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Interview Series – Minimalist who wants to step foot on all Seven Continents before the age of 35

This interview is about a young friend of mine Yong Sheng, 30 who aspire to travel to the seven continents before he reaches age 35. He is also a practicing minimalist with a keen interest in investing and photography. He is currently working as an operation executive in a logistic firm. I’m very impressed on how focus this young chap is and i decided to share his story to a bigger audience. Hopefully more young people will feel inspired and follow his footsteps towards living their dreams. Travelling to the seven continents is definitely in one of my bucket list...

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THE BIG PLAN – Counting down with 1000 more days to FI

THE BIG PLAN Exactly 5 years ago, I came out with a big plan to aggressively save a considerable portion of our combined income to invest and grow our stock portfolio with a focus on dividend stocks. The objective is to have enough dividends generated from our stock portfolio to cover our annual expenses in 10 years time so that we could get out of the rat race and live on our own terms. The plan was first conceived when we first got married in 2012 and if everything goes according to our plan, we should be able to...

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Sept 2017 – Expenses Update

September is the month where we celebrated Ally’s birthday and also my sister’s wedding. Ally also transited from half day to full day child care where she will be attending additional enrichment classes like speech and drama. We believe she will be able to adapt to it and enjoy it. My sister’s wedding was a really simple and close affair. It is a church wedding where only family members and close friends were invited. I’m really happy and proud of her who found the right soul mate who will walk this journey with her. I really love this type...

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Random thoughts of the day: Counseling a junior member of the team at work

I played Aunt Agony to a junior of mine in the team at work the other day, and ended up spending more than an hour trying to “counsel” her and providing with a different opinion of the situation that she is in. Here’s a brief background. This junior of mine is one of the youngest in the team, not just in terms of experience within the organisation itself, but also collectively her experience in the line of work that we are in. Having said that, she is a very smart, capable and ambitious young lady, and I have a...

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Pre-school in Singapore

This is one of the hottest topics right now at the moment, and especially since it is an area of focus that is highlighted by our Prime Minister at the recent national day rally.  With a preschooler in the house, we read with interest on the developments in the sector, and are definitely heartened by the fact that the government acknowledges the importance of the pre-school sector, and are pulling in money and funds to provide quality, yet affordable pre-school education for the masses. On a personal level, Ally has been going to a childcare centre for more than...

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August 2017 – Expenses Update

This month we have a couple of birthday celebrations with our immediate family members and Ally ‘s early birthday celebration. We ate out for Kate’s father birthday and celebrated my mum, my grandma and Ally’s birthdays together where we feasted at home with home cooked food courtesy of Kate’s wonderful culinary skills. Everybody enjoys eating and chilling out at our minimalist home. Nowadays, we tend to organize most of our birthdays at home whereby we don’t have to spend a lot on food but we get to eat very nice home cook food or we could just order from...

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Routine is the enemy of time

Have you ever wonder the purpose of your existence in this world? Is it to go through the so called “holy template” of leading a fulfilling life by doing the following; study hard when you are young, get a good job, save some money, start a family, have kids, buy a house, work hard then retire 40 years later at the age of 65 or above? Upon retirement then you start to enjoy life. Sounds familiar? This is perceived to be “normal” to most people but to me this is nothing more than just a routine. Maybe there are...

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What do we do with our old clothes?

This was a question posed by a reader previously. I thought we would share it here to provide our readers some ideas and options of where you might want to drop your old clothes. I had previously shared that textile waste is becoming a worldwide problem, especially with the proliferation of fast fashion – people are buying more and discarding more, and it has almost become an environmental hazard. As we are also more mindful of our consumption process, we haven’t been buying much clothes this year, even for Ally. It helps that she doesn’t outgrow her clothes as...

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