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Tumble Mumble 3 – Opportunities in the second week of September 2019

Happy mid-autumn festival to you! First, let’s take a look at the state of Llama Portfolio. It is now at a position of -0.07% against its original value of 50,000 :) 2 weeks of tumble rumble effort has gotten some results in rescuing the Llama portfolio. Cash is maintained at a high level to capture the next opportunity. Be it in Tumble Rumble, or in any big news ahead. Meanwhile, attention is on oil as US-Iran relationship warms up, pushing oil prices low. ECB has also lowered its interest rate; implying that US is about to do the same...

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Tumble Mumble – Why did Mr Llama start the Tumble Mumble series

As promised, I am going to write on the inspiration to start the Tumble Mumble series. I am going to be honest and say I am still exploring what is best for me. Presently, I would say both. I have tried to invest for good. Putting money into various REITs and stocks. They proved to be good, however, I always took profits at the wrong time, or sell at the wrong time. Intention was always to hold till it gives a good capital gain. Yet, while holding, profits turn to losses and vice versa. News and events occur and...

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Tumble mumble 2 – Rescuing the Llamas in the first week of September

Great news! Llama portfolio was previously at a position of -1.18%. It is now at an overall position of -0.34%! One week of effort has helped put it in a better state. Cash holdings now stand at over 50% too, as i hold more cash for short-term opportunistic tumble mumble trades. So what did i do during the week… I stuck to my strategy of buying on the cheap. Micro Focus was the first trial, and it didn’t not work out too well in terms of trade pricing. Getting in at 13.40 was too high. You can read more...

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Tumble mumble 1 – Micro Focus International PLC (NYSE: MFGP)

As stated in my About me page, I traded heavily back in 2012. One of the strategies adopted was picking stocks on the cheap after a great fall. Picking it back up is certainly not easy, however, I am determined to pick this back up. Armed with an operations background, I will aim to come up with a streamlined process to identify such opportunities. So, stay tuned! Life has been busy and challenging. However, this is not going to stop me from studying the markets for opportunities. And one such trade made, was in Micro Focus International  Here is the company...

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Llama Portfolio – Aug 2019 newest updates

Hello readers! I am back! And what a time to be back, as TGIF turned out to be China and US fighting it out through taxes and tariffs. Here is what happened on Friday 23 Aug: Beijing impose new tariffs on $75 billion in goods, including reinstated levies on auto products starting Sep 2019. President Donald Trump demanded U.S. companies stop doing business with China and announced he would raise the rate of tariffs on Beijing. Long story cut short, stocks are going to take a hit. The few things that will help the markets are probably left with US...

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Llama Portfolio – June & July 2019 update to Portfolio performance

Hello everyone! First I would like to apologize for skipping 2 months worth of writing. Many changes have occurred in my life and am still trying to cope. Thank you to all those who are supporting and encouraging me :) Let’s talk about the changes in the market. Trade talks between China and US is pending progress, US slapped tariffs against EU, South Koreans protesting against Japan Corporates, Centrals Banks around the world (Canada, Australia, India, and even China) expected to remain or lower Benchmark rates. You can see that I am trying hard to maintain a Cash Warchest...

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