3 simple steps to start stock investing

I seldom have guest post in my blog. In fact, almost never. But since I'm using Investingnote as my preferred charting platform and Evan who is our guest writer below is from Investingnote, I don't mind sharing this space with him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a previous article titled ‘5 reasons why stock investing is so difficult to … [Read more...]

How I reduce counterparty risk in my work

I was reading Investment moat's article on recent soilbuild's issuance of writ of summons to Technics Oil & Gas Limited. Soilbuild is seeking to claim back about $2 mil in rent plus an additional $12 mil in deposit for the second year of rent, with interest owed during the period where they didn't pay the rent. Counter party risk is hard to account for, but it's something we need to pay … [Read more...]

Hyflux 6% perpetual securities

This morning, I was quite excited to receive news of another retail bond. This time it's from Hyflux. The last they did that was in 2011 and I made a 4 part series on preference shares here. Back then, they are issuing 6% cumulative, non-convertible, non-voting and perpetual preference shares. This time, this issue seems more like perpetual shares than bonds. The difference is not significant … [Read more...]

Finding meaning in your suffering

Read the 4 paragraphs below and notice how you feel: You work everyday until you cannot work anymore. Everyday you are suffering but you do not know why. You work everyday until you cannot work anymore. Everyday you are suffering so that you can earn enough money. You work everyday until you cannot work anymore. Everyday you are suffering so that you can earn enough money so that your … [Read more...]

Bigscribe’s localized Crowdfunding guide


Bigscribe recently released a guide on crowdfunding which I thought was a very good introduction to this new fintech phenomenon. I don't think there's any guide out there that caters to the local context and introduces crowdfunding to Singapore's retail investors or lenders. You know how the internet disrupted existing framework when Uber started connecting passengers and drivers and bypassed the … [Read more...]

New perennial 4.55% 4 yrs bond – Goodbye or good buy?

Looks like yet another bond offering in the local retail bond market. It's always the same few players offering bonds, and this time it's by Perennial Real Estate Holding (PREH). They just offered a 3 yrs 4.65% bond in Oct 2015 that I blogged about it here and now they are back at it again. This time round, it's a 4 yrs 4.55% bond. Let's see how it compares with the currently traded 3yr4.65% … [Read more...]

Post-rights price recovery period for reits

If you get into reits, make sure that you have some spare warchest to prepare for rights issue. It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when. In the past, if you do not have any reits yet, I will recommend buying the mother shares during rights issue so that you have the ability to hack your way to capitalise on the excess rights application process. I blogged various articles in this blog but … [Read more...]

Ticking one box every week

I watched a ted talk recently regarding procrastination. We all do it in various degrees all the time. There are two kinds of situation where procrastination can be seen as a boon or a bane. The first kind is when there is a deadline, and when it's drawing nearer and nearer, the panic monster in us suddenly awakens and make us do the necessary things to get things done. Then there's another kind … [Read more...]

China – the origin of the next crisis?

Financial times had a very good video that I thought will be good to share here. It's about 15 mins long and it talks abut the end of the China's miraculous growth which is fueled by the influx of migrant workers streaming into the factories and offering their labour for a low wage. This video shows the plight of the migrant workers as the economy slows down and what they intend to do when they go … [Read more...]

Salted fish resurrected!

I blogged 2 years ago here that my salted fish have resurrected (咸鱼翻身). But shortly after that, it went limp and died again. It's only recently in 2016 1st quarter that I saw signs of life in the salted fish. By now, the salted fish is extremely fragrant because it had been salted for 6 long years! Here's a chart to show you what's happening in the last 6 yrs. They had a consolidation exercise … [Read more...]

My top 5 biggest expenses in 2015

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to find out what's the top 5 biggest expenses I had last year in 2015. I had been tracking my personal expenses for a number of years. Initially I was using excel spreadsheet but it progressed to YNAB (Why you need a budget), so exporting the data out to analyse didn't take long. Before I embarked on this exercise, I tried to think of my top 3 biggest expenses. I … [Read more...]

Hedonic treadmill

I read this wonderful article here that talks about how we derive pleasure when we first upgrade our standards of living but eventually getting so used to the the experience through repeated use that it offers no more pleasure. In other words, you get back to the same pleasure level before you started this hedonic treadmill, and you have to go look for better and better pleasures, and yet getting … [Read more...]

Aspial 5.30% bond (AGAIN) – Good buy or Goodbye?

Aspial is issuing out new bonds again. The last time that did it was back around Aug 2015, giving 5.25% pa with maturity period of 5 yrs, which I've blogged about it here. This time round, they are upping the stake, giving 5.30% pa with a maturity period of 4 yrs. The expected issue date is 1st April 2016, and since this is a retail bond, you can bid for the allotment of the bonds through ATM … [Read more...]

I closed off my Saizen arbritrage

I entered Saizen a few months ago, which I blogged about here. I just sold off today, so let's see if this arbitrage works out well. Entry price: $1.09 Ordinary dividends declared: $0.0283 Extraordinary dividends declared: $1.056 Exit price: $0.077 Profits per share: (1.056 + 0.0283 + 0.077) - 1.09 =  $0.0713 After accounting for commission for both buy and sell, the profit percentage … [Read more...]

Investment that gives you 3k per month?

Bully The Bear - bboy_o10

This is a rare stock tip from bullythebears. I don't normally give tips, because it's too much responsibilities to bear, but this such a sure win that I can't help but share. This company gives about $1k to $10k per month as dividends. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but it had a track record of giving increasing amounts every year. Can't believe it? Well, it's your job! Let's take the average … [Read more...]

I’m a different person now

On Sunday I bought a new printer. It had automated duplex function (able to print 2 sides of the page without manually flipping the paper around), a scan function with OCR capabilities and able to copy and fax. The last time I bought a printer with somewhat similar capabilities was in 2011. The printer then cost me $299 and I remembered it's the costliest printer I had ever bought. I had to think … [Read more...]

Portfolios of the Poor


I am reading this book, titled "Portfolios of the Poor" by Collins et al. It's an interesting book because it studies the poor, defined broadly as those living with 2 USD per month or below, in a few continents like South Africa and India. We are talking about people who have irregular income, living in slum cities, plagued with various health issues and still have a family to support. They are … [Read more...]

Beware of the rug under your feet

I saw a newspaper article on Straits Times regarding JC students shunning geography as a A lvl subject here. These are the articles that represent one of my grave concerns with my career as a tutor. Major changes like these can make or break my livelihood, and it's very important for me to stay up to date. Imagine if I'm a pure geography tutor who specialises in this one and only subject. … [Read more...]

I paid off my car loan!

Last month, I just finished my paying off the loan for my pre-owned car. Before the cap for borrowing had been set by law, I've already put in 50% down payment for it, so the amount of money that I borrowed is relatively low. Still, it's a great relief to have paid off something and have no debts. Now, if only that car loan that I've just paid off is my housing loan, haha! Since I'm relatively … [Read more...]

We walk together but alone

On Wed, I met up with 2 financial bloggers. Though it's not the first time we met, the online conversation spilled over to face to face interaction and before long, we chatted for nearly 5 hours just like that. This is shorter than the 6 hours I spent a few months ago here. My wife would probably lament that 3 grown men can chat longer than 3 aunties lol! There's usually a lot more sharing of … [Read more...]