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How much is a weekend getaway at Nongsa Point Marina Resort, Batam?

How much is a weekend getaway at Nongsa Point Marina Resort, Batam? Good question, dear reader- and one I fully intended to find out. Having bought a weekend package for the hub’s 30th birthday, it was only a matter of time that both of us packed our bags and headed to the nearby isle for a relaxing couple retreat. Stay at Nongsa Point Marina & Resort (Deluxe Garden View Room) International buffet breakfast Rijjstafel set dinner Return ferry from Tanah Merah – Nongsapura 10% off F&B consumption at Selera Restaurant. Welcome drink. Wi-Fi at hotel room, restaurant and lobby. Return land...

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Insights at Miss Kaya’s Take Charge: A Financial Series for Women Seminar

Disclaimer: The following post is based on my personal opinions and permission has been granted by the organiser to write accordingly. Quick shout-out of thanks to the Miss Kaya team for inviting me to their inaugural financial series for women! — So when I first received the invitation from Miss Kaya to their first-ever financial workshop for women, this visual popped into my head. It’s raining money! That’s because Miss Kaya (in Malay) means Miss Wealthy (in English). The workshop was organised to support women in cutting through financial gibberish to plan their future, assess goals and understand ways to...

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My thoughts on Investors Exchange 2017

In one word? Mind-blown. Disclaimer: Dear reader, the post comprises of my personal thoughts and photos (which includes trademarks when possible) of the Investors Exchange 2017. Quick shoutout to Seedly (Singapore’s no. 1 personal finance tracking app) for kindly awarding me a ticket to the wonderful conference. Ps: If you saw a lady furiously typing away at her handphone throughout the whole event, that was me. Behold – exclusive insights to the Investors Exchange: First Speaker: Xeo Lye, Capital Gains Studio Stepping into the auditorium fashionably late from an earlier morning event, I found that Xeo already had the...

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How to budget for a surprise party

If time is money And money can’t buy time – How can time be spent? — Recently, I threw a surprise birthday party for the hubs for his upcoming 30th. Inviting his close bros and buddies, it was to be a cosy gathering of friends, food and fun. In the process of spending at least SIX hours of intensive planning over A MONTH with numerous friends, family and stakeholders – I picked up ONE Key take-away on how to budget for a surprise party, along with the experience of spending over $500 on the entire event Looking back, every penny? Well-spent. So here’s...

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Retiring Happily Ever After

I was once asked in front of the entire audience at a function: What is my greatest fear? Almost without skipping a beat, I replied: ‘Not having enough money when I retire’. And surely, that is a sentence that must resonate with most too. Never mind the fact that we’re currently living in the most expensive Asian city (oh – only for expats, of course – although does that really matter?) not for the first, second or even third year…but the FOURTH YEAR COUNTING. SINGAPORE IS EXPENSIVE. Point made. Never mind the fact that water prices are set to increase by...

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