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Mitigate Risk By Diversification

Putting our hard earned money in the stock market is a risky business. We may have put in our best research effort to ensure that all the financial, valuation and management factors are tip-top but there will be some hidden or external factors which investors do not know. We all do not want to see our portfolio lose money. It’s risky to invest in stock market. We cannot eliminate risk but we can reduce our risk. So what do we do? We buy more individual stocks :) Study has shown that as we diverisified by buying into different stocks,...

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Jan 2015 Portfolio

Well, its the first month of 2015, STI started the new year 2015 with a big bang! And its not good too, on its first trading day, STI was -40 points. That was caused by oil price dropping below US$50 and Euro crisis with Greece threatening to exit Euro. And adding more oil to the fire, Switzerland suddenly announced that they are not pegging Swiss Franc to Euro, causing a big hoo-ha in the market. Well, not a good start for the stock market if you ask me. And that’s just the beginning of the month. Near the end...

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About me

At this time of writing (Oct 2014), I am a 41 years old male, married with 2 beautiful daughters. I am not new to investing. In fact I have been investing throughout my life. My mum introduced stock investing to me. She still do stock investing sometimes buying at ridiculous time during bear market and penny stocks. Sometimes I would give her my puzzled look with her calls haha. But overall she did better than me, collecting dividends and win some tikams. I first started mine when I was doing my NS dabbling with IPOs and buying stocks etc....

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2014 Year End Portfolio Review

Our performance must be measurable. We should have a plan, a target or goal and a strategy on how to achieve our target. If not, how do we know if we improve or not. Only then will we know if we are in the right track and continue doing what we are doing. If we are in the right track, then we can decide if we want to multiply or magnify the effect. Its the end of 2014, let’s just do a little checkpoint to see how much am I closer to my target :) I started building my...

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My Strategy

In 2010, I bought 10 lots of Starhill Global at $0.50 and Suntec Reits at $1.24 for divdend but was scared of the Tsunami/Nuclear crisis in Japan 2012, so I sold all of them thinking that there will be another crisis just like the 2008 Lehman Bro crisis. But the correction was short lived, I waited for further correction but it didnt happened so I waited waited and waited. In 2014, I waited for correction but it didnt happened. I just kept on building my warchest. I am also cautious about the current SG stock market which is running...

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Dec 2014 Portfolio

Dec is always not a good month for stock. The big boys are closing their books and going for long Christmas and New Year holidays. They will be selling the market. This month we saw oil prices dipping by alot from US$100+ to US$60+ and some analysts were saying it will affect the stock market or some companies. This I find it strange because few years back oil was trading at US$60+ which is the norm and when it shot up to US$100+ everyone was saying its bad for the economy as profi margin were sliced and back then...

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My Motivation

I think most of us started off our journey by getting our first job, earning our first pay check, etc. I understand as a young working adult its very tough to save and invest because you want to start a family and will be spending on big ticket items such as a wedding package, car, home, renovation, baby and kids stuff such as milk powder, education, enrichment, tuition, etc. All these will easily set you back to zero. My advise is quickly get over this phase and build up your savings asap. Although we are working and saving our...

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Nov 2014 Portfolio

After US Fed announced the end of QE, which is to print money to help the US economy afloat, BOJ Japan and Europe announced that they are starting their QE. Looks like they tied up and are taking turns to perform the QE role. This is considered good news for the Asian market as they are all lifted after the news. Apparently when US Fed ended their QE, it means that the US economy is recovering with better job employment, etc. This should be good news for all. Looks like STI will be going up, at least its what...

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