Reflection of my income streams and investment portfolio

I have a big roadmap of where my different income streams will be. For the past 8 years, I have been developing them. It is with this belief that will support my end goal of living a life that is contractually free, a 10 years plan in place. This post shall be a brief of where I am now and where I wish to be. By sharing, I hope to inspire everyone around me. My Day Job I have been … [Read more...]

My 10 years plan that gives me peace of mind in future

Time is your friend. Patience is a virtue. How true this is. I set my financial sight to equities during 2008 sub-prime crisis, scooping up dirt-cheap shares of a prominent blue-chip Developer at less than S$1.50. In Jan 2015, I sold my Keppel Land shares at S$4.55 per share due to the privatization offer from the parent company, Keppel Corporation. That gave me more than 120% net returns, … [Read more...]

Why does a Market Opportunist buys Keppel Corporation now

We have seen several global events unfold this year. The downward spiral of oil prices, US Federal Reserve interest rate adjustment, China economic slowdown, threat of terrorism and the continued sluggish commodity demand. I have nothing much to shout in my portfolio. But it’s with the negative sentiment that I smell opportunities. Jack Ma once said “if 90% of those present at a business … [Read more...]

Here are 5 great ways to close a deal if you run out of ideas

You can be a great person to build relationships. But if your closing rate is low, it’s as good as losing your plot. Often, a salesperson struggle because (a) he is shy to ask for the client’s signature (b) he develops preconceived assumption about the prospect (c) he can’t sense the buying signal in the beginning Whatever the reason, the salesperson’s (Insurance Agent, Property … [Read more...]

The market feeds on your emotions. Stand firm and believe in your objective

You heard it. Corporate earnings disappoint. Companies face challenging market conditions, from softening of the retail climate to rising costs of rent, manpower and production. Externally, oversupply of oil with prices plummeting and there are few signs of recovery. Slowdown in China with China Central Bank imposes further interest rate cuts. Locally, Developers are pressing for favorable … [Read more...]

5 ways to make money before year 2015 ends

Look around you. There may be money-making opportunities. But the environment is cluttered with various schemes – some are dubious and raise suspicion. Flip the papers and you see an advertisement promising you double-digit returns with an investment that needs little effort. Surf the internet and there are many online link-ups informing that you can earn a 4 digit income within a few days by … [Read more...]

How to pull out key points from CEO/Chairman Statement in Annual Reports?

The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is coming. The annual report is printed with fancy images, painting a positive picture of the company. Looks like a colourful brochure to me. I flip the pages and more stunning visuals pop up. Selling the business may be appealing, however, that’s not important to me. What’s critical is the information beneath, which I need to tear out bits and pieces. One of … [Read more...]

The first 2 questions to pop up after reading annual reports

1. How does the company make money? Easily, you can gather the nature of the business (what the company sells) through the company website. However, it’s not just about the products and services but how does the company actually make money? To illustrate an example, I will use Straco Corporation Limited (“Straco”), Annual Report FY2013. Straco is operates and manages tourist … [Read more...]

6 ways to save money yet gain something meaningful

I begin to think about how “the man in the street” is able to save money yet gain something meaningful. So, I churn out a list of activities that anyone can do, minus off the wallet. 1. Visit the Library Take a walk into our National Libraries without flipping out a coin. Spend a day browsing through magazines or pick up your favorite book to read. Not only you can enhance your knowledge, … [Read more...]

5 things you need to know about Starburst

When I first heard about Starburst IPO, I thought this business is unique. Starburst specialises in the design and engineering of firearms-training facilities. Starburst designs, fabricates, installs and maintains anti-ricochet ballistic protection systems for firearm shooting ranges and tactical training mock-ups. Their clients include law enforcement, military and security agencies, as well as … [Read more...]

Why you should have a financial balance

I read many articles that talk about prudence and frugality. The message across is a timely reminder as an individual should not spend beyond their means, especially the inflationary pressures in Singapore. In other words, think about saving first (paying oneself) before paying off your bills, much least spending the extra cash. Think about building your emergency fund first. Think about the … [Read more...]

My Parkson Store Visit in KL (Part Two)

Let's move on to Part 2 of my Store Visit in Parkson, Kuala Lumpur. For my readers who miss part one, you can find the information here: In-store Promotion, Marketing and Branding There are some catalog and booklets available that showcase the latest deals. During the Chinese New Year, Parkson launches hamper sets to … [Read more...]

My Store Visit @ Parkson, Kuala Lumpur (Part One)

I was on a business trip in Kuala Lumpur about two weeks ago. Part of my agenda was to make a store visit to Parkson. I have brought my self-made store survey sheet with me and narrowed down to two Parkson outlets for sampling – The Pavilion at Jalan Bukit Bintang and Suria KLCC. It made perfect sense since one was centrally located and the other a popular shopping street. I would use Parkson, … [Read more...]

3 trends to watch out for

I just returned back to Singapore from the Scandinavian islands not long ago. It has been a wonderful trip personally, culturally and historically. As I marvelled over the great natural wonders of Iceland, I am completely intrigued by the formation of the lava fields, hot springs, hot mud, gorges, glaciers, icebergs to waterfalls over the years. There are no words to describe the stunning … [Read more...]

Interview with FFN – my investment life

I was asked by FFN, a fellow acquaintance in the investment community, to share my thoughts on investment (thanks FFN!) Below is the interview extract: FFN: How did you get interested in investing and who inspired you to get started? Ken: It started off with my former colleague in the education industry about five years back. He hinted to me that the opportunity had arrived as there was … [Read more...]

Parkson Retail Asia

Happy New Year to all my readers! I will like to touch upon an interesting company – Parkson Retail Asia. As usual, my article focuses on the qualitative insights since there are sources on the firm’s financial health. The roots begin when Parkson Holdings Bhd was incorporated on 26 August 1982 as a private limited liability company under the name of Amalgamated Cement Mills Sdn Bhd. In 1988, it … [Read more...]

Hotel Room Investment

I sold Ho Bee recently and earned some profits as news and layout of Metropolis was publicized and featured by the local media. Previously, I bought more Ho Bee post ABSD announcement (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty), so the price locked in was relatively "under-valued" against revised NAV (net asset value) Back to properties - today, I will like to touch base upon the idea of "buy and lease out a … [Read more...]

The Hour Glass

It has been a while since I last pen out my thoughts about companies as I have been busy with my coaching work. Today, I will like to put out my 2 cents thoughts on “The Hour Glass” Financials aside (I am sure there are bloggers who provide deep insights into the numbers), I will like to concentre on the advantages and risks of The Hour Glass. Things have changed after their horrendous investment … [Read more...]

5 things to think – foreign properties

I plan to start a new series on property, aiming to give key pointers of the property landscape, local and overseas. There are many benefits on property investment such as:(a) Hedge against inflation(b) Let money work harder for you (c) Preovides a pssive income (hopefully for our retirement years!)(d) Earn profit from capital gains when we sell our properties (e) Leaves a legacy for our loved … [Read more...]

My portfolio addition – Dec 2011 – Jan 2012

I will like to sincerely wish all my faithful readers a "Happy & Prosperous Lunar New Year".~~~~~~~~~ GONG XI FA CAI !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~Late last year and into early 2012, I bought and sold the following shares:1) Sold Noble Group 2) Sold AIMS AMP REIT 3) Bought SIA Engineering4) Bought Keppel Telecommunications & Transport On my objective to grow my dividend portfolio, I have decided to reduce my … [Read more...]