Spending the monthly allowance wisely: a guide for the National Serviceman

Following the revision in NSF allowance in December last year, a recruit's allowance is now $560 instead of $480 previously. Instead of simply wasting your money over the weekends, you could put your money to better use and start your investing journey. I have previously blogged about how should anyhow invest. You can read the blog post: here. In short, it is more about determining your asset … [Read more...]

How should you invest?

I had previously written a post on it, but I realised that the post was tailored to only young executives with an aggressive risk appetite. You can check the post out: here. On the other hand, this post will be more neutral and tailored to the retail investor of various risk profiles. Determining your risk profile Before you start to invest, you must first make sure of two things. One, that … [Read more...]

Starting Out: Financial Planning Triangle


The Financial Planning Triangle As I was learning about Financial Planning from my job as a insurance agent, I saw this triangle which I found it to be very useful for anyone who is trying to plan for their finances on their own. The base represents the most important of all, and you move on to the next part only after you have completed the one below it. Hospitalisation and … [Read more...]