The Greasy Panda crash of 2016

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As I type out this post, STI is down another 47 points to 2650. Everyday you'll see the oil and gas sector, as well as the banks going down and down and down. For every bear, there's always a name attached to it. In my little group, we call this the greasy panda - greasy because it's oil related and panda because the last straw that broke the camel's back seems to start from China. For those … [Read more...]

Don’t get bullied by the bear

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I was in Bangkok when the market went crashing through several levels of support to end up where it is right now. Even though I didn't spend a lot in my trip there, my 'online purchase' is of several magnitudes more than my wife's physical shopping. I had queued for several blue chips and the order got fulfilled one by one. We know this is a bear territory because for many counters, we're in … [Read more...]

The chains of Habits

The chains of habit is too light to be felt, until it's too heavy to be broken. Habits can be both good and bad. Here, let's focus on the good ones. If you want to start a new habit, research says you need at least xx days to form it. 'xx' can be anything from 21 days, or 49 days (7 weeks), to 66 days. I think it doesn't matter how many days, but the point is that you must do it consecutively, … [Read more...]

Circle of life

I noticed that with each Christmas that passes me by, it seems that my life gets simpler and simpler. I remember that in my younger days, I would go out to party with friends. Nothing wild, just going to Orchard for the countdown - you know, that sort of thing. Countdown parties seems like the craze for me back then. It's not that Christmas is particularly important for me, maybe it's just an … [Read more...]

A little a day goes a long way; A lot goes a longer way

Savings more or earning more is the way forward? Some say it's savings more, some say it's earning more and some say both are important. To me, I think the sequence is more important. I think if you're having a fixed pay where your income is fixed, then there's nothing else you can do to increase it. If you want to save more, then you have to cut your spending. The savings equation is very … [Read more...]

The year 2015 in terms of books read

Year 2015 is like any other year in terms of my book challenge. I completed my 52 books challenge for 2015 with some more weeks to spare! I find that this year, the quality of the books I read are fantastic. There's a lot more breadth and also a lot more depth. I started reading up books on spiritual growth too, so I think that's a genre that I can always do more in depth. As usual, I'll put up a … [Read more...]

Digging deeper into ROE

Look at this company's ROE below: FY 2011  -- ROE 72.6% FY 2012 --  ROE 47.7% FY 2013 --  ROE 33.7% FY 2014 --  ROE 25.6% The ROE (return over equities) keeps falling from the 70+% range towards the current 25% range, but it's still pretty high. Would you say something is wrong? If so, what went wrong? It's important at this stage to break up the ROE into parts. It's called Dupont … [Read more...]

ARA rights are out

ARA right shares results are out. It might not be out officially, but I saw the amount of refund from my bank account and deduced the amount of rights shares that I got it. To double confirm, I will have to check my CDP account to see that the shares are physically transferred into the account. Either way, I'll receive a snail mail from them to inform me of the rights results. ARA had been … [Read more...]

How to make CPF contributions as a self employed?

I seldom talk about CPF, because I'm a self employed. It's a little different for me. When I want to find out more about it, there's not a lot of information out there that curate and collate all the info that I want. Hence I put up this article about CPF especially for self employed. The details are still relevant, perhaps the figures need to be updated from time to time, but those are easy to … [Read more...]

The highlight meeting of the year

I do meet bloggers from time to time, and this is one of the perks of having a blog. No, it's not just about the ad dollars or the good comments you might receive on a post well written. Because if it is about that, then I would have long given up on blogging since there are times I have neither. It's about the little things. And on Monday, I happened to meet up with two bloggers at the same … [Read more...]

Year 2015 is a Challenging year

The year 2015 is closing soon. This had been a rather 'challenging' year for me because I issued a lot of personal challenges to experience growth in as many areas as possible. I think for me, it's important to be a better person this year than the last, and I try hard to do that as well. Here are 4 major challenges that I threw on myself: 1. Career challenge 2. Body challenge 3. Mind … [Read more...]

Short term goals for my long term plans (Update:2015)

Exactly last year, I posted this article titled "Short term goals for my long term plan". I think it's great that facebook memories reminded me of it - it's a great feature. It's time to update that goal and see what I've done and what I still need to do. This is for last year 12th Dec 2014: Invested in market: $75,000 Investible cash: $70,000 Total capital so far: $145,000 Capital … [Read more...]

Putting all your eggs in one basket

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There are employment benefits like discounted share options for people working in listed companies. I think it's a great option to buy such discounted shares since they do add up to a substantively, especially when there's not a lot of restrictions on selling. The point is that if you offer employee shares of the company they are working in, they will be more aligned to perform better since they … [Read more...]

Networth updated!

Okay, it's time to do an update on my networth position. Seems like my click bait-ish post last year titled I've Zero networth is picked up in fb and started a few posts by other bloggers like BIGfatpurse and The Turtle Investor. They said it's controversial, haha and I agree that it is so. I think it's because of the way I calculate networth seems like I'm self flagellating myself and deriving … [Read more...]

The New Bees and The Veteran

The new bees sat in the auditorium, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the trainer. They had been waiting for weeks for this combat course conducted by The Veteran. This is among a series of training seminars organised by The Queen for the orientation of new bees in the hive. The Veteran is an ex soldier bee and her reputation far precedes her. During the 2008 great bear attack, where an … [Read more...]

To be carefree with money


These days I'm more carefree with money. To others, it might not be a good thing, but for me, I think it's good progression towards the kind of person I want to be. When I was younger, I'm a lot tighter with money. I guess the circumstances necessarily force one to become like that, so as to survive. Hence, to be able to become financially free, that is, to be free from thinking about money, I … [Read more...]

Free lance tutoring as a business – Part 3

Cash flow. This business is all about cash flow. In fact, shall I say all business is about cash flow? You can boost about how high your revenue growth is, but without actual cash flowing into your coffers, the revenue you noted down might not be translated to actual money. And we have to pay our bills with money, not with revenue. Here's a few key issues to think about: 1. Variability of … [Read more...]

The Lesson from the Death of an Ant

Recently, I made acquaintance with a long time student of mine that I taught way back in 2006. He had since become a private tutor like me. Back then he was a chubby kid who is bright and always very inquisitive. I met him up this year for lunch and we kept in contact ever since. He’ll sometimes text me to ask for my feedback and advice on stuff related to students and work in general. All in all, … [Read more...]

Free lance tutoring as a business – Part 2

Revenue is not the main thing we should be looking at. Afterall, not all the revenue you earned is going all into your pockets because there is cost involved. Revenue, after all the costs had been deducted, becomes the profit. And that's what we're looking at in this post. I like to see myself as a company. What I earned for a living is my revenue, while all that I spend are the cost of earning … [Read more...]

Free lance tutoring as a business – Part 1

The more I understand how to valuate a business as an investor, the more clearly I can see what makes a good company from a bad. I think some of these skills can be applied to myself since you can say I'm also doing a business as a self employed, being a full time tutor for about 10 years. I'm not a business owner in the sense that there is a system where I can hire people without me having to … [Read more...]