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Book: Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going

This book, by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, is one of my most loved books. While I should just share my thoughts after reading it, I want to also pen down the reason why I picked it up.  In March ’14, I went to Taiwan for a graduation trip with my friends. On the way to the hotel, upon knowing who we were, the taxi driver initiated a conversation about Mr Lee Kuan Yew. “It is the luck of Singaporeans to have him as our statesman and his achievements in bringing Singapore to where it is today”, the driver explained....

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Going back to the reason why

On a lazy Sunday, I aim to write about topics which I feel strongly about. There’s just one problem, however. Right now, I have about 4 blog posts to write about. I have written numerous drafts and then deleted them. I did a mindmap for one topic, then went on to another topic because I was stuck in the first. It was like the days in secondary school where I wrote essays for the English paper. I crumpled and threw away easily 7-8 sheets of foolscap paper into the bin. It took an entire night easily. I had hits...

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A Thought-Provoking Word of Why

Do we all not ask ourselves “Why” every day? Why do we have to study? Why do we have to work? Why do we invest? Why are you here reading this now? One word. A word that fires up the neurons in the brains and forces us to put into perspective of why do we do the things you and me are doing, even right now. Why did I pen down my thoughts on what I felt about this video? Personally, I feel that this commercial by the Ministry Of Education was tasteful and well-executed in its intention. I...

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A Single Pot Of Jars Into Many Jars

Ever since I’ve been using the ‘Money Jar’ way of accumulating wealth, I found myself changing in the way I think about saving and spending. This ‘Money Jar’ method is not new and in fact, many have been using this for a long time to allocate their income into different jars. How did it work for me? POSB Expenses Jar Self-explanatory right? I used the allocated money for daily expenses. Most will only have this one type of account. OCBC Emergency Jar  You’re supposed to only touch this money when you are in dire straits and where unexpected events...

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That Winning Ticket

It’s crazy. Every year, tens of thousands if not millions(statistics plucked from air) visit Singapore Pools and try their luck at Toto. This year, it is the hope of winning $13.9 million! What would I do with that much money? It’s easy to say what one will do with that much money overnight. I believe if a person gets rich overnight without actually working hard for it, then it is difficult to control what you are going to do next. I’ll probably do this, say only. How many of you can actually say you will stick to your hopes...

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POSB Invest-Saver RSP Update

It was about 3 months ago that I subscribed to POSB Invest-Saver Regular Savings Plan (RSP) amid all the global turmoil. This RSP buys the Nikko AM STI ETF(Ticker: G3B.SI) every month with the amount you set(eg. $100). There is another STI ETF(Ticker: ES3.SI) but you can’t buy it with this plan. This 2 ETFs simply tracks the performance and try to replicate its returns of the Straits Times Index(STI). From an NSF This is also the first foray into stocks for me, putting $100 from my NS allowance into this. Now how did it go? Dollar-Cost Averaging Buying...

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Transitioning into an ‘investor’

Nobody said it was going to be easy. I admit that I feel like giving up sometimes. Well, it’s only human to choose the easiest path out. For the second half of 2015, I have been actively seeking higher returns on my savings in bank accounts, been busy reading about the current economy, markets and checking the Straits Times Index (STI). After these few months, I’d would to think that I have improved slightly in developing the mindset, slowly but surely transitioning into becoming an ‘investor’. Hunting for free money  In the later half of 2015, I have opened...

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On Retirement: A young Singaporean perspective

A recent survey on Singaporeans worried about not having enough money for retirement ( got me thinking. ‘Only 36% of Singaporeans aged 40-60 are confident that their current nest eggs are enough to make retirement comfortable, while 30% expect that they will have to downgrade their current lifestyle and habits when they retire’, according to the survey conducted by DBS-Manulife. No. of Singapore Citizens in different Age Groups Source: National Population  & Talent Division (NPTD) There is some 1.0473 million Singaporeans in this age range, including my parents. They will be retirees in the future and retirement is what...

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Growing up, Chapt

Hey there peeps! Today’s post will have chapters on the money aspect of my growing up journey and it isn’t particularly long because I’m still young (: I’ll post chapter 1 first and write more chapters in the future! Chapt 1: Having control over your money for the first time  In my previous post, I mentioned about how the environment was a huge factor in financial literacy. There are 3 groups, namely: 1. Some start naturally 2. Some had values instilled from young, either from education or from people around 3. The rest who don’t know anything else. Where...

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2016  I must say when I stumbled upon and was exposed to all the financial bloggers whom shared their own experiences, I was inspired too to document my own journey here. So it is my first post of 2016 of many to come. I had a very simple mindset, heck, I knew the word ‘inflation’ exists and yet I didn’t know much about it. I did save pocket money, thought I was pretty rich(those numbers look big when young) and also spent some of the savings from time to time. The impression about stocks was that people burn...

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