Portfolio Update – Mar 2017


March did not turn out as bad as I expected it to be. The Fed rate hike did not have much of an impact this time round, I guess it has already been price in. Our portfolio increased by another 6.68% from both capital injection and capital gain to $216,083. This month, we saw a lot of green green for our daily PnL from the report sent out daily by SGXcafe :) There was quite a bit of … [Read more...]

2017 Q1 Expenses

I have yet to receive my Standard Chartered March statement so portfolio update will have to wait. I did a review on my 2016 expenses and concluded that it was too high. 3 months have passed since then and let's take a look at my Q1 expenses to see if they are below 1/4 of my last year expenses. Ideally, expenses should be less than $9,500, so how did KPO did? … [Read more...]

CabRewards vs GrabRewards


CZM and I always do OT (sad life) and company policy allows us to claim our cab rides after certain hour. Last year, we were able to convert our CabRewards to $70 Comfort Delgro vouchers! These are the small little things that keep KPO happy. I will now analyze both options to see which is a better option. CabRewards  CabRewards is the first ever taxi rewards programme for Cashless paying … [Read more...]

KPO Analysis on Ascott Residence Trust (REIT) Rights Issue

Ascott Residence Trust (REIT) announce 29 rights units for every 100 existing units at a discounted price of $0.919 per share few weeks back to raise gross proceeds of approximately S$442.7 million. If you do not know what is a rights issue, you can read about it here. It is one of the way the company raise more fund to do all sort of things (acquire more property, expand business, pay debt, … [Read more...]

KPO’s Virgin IPO (Kimly) After 4 Years!

I have never participated in any IPO after investing for 3/4 years. The reason is because one cannot do that with SCB and I have been trying to resist all temptations in order to accumulate all my investment in one account. I no longer need to do that as I have achieved that goal last month! I am sure by now everyone is familiar with our (SGX) very first kopi-tiam (it means coffee shop in … [Read more...]

Capitastar and Frasers Rewards

As a KPO, apart from being thrifty, I tries to make sure that the money spent is fully utilized. For instance, I avoid paying cash/NETS as much as possible and prefer using credit card because there is rebates/miles/reward points. If you spend in either Capitaland Malls or Frasers Centrepoint Malls, you should participate in their loyalty/rewards programme. Simply register and download both … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update – Feb 2017


I just realized our blog has reached its first tiny milestone - 1,000 page views! Thank you everyone! We are proud to announce that we have hit our 1st short term goal this month - our portfolio is now greater than $200,000 :) With that, we have applied to become Standard Chartered Priority Customer. That means we have lower commissions (0.18% as compared to 0.20% previously) and most … [Read more...]