2017 Trading


This month is quite a good and profitable month. I managed to chalk up a handsome profit which is almost the same as my total profit in 2016. This is definitely a good start in 2017! If this continues for the rest of the year, I will definitely be a happy man. Especially for this kind of return per month, of course it out performed my dividend stock portfolio. However, in trading, we cannot expect … [Read more...]

Jan 2017 Portfolio


This month, thanks to Trump effect, the market ran up alot and we have witnessed history that DOW broke 20,000 and STI also shot through 3000. My portfolio also enjoyed the run up. This month I also didnt buy any stocks because of the run up. I will probably buy up some when there's a correction in Feb. STI vs my portfolio My portfolio is still hovering in the negative region :( but good … [Read more...]

2016 Year End Portfolio Review


Its the end of 2016, let's just do a little checkpoint to see how much am I closer to my target :) I started building my portfolio in Oct 2014. So close to 3 years of results. STI vs my portfolio: My portfolio already beat STI for many months with the cumulative amount of dividends collected, but if you count only capital gain, I still beat the market. Portfolio by stocks: I am … [Read more...]

2016 Trading Review


I started trading in Jan 2016 and like I said before, this should be my 3rd attempt. Every time when I have a new try, I would always regard as money being thrown away. There's no difference for this time too. As you can see from the chart above, my trading got a good start when I got a few wins, beginner luck maybe. However, all that it became like an exciting roller coaster ride in USS. My … [Read more...]

Dec 2016 Trading


Made a big mistake at the beginning of Dec and it has already confirmed that I would end the month will a negative return. As you can see from the ugly steep dip in my trading equity. Indeed it was because the loss was quite huge. However, did managed to gain back some and narrow down the loss but nevertheless still end up as a negative month. Period $ Profit/Loss % … [Read more...]

Dec 2016 Portfolio


Last month of 2016 usually will have a good runup during Christmas. I was quite surprised to see Singtel dipped down to $3.6x for another time for me to grab some. So this time, I am not letting it go and grabbed some for my keep. This is a very diversified blue chip telco company which I am going to keep for a long time. STI vs my portfolio My portfolio is still hovering in the negative … [Read more...]

Nov 2016 Trading

Thanks to Donald Trump, I got a very big profit in the beginning of Nov. In fact, its my biggest gain for my trading so far. So in Nov, I was very confident that it would close in profit. This month, I also increased my trading capital by $5,000. So here it is ... Period $ Profit/Loss % profit/loss Capital Verdict Oct 2016 $956.76 9.56% $10,000 Nov … [Read more...]

Nov 2016 Portfolio


This month we witnessed USA votes and how the market quickly recovers from the downtrend which it is suffering before the US election. And on the actual US Election Day, how it went down hard again with DOW futures at a low of -700. What a roller coaster ride. This last time we see this kind of movement was in 24 Jun when Britain votes for BREXIT. This year 2016 really have a couple of major … [Read more...]

Oct 2016 Portfolio


Well, we survived the month of Oct which is usually infamous for many of its stock market crashes in the past such as The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as Black Tuesday (October 29), the Great Crash, or the Stock Market Crash of 1929, on October 24, 1929 ("Black Thursday"). This month is rather quiet with low instream of dividends. But managed to get my monies back for SMRT which was … [Read more...]

Certainty of death, Small Chance of Success, What are we waiting for?


[embedded content] I especially like LOTR and there was this part where the gang are going to setup a rather odd fellowship of ring comprising of a human, a elf, a dwarf and 2 hobbits. It was when Gimli the dwarf said this 'Certainty of death, Small Chance of Success, What are we waiting for?'. Kinda of funny though, I would think. Also kinda sink in deeply into me as after a few years after … [Read more...]

Sep 2016 Portfolio


The Friday before the fateful Sep 11 anniversary, Dow Jones made a surprised downturn of almost -400+ cut of its index. This has caused the global markets to react to it. It could be a change in market trend which we will see market fall further in the coming months as we near the year end. I finally managed to get some SingPost after aiming for it for sometime. Should be quite a good addition … [Read more...]

Aug 2016 Portfolio


Recently, DBS got scarred by Swiber bonds when it filed for bankruptcy. This incidents opened up a can of worms, it seems that DBS are doing leveraged Swiber 7% bond sale for its wealthy customers. Eg it allows 50% loan for its customers who buy Swiber high dividend bond if they buy at least $250k worth of bond and DBS will lend them another $250k, total $500k to buy Swiber bonds. Customers will … [Read more...]

Grace Groner: US Secret Millionaire with US$7 Million Fortune


What if I tell you to just buy 1 solid dividend blue chip when you start working and keep on buying and reinvesting your dividend into it and you will end up a millionaire when you retired? Could you believe it? Well a lady, Grace Groner from Illinois did it, along with other ingredients. 1. A bit of luck. Its a single stock investment which expose you to concentration risk. Luckily the only … [Read more...]

Jul 2016 Portfolio


Jul is a quiet month in terms of dividend payouts. Nevertheless, I was anxious to add more Keppel Corps into my portfolio and after seeing it fly off a few times, I was so afraid that I would miss the boat of getting it at $5+. Finally managed to add a bit more of it. I was so scared of feeling regret of not getting more of it. This blue chip would be nice to accumulate and let me reap its … [Read more...]

Why a Trader Should Invest Too


I was at a traders' fackbook group when someone asked which stocks should he buy for investment. Immediately there were a few replies and most actually said that they will ramp up their trading capital and trade bigger lots. Why need to invest in stocks they say when they can earn bigger bucks by increasing their trading capital and trade bigger. Agree? Hmm this I do not quite agree. In fact, I … [Read more...]

Half Yearly 2016 Portfolio Review


Its the mid of 2016, let's just do a little checkpoint to see how much am I closer to my target :) I started building my portfolio in Oct 2014. So close to 2 years of results. STI vs my portfolio: My portfolio already beat STI for many months with the cumulative amount of dividends collected, but if you count only capital gain, then its almost a fair fight. Portfolio by stocks: I am … [Read more...]

Jun 2016 Portfolio

This month we are all blessed to witness the greatest history of our time ie Brexit! At least our generation witnessed this event and will live to tell our tales. I am more of a Brexit guy and support those British who voted for this. Britain is one of the richest nation in EU. So EU was very anxious esp Germany to make Britain stay in EU. But EU was plagued by many poorer nations such as Greece, … [Read more...]

May 2016 Portfolio


Guess every dividend investors were enjoying themselves with the dividends showering on them during the month of May. I too have my fair share of monies 'falling from the sky' :) This month I also received a nice little surprise from CMPacific. I just got it just once or two months again. It was announced that they will be delisting and offer a premium price of 20% more ie $1.02. This will be my … [Read more...]