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Buy and hold forever?

By: La Papillion HH passed me an excellent article on buying and hold fallacy which I linked it here. The idea of buying and holding is what long term investors would like to do. Before anyone just go to the stock market and buy anything stocks, and proceed to hold it forever, I think here’s a few pointers to take note: 1. Buy and hold works good for companies which are fundamentally sound. I think before you adopt the buy and hold strategy, you must decide whether the company will still be around for long and whether the company...

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Review on “The Dividend rich investor – Building wealth with high-quality, dividend paying stocks”

By: La Papillion I finished reading the dividend book…managed to complete reading it in a day. I never knew I could squeeze so much time if I had to, though it is quite tiring. These are the few things I thought it’s important: 1. Instead of calculating % yield (formula: dividend for whole yr/current market price of stock), we can calculate the % yield relative to cost price (formula: dividend for whole yr/price at which you buy). This means that after you buy the stock, the share price will not change anymore. 2. It is possible for the dividend...

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SGX: New Bid Size on Monday 24.12.07

By: La Papillion Just a reminder that on Monday, the new bid size system will come in place. I’m still wondering what kind of impact it will do to traders here. Ccloh from cna forum had analyzed it very nicely, so I’d like to share it here: Advantages ————- 1. for less than $3 stocks, the bid size is as usual but good thing is now you can queue 10-bid lower or higher to buy or sell. example dumpling close 1.59, you can queue 1.50 to buy or queue 1.69 to sell on monday before open. isnt that good....

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STI up another 1.24%

By: La Papillion Dow was still up last night and the party goes on. STI went up another 43 pts (1.24%) to close at 3521 with a volume of almost 2 billion. All the biggies moved up – SGX, DBS, Cosco…could it be that funds are buying up now to window dress their portfolio for the next year? Possibility is there. A lot of funny stuff happened towards market close. Sudden whack up and whack down to change the closing price – almost as if the BBs are trying to making the candlestick nice, haha! I saw that happening...

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