Running yourself like a company – Balance sheet

The next report to look at is the balance sheet. This shows how your liabilities are like against your assets, and also the breakdown of the liabilities and assets. The sum of your assets minus your liabilities will be the book value of a company. In terms of your personal balance sheet, this is known as your net worth. I know there are a million ways to calculate net worth, so it's up to you to … [Read more...]

Beware of percentages

On Saturday, I saw this newspaper clip on the Forum section of Straits Times, where readers write in to comment on issues. I put a copy here, with my own underlined paragraph: Click on it to enlarge. Taken from ST, 25/01/14 (my own underlined paragraph though) The author wrote that "total expenditure for social development (...) increased by 54.5% - much faster than the 31.5% … [Read more...]

The poor who commutes by public transport

We all heard about this ang moh Anton Casey who post in his facebook that people who took public transports are poor. Hmm, really?Well, for one thing, a Porsche (a car that he reportedly drives) cost around half a million. If I can save half a million dollars from buying that porsche and take public transport, wouldn't that make me half a million dollars richer? And why is he taking public … [Read more...]

Running yourself like a company – Income statements

You should run yourself like a company. There are certain beneficial practices in running a company that we can learn from. There are 3 important reports that can determine the state of the health of a company. These are the balance sheet, the cash flow statements and the income statements. A company needs to have these reports generated so that the managers and also the investors can have a look … [Read more...]

Wheatgrass: from seedlings to harvest

Not sure if you've heard of the benefits of drinking wheat grass. Apparently, it's good for the health, but of course there'll be naysayers who say that it's over-rated. Whatever the case, drinking it certainly won't cause harm, but might or might not have a good effect. Good risk-reward LOL!Anyway, I went to Katong flower shop near my place to look around for some Chinese new year flowers. Having … [Read more...]

The year 2013 in terms of books read

As per tradition, I always like to mark the year that had just passed by looking at the books I've read. Long time ago, I made myself a challenge that I would read 52 books a year - that's an equivalent of 1 book per week, regardless of length. I no longer do that, though I must admit that with the challenge, I did treat reading books with a lot more discipline and thus allocate more time towards … [Read more...]

13 things that happens when you don’t work a 9 to 5 job!

I saw this great article posted on facebook here that talks about the 13 things that happens when you don't work a 9 to 5 job (while others do). I found it totally relevant to me. For those looking to be self-liberated and join the ranks of the self employed, do check them out! 1. You learn that having the workday open is a solid foundation upon which to build friendships. You have a group of … [Read more...]

The musical chairs of investment

I saw this comment in one of my blog post recently. It goes like this "Bullion Invest - Invest $500 Return $350 daily for 50 days Program A: You will receive Receive 70% daily for 50 days for every deposit made to the Standard Program. You will get your principal back immediately after your investment term is expired.. Minimum spend is US$350 Program B Receive 200% daily for 20 days for … [Read more...]

The allocation of my parent’s 50k

On the last day of 2013, I've finished investing all the 50k entrusted to me into the market. I didn't do it irrationally. I've been thinking about it for a few weeks already. My aim is to invest the 50k for a min of 2% and above, with very good chances of not losing the capital. This is not a growth-dividend portfolio, because I'm guaranteeing the capital. This is also not a high dividend … [Read more...]

SPRD Gold and OCBC charts

Haven't posted charts for ages! I haven't decide to enter or not, so this is just my trading thesis. Here's the two: 1. SPDR - Gold Weekly bullish divergence. A good entry price will be around 116.7 to 118. Exit around 124 (1st target) and 130 (2nd target) 2. OCBC Possibly daily bullish divergence Let's see how it handles 9.71 first, but a good entry price (depending on conditions) … [Read more...]

Systems vs Goals

I don't know if you've noticed, but suddenly everyone seems to be talking about the difference between goals and systems. I'm not going to define these terms, but I'm influenced more by Scott Adams way of throwing goals away and adopting a systems approach towards life. You can read his books about it but there's a short extract found here. It's not that goals are not important to me, it's just … [Read more...]

When to be IDEALISTIC or REALISTIC as a Self-employed

Being self employed, it's important to always have the ability to pay off your monthly expenses because your income does not come in the form of a pay check at the end of the month. Due to the variability of the income, I think it's easy to be either too slack or work too hard. I know what I'm talking about because I've been to both extreme ends. The hard part is to find that fine balance between … [Read more...]

Sg bonds listed in SGX

This is the last of the 3 part series detailing all the fixed income listed in SGX. For those who just came in to read about this article, a little background of why I'm doing this. I'm trying to plan out my parent's retirement fund. They gave me 50k not too long ago and I guaranteed a 2% pa, capital guaranteed LP bond to them, so I'm fulfilling my part of the bargain by doing the necessary … [Read more...]

Preference shares listed on sgx

Preference shares are quite similar to bonds. Unlike bonds, preference shares might not be able to pay out dividends in certain years, but that usually means that the ordinary shares holders won't get their dividends too. If bond issuers are unable to pay out coupons, they will be in default and that's very serious because it means that a lot of debtors will also be howling for their … [Read more...]

Retail bonds listed in SGX

I'm sharing this summary of the retail bonds that are listed in sgx for those who are in the same boat as me - trying to piece up a portfolio of fixed income instruments for your own or your parent's portfolio. Those who do not know about bonds, I can share a bit here. Click on it to enlarge the pic. Double check the info, I might be wrong. Crash course on bonds: 1. There's … [Read more...]

Issues to think about for portfolio allocation

With other people's money comes great responsibility. Well, over the last couple of days, I was doing intensive research on the various preference shares, corporate bonds and sg bonds. I decided that I'll just put those funds in fixed income instead of equities so that things are a lot more predictable. I'll have predictability in cash flow and more stability in portfolio value. I'm always … [Read more...]

LP bonds are oversubscribed!

La Papillion is now officially a fund manager.I don't know whether this is a good development or not...I'd like to see it as a positive one. Before you start thinking I've joined some fancy company as a employee, nah, I'm not. I've simply the fund manager of my parent's retirement money. This follows my post a week earlier regarding an assignment that my mum tasked me to do. Following some readers … [Read more...]

Where to invest your mum’s 50k

Interesting assignment that my mum gave me this morning. She wanted to put in 50k for her savings to get more returns instead of the usual savings. I think she got this lump sum after her previous fixed deposits expired. She wanted me to look into some instruments where she can get better returns but she don't want to put it into the stock market for fear of eroding her capital. I also won't … [Read more...]

Far from the madding crowd

When we’re in a social context, we tend to look at each other’s good points, totally ignore the bad, and lament how far behind our peers we had fallen to. Some occasions, you might be far better than others but there are always others better than you. That's how the game is to be played and that’s also the reason why I don’t like social occasions – those meet-your-primary-school-mates or … [Read more...]

Thoughts about STI part 3

After looking at Drizzt's blog regarding the yearly percentage returns from Dow Jones here, I wanted to have a look to see how our very own STI would look like if the same information is sliced up and presented. Source: The raw data of ^STI is taken directly from Yahoo! Finance site here. The adjusted closing price is used and according to the same site, it refers to the closing price for … [Read more...]