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KPO Analysis on Ascott Residence Trust (REIT) Rights Issue

Ascott Residence Trust (REIT) announce 29 rights units for every 100 existing units at a discounted price of $0.919 per share few weeks back to raise gross proceeds of approximately S$442.7 million. If you do not know what is a rights issue, you can read about it here. It is one of the way the company raise more fund to do all sort of things (acquire more property, expand business, pay debt, etc.). People generally do not like rights issue because it would dilute the equity/value that belongs to existing shareholders and it feels like the company is asking for...

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KPO’s Virgin IPO (Kimly) After 4 Years!

I have never participated in any IPO after investing for 3/4 years. The reason is because one cannot do that with SCB and I have been trying to resist all temptations in order to accumulate all my investment in one account. I no longer need to do that as I have achieved that goal last month! I am sure by now everyone is familiar with our (SGX) very first kopi-tiam (it means coffee shop in Hokkien, not to be confused with the food court Kopitiam) IPO – Kimly Limited. I would love to invest in Kopitiam and Koufu too...

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Capitastar and Frasers Rewards

As a KPO, apart from being thrifty, I tries to make sure that the money spent is fully utilized. For instance, I avoid paying cash/NETS as much as possible and prefer using credit card because there is rebates/miles/reward points. If you spend in either Capitaland Malls or Frasers Centrepoint Malls, you should participate in their loyalty/rewards programme. Simply register and download both android/apple applications to your phone and take a photo of the receipts! This way you can get a little bit from the bank and a little bit from the malls. Shiok! CapitaStar A quick introduction from their...

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Portfolio Update – Feb 2017

I just realized our blog has reached its first tiny milestone – 1,000 page views! Thank you everyone! We are proud to announce that we have hit our 1st short term goal this month – our portfolio is now greater than $200,000 :) With that, we have applied to become Standard Chartered Priority Customer. That means we have lower commissions (0.18% as compared to 0.20% previously) and most importantly, the minimum commission of $10 no longer apply. One of our strategy is to use DCA (dollar cost averaging) to buy 1 lot (1000 units) of STI ETF every quarter...

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