Beginning of 2nd Quarter 2017!

Hi Everyone, Today is the beginning of the 2nd quarter in 2017, and I have tabulated my financial report card to check to see what is my current progress. I will report based my result in percentage (current savings / my financial target *100): 95% 95% of $160,000! This is indeed very near to my expected target! 5 more percent which is around $8,000 more to go! I have given myself 3 … [Read more...]

Personal Experience on Saving and Investment Journey (Year 2016)

Hello everyone! 2016 is a pretty calm year for me as I did not switch job, did not do much investment and also not much changes in the financial plan for myself. The only big changes is my marital status, I am married last year! My saving journey for the year of 2016 was quite stable and I did not really over spend too much although I have to cover the wedding expenses (which cost around … [Read more...]

On the way to getting my first property

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I have update my blog due to my busy schedule, I did not have time to post any update on my side. Despite my busy schedule, I still make an effort in working towards my goal in getting my first property. I am nearly there as you can see my target bar on the right side of this blog, I manage to hit 91% of my target. This is definitely a good news for me … [Read more...]

Investing Notes – a new platform for centralize information on Shares/Stocks


Hi Everyone!Recently there is one new investment website called investing note which is a platform whereby people can share their thoughts on shares and also a centralize place to get news and information on stocks like share price and etc. I believe this is a good place to go to even if you are new to investment in shares. Of course, you can asked or share your thoughts on other financial … [Read more...]

Big Event and Year 2017 Update

Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I have update this blog, mainly due to preparation of my big day (my wedding) which leads to insufficient free time to update my blog. 2016 has been a fruitful year for me because there are several happy event took place. First is my wedding and ROM, it was a wonderful event with my wife as we prepare really hard for this (day and night preparing all the … [Read more...]

What Happen If You Are Unable To Track Your Expenses


Hi Everyone, As you have notice, for the last few months, I am unable to produce my expenses results due to forgetfulness and also tight schedule due to wedding and moving into my new house (there are tons of things to do, so if you are at that stage, do note that it will take a lot of your time). Understanding the fact that tracking of expenses can be quite tough as the days goes by, … [Read more...]

Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report – October 2016

Hi Everyone, This month was a good month for me because I manage to save more money due to my increment. It was certainly a good jump in my salary and poof! my saving increase from 76% to 79%! I did not clear any of my goal and at the same time, I cleared my wedding ring installment! (Which means my expenses will go down by $450 per month!) This post will be a very short one because this is … [Read more...]

POSB Cashback Bonus


Hi Everyone, I believe most of you have heard about POSB Cashback Bonus program introduce by POSB (obviously). After reading the requirements online, I find that this might be a good way for me to earn some cashback if I buy my property next year and get a loan from POSB. If I manage to do that I think this will be an additional passive income for me! The requirement as shown in the picture … [Read more...]

Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report – September 2016


Hi Everyone, This post might not contain much information regarding my expenses because I was too busy this month with my wedding preparation that I did not keep track of my expenses. On top of that, I guess I over spend too much this month as well which is due to wedding expenses. For my personal target, I have cleared my passive income of $1,500 in the year of 2016! Another target down. … [Read more...]

Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report – August 2016


Hi Everyone! This post might come a bit early but just two days won't make any much difference. I just got my recent salary increment, which is around $200, feel very happy because an increment is an increment, and I have hit my targeted salary, making $4,000 per month! One target achieved, 4 more to go! Secondly, I just received $64 worth of dividends from Singtel, which is a good thing … [Read more...]

Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report – July 2016

Hi Everyone, Finally, it is the end of July 2016 (in fact today is the first day of August), as this is a monthly personal financial report, I will be doing a summary of my passive income, expenses and savings in this blog post. With this blog post, I will be able to note down my progress every month. Investment and Passive Income - July 2016 My investment still remains the same as … [Read more...]

Pokemon Go! Potential Expenses For Most Players


Hi Everyone! Today's topic is about the potential expenses for most players when playing the game, Pokemon Go! I truly understand the hype of Pokemon Go, because I am one of the player who is waiting for the game to be available in Singapore. So let me share some of the potential expenses that might incurred in some of the players. 1) In App Purchase Pokemon Go as well as other free games … [Read more...]

5 Things Learnt When Dealing With Cost Management for Wedding


Hi Everyone! As I am in the process of preparing for my wedding, which is at the end of this year, and also I have come across a few blog post about wedding budget, with that I shall share my humble opinion on the topic of Cost Management for Wedding Budget. As many people have mention, wedding is a once in a lifetime event so some couple will spend quite a sum of money to have a grand … [Read more...]

What To Do If You Are Too Lazy To Keep Track Of Your Expenses?


Hi Everyone! In order to build your own passive income, it is always important to save more money while you are working so that you can invest those savings into different instruments for good returns. So in order to build your own portfolio, you will need more money in order to generate decent amount of passive income to support your monthly expenses, in order word, achieving financial … [Read more...]

[Saving Quest] Increase Your Saving By 2% Every Month

Hi Everyone Previously, I have mention about the 26 Weeks Money Challenge. The 26 Weeks Money Challenge is the first basic, if you are confident enough to clear the 26 Weeks Money Challenge with ease, go this this level of challenge. This level of saving quest is to increase your monthly savings by 2% every month until you hit your desire target like save 60% of your annual income with the … [Read more...]

What Is A Good Investment Plan (Part Two – Goals)


Hi Everyone, This post is the continuation of the "What Is a Good Investment Plan" - Part One - Financial Needs. Question on what Is A Good Investment Plan? Recently (After I posted the part one on what is a good investment plan), I have received emails on asking that why a good investment plan requires us to know the financial needs, goals, liability and etc. rather than finding a high … [Read more...]

Saving Challenge – 26 Weeks Money Challenge

Hi Everyone! Last year, I have posted a challenge for all the readers to see who can actually complete the quest of 52 weeks Money Challenge! ( My result is that, I didn't follow it when it is halfway through because I totally forgot about this challenge since I have switch to wordpress for a couple of months … [Read more...]

How to Start a Blog That Makes $124,074 Per Month [Infographic]

When people think of bloggers, they primarily think one of two things: Either a young teenage girl with too many emotions who is maniacally typing away at her computer and reveling at the unfairness of the world, or a middle aged woman with too much time on her hands who wants to make a few friends. Well, while those bloggers are certainly out there somewhere, the face of blogging has changed. … [Read more...]

What Is A Good Investment Plan (Part One – Financial Needs)


Hi Everyone, Before we move into this topic, it is essential for the readers to know that I am not a certified financial consultant or adviser, just a normal financial blogger who is sharing my own experience when it comes to financial savings and planning. So do not 100% follow my view on this matter and it is always better to do your own research. Okay, now let's come to my view on what is … [Read more...]

Personal Passive Income and Expenses Monthly Report – June 2016

Hi Everyone, Finally, it is the end of June 2016, as mention in the previous monthly report post, I will be doing a summary of my passive income, expenses and savings in this blog post. With this blog post, I will be able to note down my progress every month. So below is my report for June 2016: Investment and Passive Income - June 2016 My investment still remains the same as compared … [Read more...]