Can You Help, Please?


In an alternate universe, I could easily be working as an employee in a tuition centre like “Learning Champs”, drawing a salary and receiving employee benefits. And imagine if such a scenario played out on me: Learning Champs is running into financial difficulties and Mind Lab is taking over the tuition centre I have worked at for the past three years. Mind Lab: Hi 15HWW, since you … [Read more...]

My First Talk On 12 Jan 2017: Do Show Your Support!


It’s only been a few days into 2017 and I am sure you have made some new year resolutions with regards to Money and Love. If you’re single, are you hoping to get hitched in 2017? And how do you know he/she might be the right one? Or if you’re happily attached, perhaps your goal is to tie the knot? What are some common potential money pitfalls you wish you could avoid before getting … [Read more...]

Our First Budget In Years: $42,000 in 2017


I am being perfectly honest when I say that the 15HWW household has not had a budget in years. For the past few years, we spent whenever we felt the need to and would never put off a purchase just because we “busted” some imaginary budget. But just to make us more alert of our spending and brush up on our frugality skills, I have actually decided to impose a $42,000 budget for 2017. Why … [Read more...]

A Review Of My Choices In 2016


Since it’s still the school holidays, I was able to squeeze all my weekend lessons on weekdays instead. So yes, I am enjoying my last peaceful weekend before 2017 kicks off. Besides using today to read up on other financial bloggers’ reflections of the year (here, here, here and here), I have also decided to review my choices for 2016. Super kickass, probably the best blockbuster of the year … [Read more...]

Christmas Gifts And Exchanges: A Love-Hate Relationship

I have just finished a series of Christmas gifts and exchanges again and here are my thoughts on two separate events. Friends Christmas Gift Exchange What I Love About It It is a great excuse for us to meet up. My wife and I are JC classmates and we have a rather tight clique of about 7-10 that have kept in close contact over the years. But as we grow older, everyone becomes “busier” … [Read more...]

A Meet-Up With Early Retirement SG

Previous Interactions I have sort of known Early Retirement Sg for close to 3 years, having stumbled onto one of his first few posts like this. Needless to say, I was quite impressed by his writing and views. So much so that as a rather new blogger then, I plucked up my courage and approached him to see if he was willing to guest post on my budding blog. And voila, here’s what he came up … [Read more...]

15HWW Origins: The Inability To Conform In School

Since Christ was actually born on yesterday’s date, I was actually inspired to come up with a series of origin posts for this blog. It took me some time to get the right picture above because when you type Big Bang on google, all you’re going to get are the ones below. #whathastheworldcometo I mean, if you have been following this blog for the past three years or more, haven’t you … [Read more...]

A Christmas Gift From POSB


Despite the long queues at POSB ATMs, I will always have a soft spot for this heartlanders’ bank. At least for the first 20 years of my life, this was the only bank I transacted with and it was there when I saved my first $1, $10, $100 and then $1,000. Therefore, I am not surprised by my favourable review in the past and even right now, it continues to benefit me even when I have long … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas And A New Approach On This Blog In 2017


I know I haven’t been writing on this blog as much as I should have or would have wanted. Most of the time, I take this hobby of mine too seriously. The amount of drafts I have in my trash is mind-boggling. And honestly, it does take 2-3 hours or even more to churn out articles such as this and this. And then, even more time is needed to search and add in an apt picture like the one … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: December 2016

The year is ending and I actually prepared for the season of giving and joy by selling a few positions in the past few weeks, locking in some decent gains in the progress. Pretty delighted to know that my returns from my shares is close to 10% for 2016 after a poor 2015. More details in another post in a couple of weeks’ time. This is also probably the last update in such a format as I am … [Read more...]

Reviewing Workers’ Party Retrenchment Insurance Proposal


A few days ago, Workers’ Party released a consultation paper regarding a Redundancy Insurance scheme and I read it with huge interest. With calls for more social safety nets in Singapore in recent years, sacred cows have been slaughtered and we actually have minimum wages for specific sectors like cleaners and security guards now. This shift is apparent since even PAP MPs like Patrick Tay from … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: November 2016

I am pretty late with this update as I was outfield during the past few days on my reservist. This is my first ever cycle at 30 years old and truth be told, I hope I am never called up again. I am currently nursing multiple mosquito bites and still recovering from my sleep debt and 90% of the time in camp and outfield, I am basically just waiting for time to pass. And it doesn’t help that as … [Read more...]

Do I have Enough Work For 2017? Fret Or Fret Not?


I am just out of a mini-funk. Not the downright depression kind but the kind where you feel you are viewing the world through grey-tinted lenses. When you go from this: To this: Yeah, for those full-time employees out there who think my life should be all rainbows and unicorns now that I am self-employed, let me tell you that I have my fair share of unhappiness and worries about work … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: November 2016

A small pat on the back to myself for “not doing anything” last week. I did not try to predict the outcome of the US election having been “burnt” by Brexit and at the same time, I did not react to the outcome of Trump becoming POTUS. Basically, just sitting still and observing what’s happening. Surprises are everywhere and it’s also interesting to note that I fell sick for the first time this … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: October 2016

The lull period is here and to be honest, I am happy to have a clean break. Like having a day like today when I just wake up with no plans for the entire morning and afternoon. Enjoying some surfing, some mobile gaming like Clash Royale and then slowly writing this post. Over the next couple of weeks, besides devoting some time to gear up for next year (student enrolment and curriculum … [Read more...]

Our Net Worth – 2016 Edition

Time really flies and it’s been another year since I last updated our net worth on this blog. Work is finally winding down with just one more student yet to finish her final year examinations. (Probably explains why I am blogging a little more frequently lately.) A year ago, our financial path appeared a little challenging after I left my job as a teacher and pursued self-employment. Things … [Read more...]

My Mistake On POSB Cashback Bonus

I rarely make posts back to back on two consecutive days but a mistake absolutely calls for it. After yesterday’s post on the POSB Cashback Bonus scheme, a reader emailed me and told me that he was in the same boat as me (i.e. on the POSB HDB Loan and using his POSB everyday card). And apparently, he made an enquiry online and he would qualify if he signed up for POSB … [Read more...]

POSB CashBack Bonus: Not Falling For It


Ever since OCBC first introduced the OCBC 360 Account, where one is required to jump through several hoops to qualify for a higher interest rate on his/her saving account, every bank has since been offering one. I guess all the banks are hoping a consumer would do all his transactions within the same bank, and hopefully at their bank. I like higher interest rates and have benefited from them … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update: October 2016

A big announcement here as I have outsourced part of my portfolio to BigFatPurse by being a member of their CNAV program. This is part of an overall inclination to spend less time monitoring the market, achieve respectable returns and diversify across various strategies. I will probably allocate a post to talk about this again nearer the end of the year and revamp the updating of this monthly … [Read more...]

Expenses Update: September 2016

I am finally back writing after a two week hiatus. This year, somehow I have quite a few Primary 6 students and as the PSLE was coming up, I was bogged with requests to add lessons to prepare them for their first National Exams. And with PSLE ending today, I can finally free up some time for the blog again. In fact, most of my days will be free after another three weeks when all the school … [Read more...]