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market slump 60points, more to come?…should u worry?

what a steep fall….more than 70 points during lunch. as I type this, it is 66 points in the red. you should NOT worry if 1) the stocks u bought are based on sound fundamental analysis and market ups and downs are beyond anyone’s control 2) u are investing on a long time frame. 2) no contra deals involved. 3) no borrowed money. 4) the original plan is still intact, In my case, I am a dividend investor, so if this fall continues, this sounds like good news for i can buy more for the same amount of dividend...

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dividend investors – tips on how to make your money work harder

Not sure if anyone covered this…but I find the following tips useful to increase wealth more quickily and also safely. ‘ (experts might want to give this a miss) I shall go to the point, as I know most people don’t have so much time to read long essays. 1) go only for company which pays dividends, and increasing trend (this sounds familiar if you have been reading my earlier posts, if not, no harm going through). Avoid companies which doesn’t and those which has rights history, as personally i prefer a uni-directional money flow. 2) this point is...

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my views on marcopolo marine

my 2 cents quick analysis on MPM. Summary on findings/observation/thoughts 1) pb0.6 0 looks undervalued, question in my mind- why is it undervalued, any valuable fixed assets in its books 2) pe10, looks decent, not high 3) dividend Company Name Type Ex-Date Record Date Date Paid/Payable Particulars MARCO POLO MARINE LTD. DIVIDEND 10 Dec 2013 12 Dec 2013 20 Dec 2013 SGD 0.014 ONE-TIER TAX MARCO POLO MARINE LTD. DIVIDEND 10 Dec 2012 12 Dec 2012 21 Dec 2012 SGD 0.008 ONE-TIER TAX MARCO POLO MARINE LTD. DIVIDEND 09 Dec 2011 13 Dec 2011 22 Dec 2011 SGD 0.01...

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have a workable plan and stick to it.

through a blog i came across recently, i saw that some people buy based on recommendation on other people’s, the reasons for the blog owner’s buying might be different from that of the readers. or worse still, the reasons might NOT be sound at all. so it’s far more important to develop a strategy based on one’s own unique situation and circumstances and buy/sell/hold based on the latter. personally, I feel it’s important to question the purpose of buying an equity. is it for long term capital gain or short term flipping (the latter type i do not...

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