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Childhood vacinnation cost in Singapore

Aside from the cost incurred during pregnancy and delivery, another area which could potentially chalk up quite a bit during the first few months with your newborn is bringing them for their respective vaccinations. During the first year, there are a few which are compulsory, though there are other vaccinations that are optional but parents may chose to opt in. The good news for Singapore citizens is that – a lot of these vacinnations are either free, payable by medisave, or requires little out of pocket payment (payment by CDA account is also possible). This is only so if...

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Jan 2018 – Monthly Update

January is the month that we start managing baby Ashton on our own without the help of the confinement lady. The days are long but before we realised, he is already 2 months old. I guess we are coping better this time round as we are more physically and mentally prepared as compared to our experience with Ally then. Nowadays, our activities revolve around our two kids and I guess there will be little personal time for at least the next two years. We also do not  forsee any travel for this year as it is not easy handling...

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Monetary gifts

Monetary gifts are pretty common in Singapore and certain parts of the world, where we would gift money to congratulatory parties, mainly celebratory occasions, such as weddings, baby showers, housewarmings, etc. In fact, it is also an easy (and lazy) way to prepare a gift, as you do not need to think about what to get for them, nor spend the time to shop for it. Let’s face it, I am sure many of us have encountered numerous occasions where we are lost on the selection of a gift.  And also, consider the possibility that the gift you were...

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A minimalist wedding

A reader asked us to share our “minimalist wedding”. However, when Dave and I got married more than 5 years ago, we were not yet minimalists, nor aware of this concept of minimalism. Now, to think back, ours was in no way a minimalist wedding, and it was every way pretty similar to the traditional Chinese weddings in Singapore that we are all used to out there. By that, I am referring to the pre-wedding photo shoot, the wedding banquet (we had close to 40 tables), all the usual bridesmaids and groomsmen, engaging the photographer, post wedding honeymoon etc....

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Busy… yet fulfilling

I have been really really busy of late. Not because of work of course, since I am currently on maternity leave. Yes, you guessed it right, I have been really busy mothering a newborn and a toddler. Sleepless nights, insufficient rest, tired and frozen shoulders…. you name it, I think I’ve got them all. Even earlier, my mother exclaimed that my dark eye rings were terrible. Well, I have not been as diligent with my skincare regime of late too. I mean, I will be lucky if I have time to slap on some eye cream, an extra layer...

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Dec 2017 and Full year – Expenses Update (900 days to FI)

December is the month that we hosted a baby shower for our son, Ashton. I’m also clearing most of my annual leaves so as to take a breather from work and also spend some quality time with the family. As we were pretty busy with a newborn this month, we didn’t really have time to blog. In addition, Kate and Ally both had fallen ill and it was pretty tiring for us to manage. Going forward, we might not be posting as frequently but will still try to aim for at least 2 posts a month. As per our...

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Minimalist in the City – Reflections of 2017

2017 is coming to an end and as we welcome the New Year, I thought it would be good to consolidate some of our thoughts for the year, and some of the key takeaways that we will bring with us to 2018. Health  In terms of my health, i went for a health checkup earlier this year and seems like everything is good. I took my very last IPPT this year and almost narrowly miss out on my gold award as work and family commitments seems to have taken a toll on my fitness regime. I guess I’m still...

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A minimalist pregnancy?

Kyith from Investment Moats had shared our November expenses report in a local facebook discussion group (thanks Kyith!) and it had generated a lot of feedback and discussion. Well predominantly, it was about the cost of having a baby in Singapore, as well as how “minimalist” or not “minimalist” the pregnancy was. I think in general, most people would think that a minimalist pregnancy is a low cost pregnancy. Which might not necessarily be the case…. More than a year ago, I wrote an article about “Minimalism during pregnancy”, which was in part inspired by my own experience and...

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Nov 2017 – Expenses Update

November is the month that we celebrated the birth of our son, Ashton, as announced by Kate earlier in this post.  I am glad that we have a boy now to balance the gender inequality within our family (just kidding!). A girl (女) preceding a boy (子) forms the Chinese character “好“, which symbolises good fortune. We are grateful for everything we are experiencing right now and are  looking forward to a bright future with lots of fun adventures with our two little ones. Three years ago when we were preparing for Ally’s arrival, we had purchased quite a bit of baby...

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Car ownership in Singapore

A recent video produced by “Talking Point” garnered quite a bit of lively discussion among the local community. This has always been a topic of discussion and a somewhat controversial topic. However, perhaps what might have reopened this discussion is the statistics in the latest report – On average, these households earn a monthly income of S$3,000, and data from the Singapore Department of Statistics (Singstat) show that 16.3 per cent of them own at least one car. We all know how freaking expensive cars are expensive in Singapore and for those household income that falls lower than a certain...

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An exciting piece of news to share

To all our readers, We have a piece of exciting news to share with you! Here it goes……drumroll….. We just had baby number 2! No, it’s not that I just found out that I am pregnant and we are having the baby next year – literally, I had just delivered our second child. And it’s a baby boy this time 🙂  I know it must have caught many of our readers by surprise! After all, we have never mentioned in any of our posts about my pregnancy, nor any indication that I was pregnant. Also, there wasn’t anything in...

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Navigating the workplace

A friend of mine called me late at night last friday evening. I was initially pretty startled by her call as I wasn’t expecting it, and I was getting ready to sleep. I answered the call. And oh boy, I think it was a good thing I did. She was sobbing at the other end of the line and sounded really agitated. Apparently, something had gone wrong at work. Very wrong. By way of background, she had transferred into the new department for about 2-3 months, and she has been struggling to get some of the work done, even...

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The engagement ring

At a friend’s gathering  a few weeks ago, a mutual friend in a group secretly whispered to me and told me that another friend of ours has  finally moved on from his previous job to a current role in another organization. It kind of took me by surprise, as I thought he really liked the working environment and had great camaraderie with his colleagues at his previous workplace. Well, I guess the monetary benefits for the new role must have been pretty attractive then, I thought aloud. “You’re right!”, my friend retorted. “He has to save up to buy...

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A proud parenting moment

As Dave has shared in the previous post, there was an estate party in our neighbourhood last month, and we attended the event. The event was pretty well organised, with lots of family friendly activities and games, many suitable for young kids. Ally might have been a bit too young to participate in some of them but it was all good fun and we were glad she had enjoyed herself. There was also a colouring contest for kids. To be honest, we didn’t think of enrolling her in the contest, firstly because she was too young (although there was...

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Surviving the 11.11 challenge

I have a confession to make. Even though I try to live minimally, and purchase only things I need, I do a lot of window shopping. Online. Ok, that is an oxymoron, some might say. If you are a minimalist, you won’t even bother looking at stuff like that. Because, you probably don’t need any of those. So what’s the point of browsing through them? Very valid points. And to that, I will say that when it comes to physical shops, I don’t even bother to look at items on sale anymore, neither will I be attracted by visuals...

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