Running Cafes as a Business Owner


Cafes. Ah, there is that fascinating sense of novelty and vision of sitting by and running a quaint little shop that offers an amazing cafe experience. After all, the road to financial independence tends to suggest that being a business owner offers higher opportunities than being an employee. So how about running a cafe?But it looks like running such a business is tough. Straits Times … [Read more...]

A Review of My Investment in 2014

The culmination of 2014 marks my 8th year since the start of my investment journey, and the 6th year since investing directly in the stock markets. Ok, so I'm a late starter. But better late than never. I shall not count those early years of insurance linked policies since my National Service days. Those were just done in a blind and oblivious manner. Lost years!] Despite the ups and downs … [Read more...]