Pursuing Financial Independence Is A Privilege


It is hard to deny the importance of money in modern capitalistic life. More often than not, money is the carrot that is dangling in front of us, making us wake up at ungodly hours or rushing to appointments that we would rather not attend.I reckon most people have resigned themselves to a lifetime of the above. Although I simply refused to.And I always thought the option to Financial … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: February 2017


Markets are climbing slowly and as I am typing out this update, the STI has actually breached 3,100. The total value of the portfolio right now is $390,000 and it is actually up by $10,000 from the previous month. $7,000 was from capital gains and another $3,000 represents capital injection into the warchest.1. 15HWW Permanent PortfolioInterestingly, STI ETF, Berk B and Gold prices are all up … [Read more...]

Thank You, My Mrs


As I logged into Facebook this morning, I was prompted to send a Valentine’s Day card. And then as I started counting, I realised that this will be the 10th V Day since I got together with Mrs 15HWW. Ironically, we have never ever celebrated the occasion on the actual day. Even on our first V Day, I communicated clearly my lack of enthusiasm for crowds and overpriced dinners and flowers, … [Read more...]

Get Rich With … The Escape Artist

Instead of tapping away on my keyboard, I have been enjoying some reading on the internet recently. I managed to stumble onto The Escape Artist one week ago and I have not been so engrossed in reading through a blog’s archives ever since my online encounter with LivingaFI two years ago. The Escape Artist is a Brit who managed to escape his prison camp about two years ago when he was in his … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: January 2017

Just a month ago, we actually established a budget of $42,000 for our expenditure in 2017. This translates to a $3,500 monthly budget and to give ourselves some leeway in the first few months, I gave an additional $5,000 buffer. Unfortunately, in this month alone, we have used up $2,000 of the $5,000 buffer as there were plenty of birthday/wedding celebrations and Chinese New Year was also in … [Read more...]

The Millionaire Teacher


Nope, I am not talking about myself. I consider myself a teacher but I am definitely not a millionaire yet. (Although I do reckon our $380,000 portfolio should have a good chance of hitting that million mark in 10 years’ time.) The person I am referring to is Andrew Hallam, who wrote a best-selling book titled “Millionaire Teacher” five years ago. He’s back with the second edition of the book and … [Read more...]

15HWW Annual Investment Performance Update: 2016


I started this journey in late 2010 and even after 6 years of investing in the market (hopefully not 1 year of experience repeated 6 times), I still regard myself as a beginner. Nonetheless, I would say that I am learning. If not more about the market, then at least more about myself. The stock market is notoriously one of the most expensive places to find out who you are and I really hope I don’t … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: January 2017


A new year, a new beginning and a new format for the monthly portfolio updates. As many readers have known, the 15HWW Permanent Portfolio is live and it will definitely be a part of future updates, along with my other investment strategies. January has been a rather good month for local equities as the STI Index breaches the 3,000 mark once again. Let’s see if this can be maintained and if … [Read more...]

Is Freelancing Worth It?


It seems like I am not the only one as more and more millennials are turning to freelancing. As a tutor and budding writer during the past one year or so, I have had my fair share of triumphs and disappointments. So, I thought it would be good for me to share some of my insights so that people pondering on making this switch can have a better understanding of this life before making the … [Read more...]

The 15HWW Permanent Portfolio Is LIVE!

I talked about the principles behind this portfolio almost a year back (over here) but it took me almost a year to build up this portfolio to $150,000 worth of value. I am officially tracking it from 1 Jan this year. And this is not a hypothetical tracker since I am putting real money (a significant chunk of my wealth) inside it. The $150,000 is split into 5 assets which makes it about … [Read more...]

Hedging With 3 Different Investment Strategies

As I have written in an earlier post, by the time you “realise” you can or cannot beat the market, it could be too late. Therefore, my preference is to adopt various approaches and I have somewhat settled on 3 for 2017 and hopefully, all of them will work out well beyond 2017. 1. 15HWW Permanent Portfolio This has been in place since 1 Jan 2017 and I will reveal what it’s exactly made up of in the … [Read more...]

Living Till Age 100?


The Mrs celebrated her 31st birthday just last week. I actually told her that I would be really grateful if I get to celebrate her birthday for at least 50 more times.  Like most people, I actually don’t really believe I would live past 90, let alone 100. However, I came across this blogpost written by Labour MP Zainal Sapari which talks about how we all must start preparing to live a life till … [Read more...]

By The Time You “Realise” You Can Or Cannot Beat The Index, It’s Too Late?


I have an investment record of about 5-6 years. For someone who is 30 years young, that’s considered pretty long. But to most “investors” out there, it’s too short a period to judge whether I am a good investor. Some of them would say you need to have at least 10 years of track record or go through at least a cycle or two of bulls and bears. It’s then when you can judge if you really outperformed … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: December 2016

We spent a reasonable $3,280 in December considering it’s the month of giving. I guess with the intention of sticking to a budget of $42,000 in 2017, we have already subconsciously tried to pare down a bit of the excesses in the last month of 2016. The entire year’s spending is in and we actually spent about $52,000 for 2017 which translates to a monthly expenditure of about $4,300.  I guess I … [Read more...]

Can You Help, Please?


In an alternate universe, I could easily be working as an employee in a tuition centre like “Learning Champs”, drawing a salary and receiving employee benefits. And imagine if such a scenario played out on me: Learning Champs is running into financial difficulties and Mind Lab is taking over the tuition centre I have worked at for the past three years. Mind Lab: Hi 15HWW, since you … [Read more...]

My First Talk On 12 Jan 2017: Do Show Your Support!


It’s only been a few days into 2017 and I am sure you have made some new year resolutions with regards to Money and Love. If you’re single, are you hoping to get hitched in 2017? And how do you know he/she might be the right one? Or if you’re happily attached, perhaps your goal is to tie the knot? What are some common potential money pitfalls you wish you could avoid before getting … [Read more...]

Our First Budget In Years: $42,000 in 2017


I am being perfectly honest when I say that the 15HWW household has not had a budget in years. For the past few years, we spent whenever we felt the need to and would never put off a purchase just because we “busted” some imaginary budget. But just to make us more alert of our spending and brush up on our frugality skills, I have actually decided to impose a $42,000 budget for 2017. Why … [Read more...]

A Review Of My Choices In 2016


Since it’s still the school holidays, I was able to squeeze all my weekend lessons on weekdays instead. So yes, I am enjoying my last peaceful weekend before 2017 kicks off. Besides using today to read up on other financial bloggers’ reflections of the year (here, here, here and here), I have also decided to review my choices for 2016. Super kickass, probably the best blockbuster of the year … [Read more...]

Christmas Gifts And Exchanges: A Love-Hate Relationship

I have just finished a series of Christmas gifts and exchanges again and here are my thoughts on two separate events. Friends Christmas Gift Exchange What I Love About It It is a great excuse for us to meet up. My wife and I are JC classmates and we have a rather tight clique of about 7-10 that have kept in close contact over the years. But as we grow older, everyone becomes “busier” … [Read more...]

A Meet-Up With Early Retirement SG

Previous Interactions I have sort of known Early Retirement Sg for close to 3 years, having stumbled onto one of his first few posts like this. Needless to say, I was quite impressed by his writing and views. So much so that as a rather new blogger then, I plucked up my courage and approached him to see if he was willing to guest post on my budding blog. And voila, here’s what he came up … [Read more...]