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[小] Experience with Telemarketer

So it was a Thursday when I received a call from bank while I’m having a break from work. He (telemarketer) said that there’s a great promotion for new bank customer so I decided to hear him out. He was selling Personal Accident Insurance that provides up to $150/day hospitalization and $150,000 for death and TPD. Upon explaining to him that I have an existing PA policy, he is quick in rebuttal saying that its not about how many policies that I own but its about which policy is willing to payout (Applause to his pitch). So I requested...

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[小]Rights Issue Walk-through – Cache Log Trust

Rights issue is one of many events that cause volatility and speculation movement in the market. Usually companies would give a discounted rights issue to shareholders which serves as an incentive for shareholders to purchase the new shares by exercising their rights entitlement. Since its discounted, some of us (like myself) would want to snatch up more shares hence more rights entitlement. However we should all understand the process of rights issue so as to avoid novice mistakes like purchasing the shares after ex-rights and expect to have rights entitlement. Taking example from Cache Log Trust 18 for 100...

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[小] Hidden Gem – DBS Visa Debit Card

Background If you have followed my previous post on Credit Card Philosophy, you will know that we are searching high and low for a credit card that has No Minimum Spending Required Because we don’t want to speed unnecessarily Generous Rewards Because we don’t want to lose out – Kiasu Effortless Because we have more important things to attend to than credit cards Never did we know that we are actually searching in the wrong category. The Ideal Card is not Credit Card but just a simple Debit Card by DBS. Introducing DBS Visa Debit Card 5% Cashback with...

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